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  2. Lol I see what you did there
  3. Oh I know.. Just saying BJ is saying what a few on here have been.. R E L A X.. it's still early in the 162 game season.. help will be coming..
  4. Too bad the Trump Administration hasn't a clue as what to do.
  5. Fake news/scm, indeed.
  6. Debo better be locked for life. Same for Neal.
  7. Never go full Snyder
  8. When 4 2nd round QBs go in the top 10 involving multiple trade ups I'll be laughing my *** off
  9. I hope he drives Longclaw into Nissa Dany Nissa's heart to create light bringer. Or just for the sake of doing it, either is fine really.
  10. The article is in-depth and annotated with quotes from Buttigieg. Also I love the fact that you refer to means testing and gentrification as progressive. I suppose you think that work requirements for welfare and raising the age for Social Security eligibility are also progressive.
  11. Lmfao I am in tears!!!
  12. Rock tha baby
  13. I just wish we can off load Beasley.. And obviously the Jets are going to trade, just depends on who bites
  14. I was referring to the latter part of your statement regarding Quinn and Dimi wanting to go all in in this draft because they have fears they may not be here for the next. Dumb, just dumb.
  15. I am a believer! AROOOOOOOOO!
  16. Don't be ashamed be proud like brother @BoomGoesTheDynamite and I! This is one of the best videos on the interwebs!
  17. Whether true or not, I love that Falcons are always in the middle of the trade rumors.
  18. Not mine but I really had to think about it for a minute.
  19. Not a single OL which is our biggest need in the best OL draft in a decade, gross!
  20. @Leon Troutsky ftr I think this is an example of something the broader media really does get wrong all the time regarding Trump. It seems like the first basic building block in a story like this ought to be "this is what Trump did" or "this is what Trump means to do," and instead, an awful lot of the time it sounds more like "Trump is a snowflake and a hypocrite, so it's no surprise that he let this happen," or "Trump is a narcissistic moron, and that's why he doesn't want the people in his administration making him aware of the problems with this." We talk about holding him accountable, but you practically can't if you start off by letting anonymous Trump administration officials explain that Trump isn't even a free agent so much as an endless series of inexplicable personality quirks that happens to put on a suit everyday.
  21. I'm ashamed to admit I knew immediately what you were referring to - just couldn't find the video! LMAO!
  22. I live deep in redskins territory Their pain is my pleasure
  23. Anyone in Orange....yuck
  24. I mean, TD's first pick wasn't Ryan and we didn't secure a HOF WR in Julio with a ballsy trade or anything...before those other guys narrative spinners like to give credit to in spite of TD instead of seeing him as part of the picture. Everyone just wants to feel right about their emotions, not surprising.
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