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    Woah, Detroit with a run game showing anything tonight?
  3. MNF

    They only remember the few bad plays a game that Ryan has, go and watch highlights of other QBs, and think they play that well every snap of every game.
  4. Wow. That is level scenario changing histories...Saints had 2 things go bad for Brees to wind up with him. lol Then again, maybe the coaching out in SD wouldn't have gotten as much out of Drew as Sean Payton was able.
  5. I actually dreamed we lost to the Colts the night before. Then it happened in real life. The Falcons will make your nightmares come true
  6. MNF

    They do but it’s Rodgers. He has a ring.
  7. MNF

    No delay of game. Wow refs really helping Rodgers.
  8. MNF

    And less money on their Defense!
  9. I’m all for that. But that’s not tanking.
  10. From what I've heard Mike McCarthy is the leading candidate
  11. Why would he? Most fans wanted Kyle Shanahan gone in 2015.
  12. MNF

    Tatf has never seen another QB make mistakes because they only watch Falcons games.
  13. MNF

    Both defenses keeping the game close. Offenses aren’t doing much and Packers spend more money on their offense than Falcons..
  14. Cant blame Rivers... Just like Ryan may be worse he never had consistency at Head Coaching level plus his offensive line and kickers never bailed him out. Inspite of taking such ruthless beating the guy has been absolutely durable and loyal to his franchise.
  15. MNF

    Both teams have been bad in the RZ and 1 had their receiver drop a couple. I guess blame the QB like around here, right?
  16. Fitz will always be a stud, but he is very slow at this stage of his career. He’ll be like the 30th best WR the Falcons face this year.
  17. Mike McCarthy would probably be someone Blank likes
  18. MNF

    Both QB throwing high. I thought only Ryan did that.
  19. MNF

    That was several blitzers. No quick option for Stafford? Bailed out by STs. Wish we could get plays like that, lol. One thing that destroyed our comeback vs ARI was the consecutive Punt Return and Coverage penalties backing up the Offense and then setting up their offense for the go ahead score after we tied.
  20. Anyone who says that is engaging in revisionist history. Bob Hill and Dennis Rodman (who wasn't even there anymore) had that team in turmoil. Pops was the GM at the time and was so frustrated by the underachieving that he took over the head coaching gig. I didn't even mention it in the previous reply but Rifleman missed the entire year, too. Their best player in 96 was Dominique Wilkins (!), who was 37 at the time.
  21. MNF

    Wow what a stupid decision by Shepherd. Why not call fair catch?
  22. MNF

    Williams busted a long 45 yard gain on a delayed draw out of shotgun, 3 or 4 wide.
  23. MNF

    Their longest run was on a delayed draw handoff with 3 WR to one of the RBs, too.
  24. MNF

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