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  2. You can keep that smart moth **** to yourself because I am not the one!
  3. I wouldn't hold your breathe on a 3rd to 4th, tbh
  4. Honestly who is surprised. Election year in the heels of a Democrat presidential candidate saying he would have police go door to door taking guns away. This is going to be the retaliation. Vote against anything.
  5. With DQ running mostly two LBs on most plays I haven’t seen much from Campbell. However at this point I say you have to see what other guys can bring to the table. In traditional 4-3 I agree!
  6. Swear people think every position is plug and play with no thought to scheme what so ever.
  7. Thanks for posting my article!
  8. Paul Dano is a great actor and a great choice for Riddler imo. I think he can give that character a ton of depth, depending on directing and writing of course. Not familiar enough with Zoe Kravitz to comment on her. Jonah Hill is a dude I have long said is underrated as an actor. He has largely been type cast for comedy or comedic relief, but I think he's a lot more talented an actor than people give him credit for. He passed on the Batman movie role though. I saw that reported yesterday. I'm not buying into Pattinson as Batman until I see it for myself. Thanks to my ex wife I have seen a number of movies he is in and I've never been impressed with his acting. People who say these comic book character roles are shallow don't know what they are talking about. I'll give it a shot but expectations are very low for him.
  9. May as well trade him. Good chance he is a cap casualty anyways. May get something...needs to be at least a 3rd-4th though IMO. take the highest pick as long as its not a ******* NFCS team.
  10. Pretty big size difference between the two as well.
  11. He'd do bad there. Campbell is at a dirty work position. Foye would be out of position.
  12. lol this is true. Though winning makes things much more palatable I guess is all I am saying. If the fanbase knew that whoever was about to replace Mo was just going to work because...Bill...think it would create much less drama. Now it just feels like the team is moving on from a fan favorite when there is unfinished business. Smart business move. Crappy from every other angle. Would root for Mo wherever he went though.
  13. Sanu does deserve the big dance. I definitely do not want lose him.
  14. It’d be dumb to re-sign him so we might as well get something for him.
  15. OK. But that is not attacking a political rival, that is requiring Ukraine to clean up their act for their own corruption in meddling in the 2016 election. Again, it was entirely debunked and intended to clear Russia, but Mulvaney was not doing what everybody is accusing him of doing.
  16. We could have 8 and the same crowd would cry. Let's be honest here. No matter what they think they know better.
  17. What in the name of anything you've seen in the last 6 years leads you to believe this will stick and matter to his voters. I've already seen some spinning this as a win for Trump. Im not amused, nor am I under the impression his followers will amount to anything
  18. at this point though ridley is so up and down with his production, we need sanu. not to mention we have been dropping punters like crazy
  19. This might be the most epic infinite ironic fail ever.
  20. Winning 6 chips probably helps fans not care as much, if we are being honest here...
  21. He’s probably going to be cut next season. Might as well get something while they can
  22. Patriots dump aging players all the time. Usually early before they suck so they can get a decent return. We talk about doing it and the water works start.
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