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  2. Then you take BPA at 14 and then trade back up at the end of the 1st round. Boom, you get 2 great players instead of only 1.
  3. I think Isaiah Johnson gets picked in the second round or Jaylon Ferguson.
  4. I won’t either. Won’t care really.
  5. It’s gonna be otay!
  6. "I really wish I hadn't built up our offensive line" Said no GM in the history of football.
  7. I think he will too. Dude's got very solid footwork and makes the blocks.
  8. Lindstrom could potentially start at a high level at C, G, RT.
  9. welp. when is the NBA draft. the hawks cannot possibly do worst than THIS...
  10. Gotcha. I can get on board with improving out OL. An improved OL next season would be HUGE for this team. If this guy can help us run the ball and setup play action we could get close to the 2016 offense and with Quinn taking over DC and all of the injured players returning you have to expect an improvement there.
  11. Nope.
  12. Wow they took Simmons who’s going to miss a year over sweat who could play right away
  13. Lindstrom will be the starting center of the future, so everyone signed in the off season will still play a significant role. Maybe Mack has indicated he wants to retire after this season? Just going to be hard to find room for everyone this year, unless an injury occurs.
  14. Last time Falcons did this it was Keanu Neal. Do you like that pick now?
  15. I don't understand it...maybe I will later But now?? NO
  16. This is why that was a stupid pick by the Falcons! Guy played multiple positions in one of the toughest conferences!!
  17. Simmons a really good player.
  18. If you think Alex Mack was worth a 1st round pick, we just got his eventual replacement who has the skill set to be just as good. Lindstrom will play OG for a couple of years, but I have no doubt we drafted him to eventually replace Mack. And I believe he can be just as good. They are virtually the same size 6’4” and 310lbs, and virtually just as athletic, quick, fast and mobile. Macks arms are shorter at 33”, where Lindstroms are over 34”, but these guys are almost identical twins. I believe this is where the most value is the Lindstrom pick. Our future Center, but also an immediate starter at OG.
  19. Nope. She's not right. The forum was set up for candidates to reach out to black female voters specifically and when he was asked what he intended to do about white supremacist violence, he responded with "I was at the March On Washington". Utterly patronizing and an example of the ignorance and hubris that Democrats typically display toward their most loyal voting bloc. If he can't answer a simple question with a straight answer instead of a stock talking point, he needed to be booed. Nina Turner is full of ****.
  20. For all you people calling for TDs head, know this! He does not have final say over the roster. DQ does. So either they both agreed on the pick. Or they disagreed on the pick. And this was the guy DQ wanted.
  21. With Lindstrom... Listen man.. dude was a beast at the Senoirbowl.... He shined at the combine.... I think he would have been a 1st round pick. I think he will also no doubt be a good guard... So even tho this ain't sexy or easy to get amp about but he will be a good player. What has me a Lil shocked is Oliver was in reach but even tho we didn't go there... We just signed 2 guards... We just drafted a guard
  22. Obviously, I was hoping we'd pick up another WR since that's what wins championships. Obviously. We can fill our line with rejects from Jax and do just fine. We've done just fine so far. Our Lombardi's are getting hard to store. Just can't see wasting picks on O-Line... it's just an overrated area. Marquise Brown was just sitting there, ripe for the taking. smh
  23. I'll can just about guarantee you we will not outscore other teams just because of our offense. We will probably be on the losing end of several possible shoot outs.
  24. And yet we complained when injuries struck last year?? NFL fans are so myopic and knee-jerk. S E V E N ... 7 Defensive Line picks were made BEFORE pick 14. And we complain about getting the 2nd OL picked overall? After the RUN GAME we had last year? AND after the complaints over the FA OG signings anyway? We are F I X I N G the OL. Period. DQ is counting on his coaching and Senat/Davision at the 1T. We still get 3 more picks before the end of round 4 and could trade up for a falling DL remaining. Not hard to get why we went OL at all.
  25. You will later
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