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  2. Probably because the other person was doing that lol
  3. Skip to 9:45. They have it balanced but you can assign it
  4. Allen is the field.general. His best attribute is his football I.Q. He puts others in the right positiin.
  5. Always have thought he.was.fringe pro-bowl capable. Man id he had.Sauberts speed he would be deadly
  6. Considering it.will likely.take.4 or.5 games to get going, and our divisiinal games are all in the second half.of.the.season, if we make playoffs we almost assureadly win.division and be red hot when playoffs.start
  7. If it.comes to it we.will keep hm over Sanu.
  8. Today
  9. going to be a stud. Once tye game slows down, as it prob is starting to, hes going to be a mashup of Freeman and.Coleman. Doesnt have colemans top.end but has more than.Freemans. Hes going to be a premier satellite back in the league
  10. Team has been built to win by offensethe entire.21st century
  11. DQ D is finally gonna look good when healthy. But offense just has so much more talent. Even more with OL additions. O could argue has the most talent of any team in the league. D could argue borderline Top 10 in talent
  12. For those complaining. It's not like he was Duke riley last year who was just terrible. Our coverage of wr, te, and rbs was terrible last year. How do you expect the sack numbers to be high if guys arent covered? It goes hand and hand.
  13. that sucks. i think tru is done. i actually have more faith in beasley than tru
  14. It doesn't matter and won't until the NFL moves towards fully guaranteed contracts. Most of these contracts are structured in a way to allow teams to get out of them, relatively penalty free, before they see the unguaranteed salary in the last year or 2 of the contract.
  15. Sanu has earned every penny. This doesn’t sound like he’s asking for more. It sounds like he was asked to take a cut. If that’s what the tweet means
  16. How can someone think this is a healthy idea to share, much less, create? Do you want more racism in the world?
  17. Glad I had to work tonight because this game thread is pure heIl.
  18. It's like I mentioned the other night in my reply to you, there is something wrong with the way we're developing pitchers. We're almost as bad as the Orioles.
  19. People Who Have Screamed 'Racism' For Decades Wonder Why No One Is Listening To Them About Trump July 19th, 2019 U.S.—Many on the left are extremely concerned with the racist behavior of President Trump, especially with recent remarks telling non-white citizens to “go back” where they came from, and are trying to raise the alarm bells about how harmful that behavior is. The problem is, no one seems to be paying them any attention, despite the fact that they’re very experienced in warning people about racism, since they’ve done it about absolutely everything for decades straight.
  20. I guess he didn't have 4 hard hit balls the other night? I must have dreamed that.
  21. Sucks that Rendon should have been a Brave.
  22. Guilty party respond sheesh The common response for why Grady's wasn't about a contract wasn't the verbiage used. It was "they have other things going on their lives, it could mean anything" The verbiage doesn't change that fact
  23. Whoops, I'll get the mop bucket and some Pepto-Bismol. And why thank you! You're certainly my favorite giant monster that destroys Tokyo. DAGNABBIT, WE'VE BEEN HAD!
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