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  2. True story
  3. That was pretty terrible officiating... Should have won regardless
  4. He will be here in 2020 I'm sure.
  5. They had a perfect pass, and the receiver Keanu Nealed the ball.
  6. Anyone else notice the Pickens throat-slash, and then Woerner grabs him and is like wtf you doing?
  7. Pretty sure the rot was caused by decades of moving to the right and openly abandoning their base in order to court suburban Republicans. Though I guess he's right in a way. I seriously doubt they were expecting the inner workings of that to be exposed with the DNC and Podesta hacks.
  8. Pickens needs that leadership around him. That could have been a big taunting penalty.
  9. Richt also was horrible at finding a DC to replace BVG
  10. The outside runs are killing it
  11. Richt used to be lackluster too
  12. Nothing wrong with the defensive unit. Kirby just made a bad hire for OC.
  13. Good defense!
  14. Well.... as much as it hurts me to say this, I don’t think We are a very good team. And I think is Richt had this much talent we would be very good. Richt just wasn’t nearly as good at recruiting as Kirby.
  15. Can't get a sack for nothing
  16. Look, let's be honest. If this team is serious, they're putting roofies in their dinner drinks. Go big or go home.
  17. Still too early
  18. Trufant school of catching
  19. Keanu Neal school of receiving graduate
  20. Im taking it easy this game day. Bought some Walkers meats BBQ and chips
  21. He thought it was a rebound.
  22. That is why Kentucky is a basketball school. that was a TD
  23. Thank God he thought he was playing soccer
  24. This is 4 down territory for them.
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