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  2. I'll take what every liberal says for $1000 Alex
  3. I also remember when Trump apparently got North Korea to give up their nuclear and missile programs.
  4. About as objective a take one can make. I’m firmly in the Ryan over Wilson camp. But can see why people may prefer Wilson for his mobility and better touch on his throws. But it’s a 2-3% gap for Ryan or Wilson. And in no way is it a slam dunk. Ryan lacks Wilson mobility yet he still has a better passer rating & more yards under pressure. Wilson has more TD’s under pressure
  5. They keep speculating what a Dem POTUS would get us into. Remember when it was a foregone conclusion Trump would lead us to war with NoKo? Yeah, me too.
  6. Matt Ryan photoshopped in here:
  7. Well, color me purple I didn't expect them to call up Weigel, but the reason why is probably because he was gonna pitch tonight, so he's available for LR today and tomorrow, then he goes back down. I don't think Parsons is much more than a JAG based off batting splits off him in Gwinnett.
  8. Tru is staying until 2021. Vic would have to 1. Have an absolute monster year-15-20 sacks, lots of pressures, several game changing plays, lots of plays in the post season. 2. sign a reasonable contract, preferably incentive laden Without both of those things, I let him walk.
  9. I'll trade anyone except for Waters and Pache. These 2 are untouchable in my mind.
  10. How many people died or were injured when "Iran" blew up our tanker?
  11. There's no evidence that Trump was behind any "false flag" attacks by Iran.
  12. You didn't even take one second to consider what I said you just posted a nu uh response.
  13. Speculation. You can criticize Trump for things he's actually done not what you think he might do.
  14. Headline next week: "Trump selects Mortimer J Fox to head up Department of Henhouse Security"
  15. Free is gonna be comeback player of the year and rush for over 1000 yards
  16. We blew up a tanker said it was Iran We then called in a missle strike but cancelled at that minute We then attacked an Iran drone This is all likely leading to a war. Very iraqish... I wonder why. All we need now is the dreaded wmds and Bolton who was brought in for this purpose gets his Iran war, Trump gets a middle East War president bump in the polls for 2020 to cover all the bad press ahead of the election as both R and D media love a good war, at the same time not coincidence the economy likely hits it's recession it's long over due for, and bonus points we take down another opec founder taking out the final peice that isn't friendly or we haven't already toppled.
  17. I'm leaning no, but it's tough.
  18. Getting the feeling that this administration doesn't have the best interest of most people at heart.
  19. The Braves have called up Wes Parsons and Patrick Weigel (first major league call-up). Kyle Wright and Touki Toussaint were optioned to Gwinnett.
  20. Yea. I have the Baja Tele and love that thing. Bought my daughter the Squier Classic Vibe Thinline as her 1st guitar. Wouldn't mind getting a dual buckered mahogany bodied one as well. The Alternate Reality Meteora is intriguing too. Too many wants, LOL.
  21. Steve creating an alternate reality wherein Trump is moving towards world peace by...absolutely destroying diplomatic relations with nearly all of our allies, backing out of treaties with Iran, and palling around with murderous dictators...pretty much par for the course.
  22. California has outlawed manhole (maintenance hole) and man made (human made) in their city codes. Well at least they're addressing the real problems in CA.
  23. So... we got taken out back behind the woodshed, punched in the mouth, and then struggled to get up after the 10 count. We need to respond today and show them that they can't just show up in our house, wipe their azes all over our stuff and think they will just get away with it. Time to strike back and show them we are the class of the division.
  24. Talk to me when a war actually starts. Until then your Iran talk is empty words. And no shooting down a spy drone does not mean we are at war.
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