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  2. I love that kids response when Matt asked if he'd be able to go Uh-huh i live right down the road Nothing is keeping him from that game. Now if you will excuse me
  3. He looks like Debo from Friday on a casual Friday....after he had a stroke
  4. It happens. It's unfortunate but it happens to all teams in all sports.
  5. How good. Made that kids year. Probably talk about it for the rest of his life.
  6. When we sustain and lot of muscle tears , ruptured tendons, etc that can be the improper stretching etc, but ACL tears and broken bones are just bad luck.
  7. We stayed healthy DQ first 3 years it is just lately. Maybe I'm overacting but it's something that the coaches need to ask themselves without playing scared of course.
  8. Debate night 2 >>>>>>>>>
  9. It sucks. Our marque pitcher pick up pitched a gem and offense couldn’t do crap for him tonight.
  10. Ohhhhh....... No wonder you're so pessimistic. Lol. I've been a fan since 1993. I still am very optimistic. But if the Falcons don't have a ring by the time Matt Ryan retires I will probably be as pessimistic as you are. I never really looked at the Falcons as a legit super bowl contender until 2012. Even then I didn't completely believe in Mike Smith. I feel like Dan Quinn is the right guy to get that ring. 1998 felt like a one year wonder team and Mike Vick could never get past the Eagles. If Dan Reeves stayed with Mike Vick they may have won a super bowl as long as they avoided Philly and the Patriots.
  11. And he is doing this without pads? Hope out continues to translate tomorrow.
  12. No kidding. Some teams would pay 300 million for that kind of stuff.
  13. I remember when the Dawgs were recruiting him hard. He wanted to play MLB and the Dawgs wanted him to put his hand in the dirt and come off the edge. He ended up at Miami playing DE/DL.
  14. Had anyone heard anything about Wes? I think he is going to be a casualty unless they are grooming him as back up center.
  15. Quinn doesn't push players. Remember yesterday? That's not the head coaches fault man. They should just train their bones and acl's better. Just lazy if you ask me.
  16. Legit have never even heard of Sapelo Island... I really need to start looking at a real map so I can know my state at least a little better.
  17. That stunk. Ozzie swinging at the 1st pitch and of course Riley swinging through 3.
  18. Effing pathetic to lose this game to an awful Royals team. And of course the Nats win. Having said that, that’s baseball! The game will drive you insane sometimes!
  19. Now we need a bat. This O has gone to the toilet.
  20. Could just be bad luck? Just dont think Quinn should push things too hard this early.. Let the guys get back into playing shape. But its just my opinion
  21. Austin Riley is a rookie that needs to take his *** back to Gwinnett and learn how to make ******* contact!! Striking out 40% of the time isn't gonna ******* cut it!!
  22. yeah pretty random part of Ga to be from. Wonder if he grew up a falcons or Jags fan, or one of those weirdo Cowboys fans that infect everywhere.
  23. Braves offense has been ******* pathetic lately!! This **** is ******* pathetic!! No two bits about it!!
  24. Riley is just a Rookie* That was a failry bad AB though, so too was ozzies
  25. Should be way less physical in our non contact drills. I agree.
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