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  2. Jon Stewart: Boohoo I want to give to charity with other people's money! Typical liberal logic. He's rich, he needs to pony up and contribute to 9/11 charities and stop being a hypocrite.
  3. Ya know, I was gonna say it was great seeing you back but... I figure he’d get shot down by PFF is he was pretending affiliation?
  4. Well there are two guys down there with OPS over 1.000 and 45 or more HR’s between them. Duvall is hot. He has twice hit over 30 HR’s in the majors. Bring the dude up
  5. Agree. I feel the same way. Hopefully the light will come on.
  6. Income tax has been around since 1916. Various levels of government interference in the healthcare market have gradually increased since then culminating with the horrible ACA. I agree that healthcare costs are ridiculous and out of control right now when is why I've been advocating more free market principles into that market. You know....the free market principles that have historically advanced technology and lowered costs more than any economic system in the history of planet earth.
  7. Exactly. I could show Brady in the last Super Bowl and I doubt anyone would be impressed. Heck, look at Brees vs the Rams. He missed some throws in that game as well.
  8. I 9 did have a pretty good story. I also liked the defined character role. In a way the battle system was simplified, not more complicated. 8 was just s mess for me.
  9. JFC, underlying that message is "if you're a LEGAL immigrant who is currently a US CITIZEN and disagree with Trump, he WANTS TO SEND YOU BACK." Graham just said Trump wants to deport US citizens who immigrated here legally because they criticize the president. Let that sink in.
  10. Its actually about right even though I have the Falcons winning the chip this season. He also pointed out what I keep saying, people outside of Atlanta don't trust the Falcons. In fact, nobody outside Georgia trust ANYTHING Georgia and for good reason. He said he believes the Falcons have the league's most talented roster ( which is one reason why I said they will win the chip) but the problem is they haven't closed. So this is pretty accurate...
  11. outside that big game Hooper didnt do much so I am tampering my expectations and hoping he does well.
  12. Sounds like charity isn't very effective then.
  13. War makes for good ratings on the news channels...
  14. Years
  15. Not since 2001 and 2002. But I'm not the one crying on national TV demanding that the government take money out of taxpayers' pocket to give even more money to 9/11 victims (ie...more than $7 billion). If he's that emotional about it where are the "Benjamins"? How much has he donated?
  16. I'd have to look it up, but I'm pretty sure income taxes have existed just about forever. And are you saying that if taxes were lowered, people will pay the difference to charity? Because human nature tells me that ain't happening. And I guarantee you no tax breaks or subsidies will be enough to make up the difference. I worked for Emory before and while I did not know our exact costs, I knew that my division alone was spending $15 million per year just on provider salaries per year. A non-profit which provides adequate healthcare for the uninsured population of America would need magnitudes more. No non-profit can maintain that without significant investment from the government. And even then, tax breaks and subsidies are ultimately the government subsidizing healthcare for a huge portion of the population. How is that any different than Medicare, Medicaid, or any other government run system? Like I said, just make peace with the fact that we'll just have to let people die and let's get over this charade.
  17. Sure does look like he wants to start a war with Iran, but he might just really want it to look like he's trying to start war with Iran. It goes with the theme I'm talking about; it splits progressives/most politically unengaged Americans that don't want another war with centrists/corporate media who are open to the idea.
  18. OK...but Trump the mostly non-interventionist is the one with the final say.
  19. Exactly, with what I've achieved in life? Do you think I want to stand in line for essentials, son? No ****ing way.
  20. Last years team. Did we break 500 more than once. NO or Wash game...not even sure about those Edit: none
  21. Have you?
  22. Bolton only has one set of experience being the author of war in the middle East
  23. Boo hoo, cry me a river Jon Stewart. The federal government has already paid out $7 billion. Now PG do your part and donate to 9/11 charities. Jon Stewart should too. How much has he given to 9/11 charities?
  24. Because Bolton has a lot of experience at the position both during war time and peace time? As a good negotiator Trump should always have the threat of war in his pocket but be very reluctant to use it.
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