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  2. Give me Christian Wilkins.. He's the player I want most at DT... I'm amazed he's not at the top of the board.. Glad he's not,, we may have a chance to jerk his arm off when our 14 pick comes up..... Just do it Quinn
  3. All college players need to get stronger, Lindstrom sets us up for the future and can play all positions, I think he is the perfect fit but he will probably go to early. I think the best if the bunch is clearly Jonah Williams and Cody Ford. I'll take either in round one and go defense the rest.
  4. Well, if we draft Rashan Gary, I will try to be the first to bump this thread... And then link it in a post on TATF. I really hope I don't have to do any of that!
  5. How about up to $94K
  6. Unfortunately, the Raiders FO isn't the standard we expect to be measured against when the playoffs start in January.
  7. The horse Secretariat had an enlarged heart and that turned out okay.
  8. Even thou I made this Mock over 6 weeks ago.. The only player I might would change now is the first pick.. Mainly because I wouldn't want to trade up... IF Gary fell to 14,, I'd still be all in. But sense he probably will not fall,, I'd take Christian Wilkins who can sack the QB as good as a lot of DEs. Wilkins may be the safest pick in the first round for us,, But if Gary finds out how to use all his natural talent. He will be a nightmare for opposing O#s....
  9. Candid assessments of players are required but publishing this crap is wrong imo. This stuff should be kept in conference rooms and in offices of decision makers not one-sided narratives in public.
  10. Analysis from 'Lawfare' legal editor The Mueller report describes numerous instances in which President Trump may have obstructed justice. A few days ago, I assess how Special Counsel Robert Mueller seemed to assess the evidence. Unexpectedly, that spreadsheet got a fair amount of attention—so I thought I would delve back into the evidence to provide a revised visualization with a little more nuance, which will hopefully be helpful to people attempting to parse a legally and factually dense document. The below heat map is an effort to simplify Mueller’s analysis of the evidence in relation to the three common elements of the obstruction statutes. Instances of possibly obstructive conduct are identified by their section marking in Volume II of the report.
  11. Good thread FFS70. i can see a scenario where we draft OL with our 1st and 2nd round picks now. I could also see a scenario where we draft DT Simmons this year. All These FA signings and the 9 draft picks gives us a lot of flexibility.
  12. Not surprising. He's just being a good foot soldier following orders.
  13. Nevermind...Gafan beat me to it.
  14. You realize I made my comment on January 2nd and that position didn't exist and wasn't filled until January 10th.
  15. @mdrake34 is now a WarrenBro.
  16. I looked at some RBs but do not expect us to be shopping for one. Free and Ito should be ready to go in camp (assuming they are on schedule). Brian Hill did enough that I think he's going to get a shot to show if the flashes we saw at the end of the season were more than that but he has an uphill climb. Barner is effectively on the 53 unless someone challenges his ST value and is by default no worse than RB3 on game day as RB4 (if we have one) will be inactive. The biggest reason I'd like either Hill, Ito or a fast WR (like Mecole Hardman) to come in is to make that RB3 about who runs best cause I don't think Barner is as good as Hill let alone Free and Ito and don't see him as our RB2 should injuries occur. Not sure adding another body changes that as it will be hard to unseat Ito as he put in good work for us in relief. I will admit that Ito and Free are too similar and I'd like a different kind of runner (speed or power) as 1B or RB2.
  17. Neither has to carry the ball 15 plus times a game. If it happens, you split the carries down the middle along with getting Ito involved in the pass game. They just have to manage and hold on to the ball.
  18. Not big on Wilkins Ergo ? He is my pick at 14 but warming up to Lawrence. If we go OL I like Dillard or Taylor
  19. It’s one poll, though. Let’s wait until later in the week and see where things stand.
  20. Aftermath of Mueller report Trump's approval rate sinks to 37%
  21. Rick Santorum saying Mueller report doesn’t show any impeachable offenses. He voted to convict Clinton for obstruction of justice.
  22. I hope due to overall numbers some do fall. Generally they move up and get drafted earlier than the mocks projected, been that way for about a decade due to a lack of many sure bet OL in the draft nowadays.
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