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  2. that's interesting. I'm glad you're around because I've never seen any other team run it, whereas you watch a ton of tape. Much appreciated my dude.
  3. JK, it's here. To be fair to him, he did walk it back after this a bit. Still funny...
  4. That time front isn't wholly unique around the league. It might be as a base, which DQ seems to trying to do here, but Houston, Seattle, Cincinnati, the Jets, Vikings, Patriots all run it. That's just off the top of my head and before I get to 3-4 base teams.
  5. Think he took it down, not seeing it on his feed. It was pretty hilarious...
  7. Please post that lol. Whether it is or isn't I'm not a fan of uninentionals videos. Just my opinion though. I'm glad others like them.
  8. Or strict adherents to the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 8.
  9. I don’t think so
  10. It starts with new leadership.
  11. Have you ever noticed that’s the one position they look for in the offseason? Earl is there now.
  12. Exactly. You have to take what does the less damage to the way your defense is playing. Quinn is terrible at adjusting, especially in game adjustments.
  13. That is kinda what I was getting at in another thread. We drafted for a certain scheme, that scheme has passed now we need to draft and get players for another direction. He is at the edge of the pack when it comes to whats next for defense and it was kinda ballsy to try and run it without the players. He will have success in whatever his next role is if he leaves ATL
  14. No it wasn’t. Liberals just made the context that way. And yes, Trump is Urban. He not from the country, so by definition he is Urban
  15. Yes, man. It's ******* absurd, is it not??
  16. Somebody asked me the other day “how’d y’all lose to that squad”.. I said “well, let’s take a look”.. pulled up the stats and said we beat them in every facet.. except turnovers.. so there’s your answer.. he so wanted to talk about how our O or D was pathetic.. and was taken aback when the stats were pulled up.. Can’t turn the ball over and not get some yourself..
  17. That's ok as long as we get the shutdown defense we've all been clamoring for. It's been 2 decades since we last had a good defense. You'll be back when we start winning.
  18. This shows that modern Democrats are self-induced cuckolds.
  19. Not that anyone should care, but I would have to quit being a fan of this team if they ever hired RR in any capacity.
  20. Baby steps when our situation the idea that we are going to cure it over a week is madness.Ill just take the little wins and hope it keeps improving week to week. I gotta try and find something watching these characters.
  21. It’ll all depend on if DQ is still here. All I know it’s edge or secondary one of those 2 areas. The Mack decision is also a big one to free up cap. Trade right now is also something I’d be looking at aswell.
  22. And you "don't read Breitbart either," do you.
  23. They scored on their first 5 possessions. Literally. Not one single stop. That included a 93 yard TD drive, a 79 yard TD drive, and a 71 yard TD drive. What percentage of drives do you think good offenses score on? The #1 scoring team in the NFL scores 2.97 points per drive. Not their futility games, that's a normal game for the highest scoring offense in the league. By the time Arizona had 27 points, our offense had 4 possessions. The #1 scoring offense in the league would statistically have 11.88 points. They would be down by 3 possessions at that same point in the game after having only 4 possessions. We scored on 6 out of our 9 possessions in that game. We scored on 50% of our drives in the first half, 2 out of our first 4 drives. Our offense had very few opportunities and they were all against a very well-rested defense. It shows a complete lack of understanding to think that is "futility on offense". The defense needs to get the offense opportunities to score.
  24. honestly, given that Quinn would only get hired as a DC by any other team in the league, we should ask him to stick around in that role and hire an offensive minded HC. We're basically the only team I've seen run any tite front in the entire league right now so if we aren't keeping Quinn around we should be looking to college defensive coaches like Dave Aranda rather than trying to find another DC with NFL experience.
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