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  2. Believe what you want guy. He’s most likely not getting the nomination anyway.
  3. I had the worst the worst dream last night... I dreamt we were destroyed at home by the Nats and Strasburg had 5 rbi's I woke up screaming and confused
  4. Good stuff! Thanks for posting..
  5. Here I was thinking y’all just didn’t know how to spell! THWG!!!!
  6. You beat me to it!
  7. Thanks for posting this KOG..prayers for Tandy!
  8. Nobel prize stopped meaning anything when they gave it to Obama for doing absolutely nothing.
  9. prayers for Tandy
  10. Trump acolytes are going to start coming in here talking about how inflation is way down soon. FYI, that's not a good thing. It is a sign that global economic growth and trade is slowing down.
  11. Wentz makes more than Matt.
  12. What does any of that have to do with conservatives voting against what they like?
  13. Who else is excited about the next round of Democratic Debates?
  14. I let him go from ****posting Inc. but he's still hanging around the office. Very sad.
  15. When your staffers have to ask you to drop out even though you're getting paid as a staffer? The Charles Bronson head shake.
  16. Lady Speedstick?
  17. Hopefully he does so before the next debate.
  18. You posted a blatant f***ing lie. You have repeatedly shown that you aren't capable of being honest. Why would anyone take you seriously?
  19. Weed = should be legal Strip Clubs = should be handled at state/local level Porn = just keep it from kids Social Programs = depends on which ones but stop robbing Peter to pay Paul Decent Paying Jobs = Trump is better at this than Dems Prostitution = should be handled at state/local level
  20. That’s right my brother, Tandy and Nito were there that day you and I met.
  21. Today
  22. You got that right KOG, you hit the nail on the head. Tandy wouldn’t leave his side, literally, for over a month while he was in the hospital, she stayed in that hospital room the entire time. The love, dedication, loyalty, oath taken at marriage was all right there on display and it made me feel both appreciative to see that level of true love and partnership, yet terribly sad when I left knowing she was probably going to lose her life long partner and have to deal with this level of loss.
  23. Had the pleasure of meeting Tandy and Nito while they were in Atlanta. Total class and two people who demonstrated with true love and a marriage is supposed to be. We love you Tandy.
  24. I really hope McGary can play to the potential he did display a fair bit in college. He has many moments where he looks like an absolute beast when he hits clean and on combo. Moves well too but his tape also showed him missing/side-swiping blocks more than I like and yes I know it's been explained but it's still weird seeing him chasing / lunging at pass rushers around the arc.
  25. "Conservatives" love weed, strip clubs, porn, social programs, decent paying jobs and prostitution. Then they turn around and vote AGAINST each one of them and blame the left for their misfortunes. SMH
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