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  2. I can live with scenario 2
  3. this is basically every red&black post:
  4. Reds TV analyst got some heat for his comments on Albies last night. He did come into the Braves clubhouse today and apologize face to face to Albies.
  5. It screams smoke to me.
  6. Straight up for Beasley?
  7. Yeah after thinking about it more I would love to trade back a few places and take Lawrence. I'm not really against taking him at 14 though. Much like you I reached the conclusion that he is a better fit with the pieces we already have. We need a great run defender on 1st and 2nd downs.
  8. Pretty sound logic. Raiders might be the spanner in the works though. Rumors are they will surprise.
  9. Wasn't aware Iran and North Korea were part of the United States. Someone should inform them of this development.
  10. I would say it's a pretty even split between team Oliver and team Dex. May be the best team win.
  11. @TheFatboi @athell @MSalmon @Yo Lover @Ergo Proxy @kiwifalcon @vel @youngbloodz
  12. These were my picks (I was way off on some of the projections): 2008 - MR2 2009 - Brian Cushing 2010 - Weatherspoon 2011 - Ryan Kerrigan 2012 - Vinny Curry 2013 - Tyler Eifert 2014 - Khalil Mack 2015 - Beasley 2016 - Myles Jack 2017 - Budda Baker 2018 - Vita Vea
  13. This will be an interesting year, the board like me over whelmingly wants Dexter Lawrence and TD will pick Dexter. So win-win
  14. Interesting take. Could definitely see that
  15. I can agree with you for the most part, however, I still think Tru can be one of the better CBs in the league. I give him one more year at least. Kazee can be boom or bust, but for the most part he's looked good and has room to improve. With Debo on the field, Campbell is fine albeit not spectacular. Allen is as steady as can be, although we don't know how he'll do post-injury. While I do think we can add talent on basically any and every level, I still think the focus should be the d-line, as that's arguably our weakest link.
  16. Btw if this needs to be moved MODS I'm ok with that. Don't want to ruffle feathers lol.
  17. I think I got tonight’s plan figured out . If AZ takes Williams at 1 we’ll trade up with NYJ for Oliver at 3. If Williams falls to 3 , Washington will jump NY at 4 for their choice of the QBs(Haskins/Jones) Tampa will go White, NYG will go Allen(top3 player falls in their lap) , this is where it gets interesting at 7 .. will Jax go Taylor, Jonah or Oliver they drafted DT last year & lost their starting RT this year .. I’m betting they go tackle. This is where we trade up to 8 for Oliver . Pick 3 & 8 are both done deals so long as the board aligns to either scenario . TD has his guy in his sights and has the ground work laid.
  18. I’d rather listen to you guys than espn. I’ll have you on simulcast. Im sitting in carpool line geeked for tonight!
  19. 08, I was for Ryan or Long 09, I don't remember having a favorite 10, I wanted Pouncey 11, I wanted Kerrigan 12, don't remember 13, Werner 14, Matthews or Robinson 15, Beasley or Dupree 16, don't remember 17, TJ Watt 18, boycotting NFL 19, Christian Wilkins, Cody Ford, Quinnen Williams (if front office must trade up)
  20. Can we add other people? Thanks for including me. Youngbloodz, Fatboi, YoLover, MSalmon & Ergo would love this
  21. Trade Julio! Got that out of the way...
  22. I'd like to take him and off load beasley. Beasley and a 2nd for Clown town would be nice.
  23. Yep. Dude’s overrated.
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