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  2. Do you mind telling us how old you are? Such as, early 30s, or mid-20s, or however old it is. Just curious, because Fox News really made their hay during the 2000 election and have been the trendsetter ever since.
  3. Gray looks way better than he did in NY.
  4. As long as it isn't quick shot in the sheets
  5. Nice job ender
  6. And we're on the board...
  7. what does it mean to be a "plus" player?
  8. I've seen nothing but great reviews. Someone I watch on YouTube said he cried 4 times during the movie. I'll be seeing it Thursday night. I can't wait.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Beasley isnt going to get close to 5 sacks this year.
  11. Feels like this game is going by fast.
  12. They call me quick draw in the streets
  13. besides O-line I think its plausible we trade up back up for DT/DE if we pick O-line first. Guys like Lawrence, Winovich or Zach Allen come to mind if they drop in the 20's and we really like one of them.
  14. Lets go Flowers!
  15. Trips for Dansby!
  16. Good hustle by Dansby
  17. LOL @ "he keeps falling to me in these mocks"
  18. The devil strikes again!!!! Shanahan is the devil.
  19. Wow. The most common theme from earl reviewers (other than how great "Endgame" is) is that it made a lot of grown men cry. They're saying don't expect a sequel to A:IW. I can't see it until early next week, so I have to avoid the web for four or five days starting Thursday night. Video is spoiler free, BTW.
  20. This HP ump is as blind as they come
  21. I don't. I want to shift it back where it was when this country had never heard of Fox News
  22. And here we go....
  23. You cant make mistakes in this park. It's going to go out.
  24. Could be a landing spot for Bryant. Although it would be tough uprooting your family from Atlanta to San Francisco.
  25. That’s a good mock. I love it
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