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  2. Mike Smith is doin ok....made millions upon millions of hard earned dollars, setting up his family likely with generational money.
  3. You all love making fun of Trump's small hands but Jinping Xi takes the throne
  4. Lmao of he could dont you think they wouldve tried it already? Oh thats right because us fans always know more than coaching staff because in madden.. Foye is fast but he gets lost in coverage.and you want to put him to cover more
  5. "....and this is Curt Menefee along with former Cowboy star Troy Aikman where a tremendous crowd has gathered to watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the Los Angeles Rams. "There had been some talk that attendance could be down a little bit after their poor start, but as you can see.....oh, wait...."
  6. Throw in the mint condition JFK Jr banging some lefties Mom and you have yourself a deal
  7. Ramsey is easily a better athlete than Sherman. There’s no debate there. Surprisingly though, that didn’t limit Sherman at all. Despite only running around a 4.6 the dude baited QBs all day long. That’s what I loved about his play the most. Even though I hated Seattle during those years, looking back now, I can truly appreciate what that defense and Sherman in particular did for the game. Haven’t seen a D quite like it since, not even 2015 Denver compares imo.
  8. At least Jalen aggressively tackles. That would sure help because I can't remember the last time I saw Trufant even tackle a man that saw him coming.
  9. Also he can't cover him effectively in stacked formations. Which is exactly what they did to get OBJ more room. And even then they ran so many pick routes to get OBJ space. The stacked formations forced the Jags to go zone. They rarely let OBJ go 1v1 against Ramsey. This is the value a good CB brings. He makes other teams gameplan differently. Now OBJ still got his, but it was a tough day at the office. And QBs don't complete passes at as high a clip against Ramsey.
  10. He’s goin back to college college college (to the tune of goin back to cali by LL Cool J)
  11. Ooo I'll trade you 3300 marines for your limited firing squad edition Kris Kristofferson card
  12. Can’t say I didn’t try to warn y’all No use of hands, constantly washed out of running plays, no effort, no voracity in his rushes, very basic pass rush repertoire, no urgency... And yes I wanted Randy Gregory. His off field issues derailed his on field talent. I always said if that could be reeled in then he had the makings of a darn good pass rusher, much more than what Beasley showed coming out. Not to mention Beasley had far superior talent around him as well. Beasley was a workout warrior. He was rated a fringe mid 1st rounder until his combine where he undoubtedly tore it up, but to me the film never matched his results from Indy.
  13. Now we have a coach who will call a timeout to re-tie his laces.
  14. Yep. You can see that new stadium being built when landing in LA. It’s in a decent shape now.
  15. Tru and Alford definitely aren't a good fit for DQ's scheme, which is why I never understood why he didn't simply draft the guys to best fit the scheme. Instead he tried to force the scheme onto players who didn't fit. I guess he tried getting one of his guys by drafting Jalen Collins, but that's another story. I'm not suggesting Ramsey is a world-beater either just one of the best in the game today and therefore worth giving up capital for. The football IQ is a great point. Not sure Ramsey would be on Sherman's level in that regard, but without a doubt more physically gifted
  16. I know the Falcons can’t get under the cap with that hit, but if they could I would be just fine eating that this season.
  17. The Falcons making Ramsey the top paid corner in the league while they have 0 pass rush would be a waste.
  18. Get out of Gitmo free cards better be in there. The newest Qanon thing is that Marines just rescued 2100 children from underground bases in California where they were being scared to harvest their adenochrome. Which, is, you know, like half of the plot to Monsters, Inc.
  19. Hmmm... I like that pick, I think number 44 is available for him.
  20. I think a lot of this selling away 1st round draft picks is Stan Kroenke stressing trying to ensure that he's able to fill that historically expensive new stadium and entertainment complex when they open next season. Rams will be in bad shape in 2 seasons.
  21. I still don’t know why the **** we’re paying Schaub so much to hold a clipboard. He’s just lucky Benkert got hurt.
  22. Some of yall obviously don't watch Ramsey play. The guy is a total stud. QBs avoid him because he covers well, catches well, and tackles really well. There's a lot more to playing CB than just covering a man. Sadly, Trufant cannot catch or tackle. Oliver can't even cover. So to act like Ramsey would somehow be a waste on our team is just insane. EDIT: Also, if you've watched the Jags this year (I have), then you'd know that their defense has been MUCH WORSE without Ramsey on the field.
  23. @mdrake34 you know you want them
  24. But at least he can knock the crap out of whoever has the ball.
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