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  2. I would venture to say the four positions are: DE, DT, OT, & CB.
  3. I think we'll see the kind of intensity that Quinn's Seahawk defenses played with. Much the same as what we saw in 2016 after he took over from Richard Smith. As for last season, too many key players got injured. After they went out, there was only one word to describe our defense: besieged. Barring another epidemic of injuries to key players, this D will look and play with the ferocity we have been pining for to return since 2016.
  4. Exactly! Not necessarily taking a “significantly lesser” player just because it’s a need. Therein lies the rub. We don’t get to define that. Means we could trade up if we get what we want or stay and get a similar player that isn’t necessarily significantly lesser...depends on their definition and criteria.
  5. That’s part of being a fan. It’s good to have disagreements
  6. In an RPO system, the linemen don't know if they are going to pass protect or run protect. That prevents linemen in an RPO system from firing off the line for a running play or setting up properly for pass protection. In some systems, RPO linemen assume a run, so they run block for the play. That results in linemen often 5 yards downfield when the pass is thrown, which is ok in the NCAA as "lineman downfield" penalties are rarely called. (The NCAA is considering enforcing this more tightly) The "limeman downfield" field is called much more tightly in the NFL so the OL have to unlearn this and be much more passive on driving downfield.
  7. the draft cant get here fast enough
  8. Yeah, it suddenly appeared again. Weird.
  9. I doubt it. The more options you have, the less likely you are to overpay. I believe picks #11-15 are a sweet spot in the draft as long as at least two QBs come off the board as their is a talent drop off IMHO outside of Top 15. Sooooo, to me this makes the Falcons an attractive trading partner for teams in the #6-10 range that might want to move down. Of course it’s just a theory - grain of salt and all that.
  10. First time in Ryan’s Career. How many times for Brees? More than 1/3 of his career in NO....(I’m allowing 7-8 as well)
  11. The whole Need v BPA argument is nonsense. There isn’t a team in the NFL that doesn’t take account of both factor’s when drafting - as well as a whole raft of other factors like scheme fit, depth of talent available, character, medical issues etc As for TD, he’s a very good GM. He around and old, rudderless 4-12 team which hadn’t had a winnng record for 3 years, injust off-season.At the time, everyone football pundit expected us to be the worst in the NFL in 2008, and th consensus view was that we were 3-5 years away for being competitive. Even the optimistic predictions only had us winning 3 or 4 games in 2008, and many picked us to go 1-15. In a decade TD built 2 rosters which SHOULD have won super bowls. Not rosters that “could” possibly have won if lucky, but rosters which SHOULD have won - and would have done so without boneheaded coaching. Generally speaking we draft well. We do make mistakes, but so does every body else because that’s the nature of the NFL draft. Our biggest problem isn’t player evaluation ... it is that our organisation overvalues and over-invests draft picks in the WR and CB position at the expense of the OL especially. We’ve done it for 3 decades, so it’s not necessarily a TD issue.
  12. Falcons still have more wins. Super Bowl is tainted just like your team Who cares about NFCS championships It says a lot that you’d rather be here with people that hate your team instead of the fan base that actually supports them. F*** the Aints.
  13. My post? I still see it.
  14. Huh, I responded to this and I don’t see the post. I didn’t think it crossed the line or revealed personal info. Not sure what happened.
  15. Yep. I'm ready for this draft. I think DQ and TD are so locked in. No way DQ isn't salivating at all of this talent along the DL and his expertise at that spot. I truly believe Oliver is their #1 dream pick and will move up for him. But even if he's gone, I don't think they panic at all.
  16. I heard a reporter this morning say something extremely d***ing to the entire administration. He said that in past administrations — Rep and Dem — if he had a lede and contacted them, and they said it was false, he would halt the story and go back to his sources to figure out the truth. Now, he simply calls them for comments knowing they are lying to him. So the WH press office has gone from a source that reporters can trust and as a check against their reporting to a dishonest, lying spin machine for the president and his campaign. The media has got to start highlighting the lack of credibility and honesty by the PEOPLE they are covering...they have to demonstrate the lack of credibility of the SOURCE. Stop treating each statement by SHS as true or not and start highlighting that she, as a source, is discredited because of all the lies she has told.
  17. Reply with the buff Bernie saying, "Feel the Bern."
  18. In between posts asking people to hire snak as their real estate agent.
  19. snak is on jdave's facebook page ****posting about Rubio and McCain and how Trump was the only one who could drain the swamp.
  20. This is the most important part. They won't be reaching. They want overall talent added to the roster. That's how you stay good.
  21. I wasn’t trying to make excuses for him. I’m simply trying to find out why you don’t like him. I think that in my heart I’d like to come away with a good DT in rd 1 and I’m really open minded about our pick tbh.
  22. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. – In the middle of an early morning workout on Thursday morning, it all clicked for Thomas Dimitroff in terms of what the Falcons will do with the No. 14 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. “I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, this is [the] person we’re going to take,’” Dimitroff said. “It’s kind of interesting when it hits you.” Going into his 12th draft as Atlanta’s general manger, Dimitroff has this down to a science. A week out from the draft, the Falcons’ draft board is pretty much set. The week leading up to the draft is more about the final touches and conversations with other general managers about potential trades. “We like to have our front board quite clean and really dialed in,” Dimitroff said. “That’s where we are right now. We’re putting the final touches on everything.” Sure, there’s the possibility the Falcons could be given new information on a prospect that could change things in the final week, but for the most part, Dimitroff knows exactly who he wants to draft come April 25th. The question on draft night won’t be regarding which prospect the Falcons hope to draft, it’s more about if he’ll be available. If not, where do the Falcons go next? That’s the main question Dimitroff has to prepare for. And that’s why Dimitroff is a firm believer in not entering the weekend stuck on just one prospect. “At times, you might not get exactly who you want,” Dimitroff said. “You hope to have two, three or four guys that you really do want. That’s a big thing for me to be positive about. If you’re only focused on one person and that doesn’t work, that’s a tough thing to be in the room, everyone can feel the energy.” Dimitroff said during his tenure as Falcons’ general manager, there has not been a time where he’s had a “womp womp” moment after not landing his desired prospect. When it comes to the draft, the Falcons don’t operate solely as a “needs-based” team. That’s not to say Dimitroff and head coach Dan Quinn won’t address specific positions of need, but if the highest-graded player on their board is available at a position that might not be viewed as a top need, they’ll take that player over a lower-graded player at the position of need. “Of course, we’re needs based [but with] that said, we’re not just going to go after someone because we need that position,” Dimitroff said. “We need to make sure that talent is matching what is on the board. We’ll never just randomly pick someone because we need a defensive end or whatever position. That’s not going to be the way it is.” Atlanta selecting Calvin Ridley in the first round is an example of Dimitroff’s strategy. Wide receiver wasn’t necessarily the top need for the Falcons heading into the 2018 NFL Draft, but Ridley was too good of a player to pass up. The Falcons’ positional needs are pretty clear to this point: Tackle, defensive tackle, defensive end and cornerback. Three of those positions are viewed as the strengths of the draft. “This is a unique year,” Dimitroff said. “Defensive line is heavy [in talent] as well as [the] offensive line.” The Falcons have nine picks to use in this year’s draft which takes place on April 25th at 8 p.m. ET in Nashville, Tenn.
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