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  2. Common denominator man. During Quinn's tenure, there has been 1 common denominator...there is no more room to hide.
  3. I had a coworker with whom I worked closely. One day I noticed she was protruding over her waistline and I apologized for being ignorant. Thought that perhaps, I missed the office gossip. When I asked when she was expecting, she turned pale white, teared up and told me that she had a huge tumor. Second might be when I went to work on off hours to do some overtime filing of a heavy backlog with a guy who was snidely and kind of nasty. I saw him hobble in my direction as if his back ached and decided to fire a shot. With a smile, I said "Hey John, what's up with your back? You got Scoliosis out something?" "Yes. I've had it since I was a boy," he replied and I could tell that he was dead serious. "Oh," I replied as I turned to go back to work. I've done stuff like that my whole life.
  4. All slop yards... Teams playing cushy defense after getting out to 21 point leads. How else could you account for a ton of yards, completions and interceptions with a 1 - 5 team?
  5. If that is your goal then so be it.
  6. Our main problem is giving good players, great players money. Paid Jake Matthews, Free, Tru, and I'll include Debo like they're elite, when they're only average-to-good.
  7. The niners run it best, the way we run it is a bust.
  8. The scary part is of the bottom 6 teams in sacks - only 1 team of those 6 has played as many games as the Falcons. In fact, IT IS worse than it looks!
  9. And yet, he's still producing...
  10. You're kidding right??? I know your not, but dude, Ryan is not the problem here...
  11. I knew even if Bryant made extra point they had almost 2 mins to score the TD.
  12. Show me a sure fire prospect.
  13. "Bad analogy cause it's not my monies"
  14. You should actually watch the games, then post. Matt's the least of our problems
  15. I said he doesn't "finish", and that is 100% right. He hasn't delivered on his 1st round status, and I am not wrong on that. Think what you want...
  16. We can't even win a game let alone clean the glass on a Superbowl window
  17. We bought a $23 million MVP candidate, a $13 million pitcher, and three relievers this year. I'm first in line to slam Liberty, but the Braves (eventually) made the moves that they'd promised this season. Given the way that we kicked the crap out of Washington in the second half, we were a couple of defensive miscues/clutch hits away from the World Series.
  18. That's cool but I'd rather have Irvin and Ansah. If you want a bad team go ahead.
  19. His worst choice of coordinators appears to the one he appointed as DC for this year.
  20. I'm sure NYT's and CNN will ask the hard hitting questions. How much can the Dems be sheltered until they face the big Kahuna, where they get destroyed.
  21. Honestly he's on the edge of needing to back out, but he can't do it until Trump's impeachment is further along. Biden can't appear to be backing down. That will dissuade a lot of his backers at a time that Dems need to MAXIMIZE turnout.
  22. Im just saying if you fire Quinn you should also fire Jerome Henderson, Jeff Ulbrich, Jess Simpson, Travis Jones, Doug Mallory, Chad Walker, and Aden Durde, Firing Quinn would only be about sending a message to the fans. If that is you goal so be it.
  23. So much for no defense
  24. But, in my view, you get the same result whether you keep or fire him now. He's going to be fired because there's another aspect to this. The paying customer. The Titans game showed the Falcons have a real problem when it comes to this. Don't take my signature as my reasoning for this. Just go look at a replay and just watch the punts and kickoffs where they show the stands. Tons of empty seats and it was only the 2nd home game. And just replacing the head coach won't fix it. They will need to replace several assistants and maybe change the defensive scheme. Replacing him is step 1 in restoring the faith of the paying customer because they are under the impression coaching matters. If it's a problem with the players it might be a different story of he didn't have final say over the roster. Jeff Schultz mentioned this on a Pod Cast. When you fire every coordinator one season there's only 1 move to make the next season if the team continues to flounder. I feel bad for Quinn and his family. But in the end he's going to still get paid next year so I think they will pull through. Go ahead and rip off the band-aid and let the family have closure and move on.
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