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  2. He was here through age 30 season for 7 years total. If Hooper sign a deal with Falcons, he also is a FA at 30... Dude isn’t even 25 yet and putting up a massive 4th year. He has improved every year since being drafted. I’m considering cutting Free and Sanu if necessary/restructures don’t help with the 2020 cap problems. Most of that stuff will ride on new HC... Tru was out but Sheffield did great today despite no pass rush. He is next out the door. Invest in front 7 on D often and have a backup plan to Neal at SS but let him play on the 5th year option if we want... OL should be fine moving forward with Chris and Kaleb...extend Mack a year to lower his 2020 cap and hope he doesn’t retire after this crap show of a season...
  3. Efff that... A girlfriend can't get me no ring.
  4. Dude, you need to get a girlfriend...
  5. I think Quinn's been workin' 'em pretty hard, lately, trying to get the kinks out, and some of the "slackers" don't like it. LOL! So, I don't think he's lost this team at all....just tryin' to get the best out of each player, for the team's sake! Hopefully it'll work, sooner, rather than later ---
  6. zero sacks last two games versus teams that give up lots of sacks
  7. I voted 7-9 because Atlanta can't even win at losing. We will get hot and win meaningless games and sabotage our draft position. #Falcons
  8. Even Beasley is poor coaching. They aren't putting these guys in a decent scheme. DQs defense isn't good, and it doesn't put anyone in a position to succeed. The D was decent 2 years ago, with a lot of the same players. Last year, injuries got us. But then we got rid of Alford, and DQ took over. DQs zone scheme is basic, essentially a base cover 3 zone. It's not about creating turnovers, or stopping anyone, it's a basic "bend but don't break" model.
  9. And if I had his number, I'd drunk text him right now...
  10. Sometimes you have to wonder if all the garbage posts by others ever matter either? Nope. Just garbage posts!
  11. It's very frustrating. Wish it didn't take us losing to get them to go to it more.
  12. Narrative. This is about poor coaching not players quitting; unless your name is Vic Beasley.
  13. They were yelling at each other at one point...
  14. No, draft defense. End of story. Cut or release everyone on D except, Grady, Debo, and Allen. Everyone else is trash and their play negates whatever they are being paid! Dump Freeman as well. Resign Hoop and at any cost. Do what we can to keep Sanu
  15. See I saw Debo and Quinn together and they seemed fully engaged with eachother...I did not see the cold shoulders that you are talking about
  16. This is how I’d look at it if I were looking from afar why would I bother signing guys like this if at the sign of adversity these guys are going to throw in the towel. I guess this has a bit to do with that sought of player a coach wants and the FO scout.We wanted guys with athleticism and once that’s neutralised what else do you have. For me it’s then details and self evaluation if you aren’t ready to have a look at yourself and accept what I’m doing may not be working and are willing to try something else that’s an issue right there.I’ve seen it in many a sport players getting by with just what there strengths are and as above once they’ve exposed there’s not much left.
  17. They didn't quit. Not sure where that came from. It seemed like they were more upset about what was being called. They absolutely engaged with their position coaches. The LBers seemingly shrugged off DQ but went straight to Ulbrich...
  18. Probably will be gone... Honestly, they just can’t get any pass rush. DQ’s Defense isn’t necessarily figures out. He is trying new stuff actually because of how bad our DL is at getting to the QB as 4 or playing run as 4; and secondary has been worse...
  19. I don't disagree. They are a team that needs to rebuild. Saints have a new QB, as does Carolina. Brees and Newton shant be with their teams next year. I also see Ryan has possibly gone, he cannot survive a rebuilding. I even could see Newton in Atlanta as he is from there. I cannot imagine him anywhere else. Edit: I say they need to rebuild because those other two teams are building for the future, Atlanta needs to keep up and they not doing it at the moment.
  20. Maybe he has a ghost writer.
  21. This topic is a joke, right? This must be sarcasm. No way anyone with any common sense will argue to keep Dan Quinn.
  22. So the players quit......but then go out and force 3 strait punts?? And the offense scores 17 unanswered points? They should habe forced a 4th punt but the refs litterally gave the cards a first down. And then rallys again to score the would be game tying touchdown with less than 2 minutes left?? That seems like an awfully high amount of effort for a team that "quit"
  23. I would dump TD before I rebooted coaching. I still think we have a talent and roster management problem.
  24. He saw it first hand today. I was at the game, about 10 rows behind the bench on the 45. It was clear that the players weren't responding to DQ. Debo seemed to get into it with DQ at least twice. Others activly avoided DQ. AB was on the sideline. If I saw it, he saw it too...
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