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  2. I have to give you credit where credit is due....................
  3. I know lol. I was making a point.
  4. How many more First Responders have to die before Republican stop using them as a political football for the out of control spending they advocated?
  5. It's happening less, the fewer events are reported on 7 days cycles nonstop on top of articles and social media so that what are isolated events are ballooned into a systemic coordinated oppression targeting minorites with violence and death.
  6. Or just be who you are at all times. Just keep the same energy no matter what. If you do that I have no issues with you.
  7. So curious to see how DK calls the game and actually excited to see what the D does under Quinn
  8. Sorry about that Statick. I read threads from where I left off, so I saw his response first, the yours!
  9. Are you ******* serious???? That pitch was called a ball 2 times at minimum in the bottom of the 1st.
  10. Well said. Agreed.
  11. Crispus Attucks.................
  12. I know it is because I’m from the bay. He acts like a Bay Area kid. He’s authentic Richmond. Lynch is authentic Oakland.
  13. Can someone explain the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund?
  14. Stupid *** article. He's played them a lot and they've had a HOF QB the entire time.
  15. Very good point. Basically now, every team that has a QB that they want to retain - or add through free agency - is gonna have to pay anywhere from $25-$40mm/yr to retain said QB - Eagles just had to pay Wentz, Rams saving up to pay Goff - Dak Prescott on deck - Texans will pay Watson, Browns will pay Mayfield, etc, etc. - Falcons are in better shape than most because the big contracts they pay out will likely be for players that contribute from beginning to end of their contracts. Time will tell. YES, depth is hard to build w/ star players on big contracts - but it is so much better to have those "rich folk problems". At least 25+ teams would trade for Falcons roster/salary cap situation today if they could.
  16. Willing to but didn't my friend. Top ten is absurd. Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Ryan, Wilson, Newton, Rivers, Mahomes, Luck, Berger, Watson Jimmy has potential. Hasn't shown he can handle teams adjusting to his game nor play a full 16 games. I don't know if I'm putting him over Stafford either. He can be top ten, but I ain't ranking him near that until he plays 16 games and produces a winning season with it.
  17. I love these numbers on him: Over the course of his career with the Ducks, he racked up 2,255 yards from scrimmage averaging 7.0 yards per play with 20 touchdowns on just 323 total touches.
  18. We'll just have to agree to disagree
  19. Why? They never asked Roddy
  20. Man way too many pitches this inning. If the bullpen has to pitch 4+ again then RIP.
  21. IThank God for cellphones and the news that it's actually getting shown more. Also, you cannot relate your perceptions to other people's reality. It'll never be the same.
  22. What Rand Paul just did has made me take stock of just how much credibility he/the Republican party have lost in the last two two years. Before, I would have excused this because Paul is a libertarian and I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was principled in wanting to cut all spending, consequences be ****ed. But after voting for the tax bill which is causing the ballooning deficit he's complaining about, I can't even take anything he says about cutting spending seriously. Dude's a ******* clown.
  23. Football season is coming soon...I'm chubbing a little.
  24. So I guess DK going to have put a te in the middle of the plate in order to get a called strike today.
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