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  2. We take the foot off the gas on offense! Kirby gonna have to prove he can have that spurrier type run it up mentality if he’s gonna get over the hump
  3. I dunno, but reps of 225 is more related to muscular endurance than overall strength
  4. Moving towards world peace is kind of what the Nobel is for right? Since Trump was elected he's got Kim Jong Un playing nice with not only the US but his neighbors (South Korea, Japan, etc...). Very nice work Mr. President!
  5. What you guys don't understand is that my ideology is more important than your reality. It's really simple.
  6. You never know, things can change fast. But right now not looking good for him. I tried using the age filter on Bernie. Got some weird results:
  7. I mean that was pretty dumb. Also pretty dumb is MAGA chuds screaming “Nobel!!!” every time Trump does a photo op with Kim Jong Un.
  8. Wherever made that toupee deserves a nobel
  9. Believe what you want guy. He’s likely not getting the nomination anyway.
  10. I had the worst the worst dream last night... I dreamt we were destroyed at home by the Nats and Strasburg had 5 rbi's I woke up screaming and confused
  11. Good stuff! Thanks for posting..
  12. Here I was thinking y’all just didn’t know how to spell! THWG!!!!
  13. You beat me to it!
  14. Thanks for posting this KOG..prayers for Tandy!
  15. Nobel prize stopped meaning anything when they gave it to Obama for doing absolutely nothing.
  16. prayers for Tandy
  17. Trump acolytes are going to start coming in here talking about how inflation is way down soon. FYI, that's not a good thing. It is a sign that global economic growth and trade is slowing down.
  18. Wentz makes more than Matt.
  19. What does any of that have to do with conservatives voting against what they like?
  20. Who else is excited about the next round of Democratic Debates?
  21. Today
  22. I let him go from ****posting Inc. but he's still hanging around the office. Very sad.
  23. When your staffers have to ask you to drop out even though you're getting paid as a staffer? The Charles Bronson head shake.
  24. Lady Speedstick?
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