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  2. This is what I was remembering
  3. Im thinking about attending this a spectator....Ive always wanted to go.. Whats the fishing like down there... Are the redfish running...
  4. That was not a roast he was right there with him.
  5. Their research will not lead very far.
  6. Lol. I was hoping for some info.
  7. Its been 4 days. Im still waiting.. I dont think he's coming back
  8. I would attend. Oh wait. What is my insurance? Besides I am 67 and................................
  9. Nobody I trust more than you on Florida recruiting
  10. @PokerSteve @Tim Mazetti Me too....this is as far as I go... Not knocking anyone...but I aint time for if people do a lil research they might change their minds ...
  11. Watch out for Luck. I think this will be his year as the NFL MVP. Mahomes will still be very good, but nowhere near as great as he was last season. Teams with adjust to him and Andy Reid a bit this season. Ryan will be a strong MVP candidate, but will lose the race to Luck so we won't have to worry about the MVP curse if the Falcons were to make it to the SB. Wentz is the biggest question mark out of the whole QB ranking. If he can't stay healthy this season, then the Eagles will need to look at moving on. If Wentz stays healthy, then he will be in the MVP race no doubt about it. Especially with all those offensive weapons he now has.
  12. Unless we're paying him with MARTA tokens, I don't see how we get McCoy. I bet he goes to a place like Indy, which is another 4-3 team needing a DT but with oodles of cap space.
  13. We got 2 dedicated 1Ts on roster. Get more pass rush help for GJ instead of having Takk and VB stonewalled most the year. At least force the interior into the QB! Get those DEs some clean up sacks! We addressing DE long term next offseason anyway. Read: give me McCoy for a year or two over Danny.
  14. Already in the 90s here this week. Crazy
  15. I’m serious . What’s the infatuation with behemoths when majority of the good - greats were between 280-310? Ngata, Wilfork, BJ Raji(for like 2 seasons), Brandon Williams(1 season) were the exception of DTs who played at 320+ & made pro bowls, all pro, etc .. so what is the infatuation ?
  16. It's not just one bro lol. But since I don't work for Rivals or 247 people are more willing to talk to me. And I know the right people
  17. I guess my point would be you don’t have to cut either of those dudes to make the deal happen; at least not necessarily. RS off the books helps...I’m not sure we change P at this point. Those are options if we bank on top 3 OGs being enough if 1 were to be hurt or lose starting job after winning it. I think Wes would still be a good emergency starter for us this year given the potential for injury along the OL...then again maybe another guy like Gono or Ty can cross train more before season to play OG; in a week after any unfortunate injury.
  18. We've also been hitting against pretty garbage pitching recently, but certainly better than being in a slump right now.
  19. Agreed...that’s why I said extend Julio, cut Wes & Bosher to grab McCoy
  20. @youngbloodz you need to give up the source of your Florida info. You run my state,
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