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  2. Don’t count DK out...give him a shot. I believe he can do it. KS was crucified in ‘15 and was deemed by this board to be a DA. Hang on bro...
  3. @Jdrizzle You take the kids fishing lately? They're not hitting top water or medium depth for me. The only luck I've had is using a pumpkin seed worm on bottom and working it real slow : /
  4. I know I'm late, but I will definitely try the mustard beer. I'll try basically any beer. ****, I really enjoy sour and fruity beers now. Who knew?
  5. I'm sure we'll see a very sternly worded letter of rebuke from Pelosi/Schumer and hear some deep misgivings from some Republican legislators in the near future.
  6. Thanks. Imgur must have changed something because I did what I always have done to post pics.
  7. Did anyone notice this? LOLOL
  8. Gold at an all time high/I got a portable basketball goal on it now you still jelly/back on ignore
  9. If/when this goes spectacularly wrong, I hope we can all agree that it's ok to blame Cuomo and that he had more than enough info to make a better decision.
  10. Hey, so I got my ethernet cable mostly run (through crawlspace, soon to be into the top attic as well), and my 3 ubiquiti AP lites should be here today. In what should hopefully be my final question: I got a netgear gig switch with POE, but it's unmanaged. Will that impact my ability to make sure that "each AP and the gateway are on different channels," or is that something I would handle through the gateway or AP apps?
  11. You used it as a link. Right click and copy img address then paste in the body.
  12. Carters lake in Ellijay is great. Deepest lake in Georgia so the fishing is awesome. Gorgeous scenery since it is placed up in the mountains. And it’s not overcrowded at all. Lots of great hiking trails too.
  13. You have to have the extension right so like jpeg or gif.
  14. I eat low-end and high-end canned seafood, because I’m an elite Everyman.
  15. WFW be like https://imgur.com/gallery/qjiy6r4 Edit: so we can't imbed pics from imgur anymore?
  16. If he got banned, he’d probably snitch to flowery branch.
  17. Dayum @Jdrizzle, you're being ignored by the guy everyone has on ignore. fwiw, I'd be permanently on team albino snoop dog if you banned him.
  18. I’m not a bassist obviously lol but my bass player and I decided to have some fun with and do an instrument switch. Got a new camera and decided to mess with multiple camera angles for the first time. new gear doesn’t always have to be completely guitar related! Got a canon eosm 50. Spliced it with a GoPro. Gotta try messing with some band photos next. Pretty excited about this purchase.
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