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  2. Either college HC or position coach is my guess for his next stop
  3. Kinda off topic but not really, I can't help but keep looking at that stat line Swift produced. Gamecocks couldn't stop him, so why did they go to the air so much which led to all the interceptions? That I don't understand. You got folks saying that Georgia lost the game because they were too conservative on offense but they lost because of turnovers. Serious, 52 passes and 43 rushes for Georgia. What's wrong with this picture? Swift himself averaged nearly 5 yards a pop. Just very weird playcalling.
  4. Much better lol. Embracing the suck of your trolling.....
  5. Derrick Brown and then come back with your big time pass rusher! Then add on 2 more pass rushers.
  6. Rogan is not a gateway to conspiracies or the alt right or whatever. He talks to just about everyone and has a wide variety of guests, most of which aren’t even political. My biggest pet peeve about his show is he just says **** that is easily disproved and his guests just go along with it. I typically only listen to it when the guest interests me though so maybe I’m talking out of my ***.
  7. We have a goal line defense?
  8. As much time as Ryan I am gladly embracing the suck. Keep up the good work
  9. Because offense is our problem. Good call.
  10. I really don't think Rogan has a hard core right wing agenda. I think he has some friends that do a good bit of drugs and are bat**** crazy, and unfortunately he feels the need to have them on his podcast occasionally because he's been friends with them for years (Rosanne, Alex Jones, etc) But he's also had on very progressive people and treated them fairly. He gave both Bernie and Yang all the time they wanted to lay out their views. I listen to a good bit of his podcasts he he's very rarely talked about Qanon.
  11. Because that isn't even remotely close to the actual math. If the math was that simple, they would have tax plans.
  12. Everything I've seen tells me DQ has a decent amount of input on personnel moves. So being in a make or break season for him, why would he ok inloading talent?
  13. This was because of the players not the coaching. The coaching hasnt changed but the talent has.
  14. The Falcons have a lot of talent. They just need the right coaching to maximize it. The Falcons aren't as far away as 1-5 would led you to believe. There's a reason they were a darkhorse SB pick coming into the season. It's because people can look at this roster and see they they should be so much better than they are but the coaching is some of the worst I've ever seen. I told folks that last year when they wanted to just blame it on injuries. It wasn't injuries, good coaching overcomes injuries. Just look at the year the Packers won the Super Bowl. They had so many guys on IR that year but coaching overcame it. The Falcons haven't had coaching this bad since the June Jones days.
  15. Time to admit the truth — they are ALL the dumb one.
  16. If you can't handle the fire then put me on ignore.
  17. I like Tyler Davidson. Him and Grady are solid up the middle. I like Kazee n Rico as well. I think with a legit edge rusher that can consistently beat tackles one on one our defense looks way better. It’s so simple is maddening some time. You don’t even have to have a sack master. At least somebody that can put pressure on the QB and make him step up into a collapsing pocket.
  18. Yep. Lots of blame going around. If DQ can’t coach it to better performance, he will be the one to pay the price...
  19. Eric just looks like the "dumber" one
  20. I thought that was where the tag was made. I tore mine off cuz it didn’t say Mexico. This is what happens when you put a thousand baboons in front of a thousand keyboards. Didn’t know bill was a bern victim
  21. Holy **** that guy is dumb. I thought Eric was the dumb one.
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