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  2. Just giving an update. He's having a hard time breathing since they removed 15% of his lung. So he has started PT. ..... when he fully recovers (because i know he will), i will update this thread again. But i think it's going to take a couple months until he is 100% able to return to combat and start flight training school. Also thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. That truly does help a person know there is others put there for them (even if they are just dating "thoughts"). And prayers help more than anyone knows. Also I "think" the army is paying 100% for everything. I've told him if he needs any money to ask, but he told me the army is taking care of everything....... and he is staying with his father on the beach in Florida while he recovers.
  3. I hope we draft Wilkins at 14 and trade up in the 2nd
  4. EDGE pressure.
  5. I hear ya with QW especially. But it would cost to much to move up. In my opinion I'd rather trade back in the first get your RT trade up in the 2nd and get Wilkens. Then grab Winovich with our next pick.
  6. Who are you thinking?
  7. You must be new here. If Vic plays well, people will still find ways to complain about him.
  8. Maybe our legal experts can weigh in on this, but if a person tries continuously to obstruct an investigation but is stopped by his that still obstruction? In other words, is attempted obstruction still a crime?
  9. A piece of advice run don’t look back just run.
  10. Does anyone think a guy projected at the end of the first round would fake an injury at combine so as not to fall out of the 1st?
  11. This board is always clamoring for one-year "prove it" signings. We get the most literal sense of that and now people want to **** on it. This is a total no-risk, all-reward type of deal. They will know fairly quickly if he will make it to the season or not. It also likely doesn't change draft strategy at all.
  12. Interesting story ..... I did want Lee. No doubt. I had also picked Keanu Neal as the player I hoped would be our 2nd round pick. When the day of the draft rolled around and all of ATL media was reporting Neal was going to be our 1st round pick, I immediately started hoping Jones would be our second round pick. Turned out the Falcons did too.
  13. Never said you did, just adding my 2 cents on the whole thing. My apologies if it came across like I was pegging you like that. Not my intention.
  14. Never once said that I cared about how they spend their money or anyone who has to do it spend their money.
  15. You mean like the ones “That take your Soul” ?
  16. LOL. Simply on the “assumption” that he wants it more/hungrier/actually gives a care/etc. On a scale of 1 to 10... I give Beasley a 2. 1 for his physical talent and 1 for the fact he’s breathing. I’d score him higher but his physical talent is wasted “running the arc to nowhere” and he rarely exhibits much Heart to pair with his respiratory function. Does that clarify my position enough?
  17. If he has changed and is hungry his presence alone will push everyone else in practice. If he hasn’t changed they will cut him. DQ must have since a Change in him or he wouldn’t be here. Just curious is he the last person to block a kick for us?
  18. She’s just like her mom. I mean if that’s what they want to do, so be it they have the money to blow on it. It just isn’t my cup of tea.
  19. Yeah they’re ugly as ****.
  20. That’s what she said?????
  21. If Beasley were traded for a pick next year does his trade value change any? Personally I’m very optimistic about the entire defense this year. IMO by mid season no one will still be complaining about VB.
  22. Yeah but think of the plastic and surgical economy! Yikes, he’s getting involved with one of the Biermenn girls.
  23. Possibility? More than likely I'd say.
  24. Both will be called daddy
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