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  2. going bills and 49ers. the 49ers look like atlanta did in the past so I can just pretend they are wearing red jerseys and care about football.
  3. Still in shock hes is what happens when your team all of a sudden goes to ****.
  4. JFC...after discussing Sondland’s text about “no quid pro quo”... Before these text messages, during our call on September 8, Ambassador Sondland tried ot explain to me that President Trump is a businessman. When a businessman is about to sign a check to someone who owes him something, he said, the businessman asks that person to pay up before signing the check. Ambassador Volker used the same terms several days later while we were together at the Yalta European Strategy Conference. I argued to both that the explanation made no sense: The Ukrainians did not “owe” President Trump anything, and holding up security assistance for domestic political gain was “crazy”, as I had said in my text message to Ambassadors Sondland and Volker on September 9.
  5. I just find it funny that he thinks Palestinian statehood is some sort of grand Russian conspiracy. What a dip**** lol
  6. exactly. This will be a massacre, but I really don't care anymore at this point. I can go enjoy the last few sundays of fall before the terrible winter sets in. I cant believe I wasted hours on this garbage ... he said as he was reading and typing on a Falcons message board.
  7. It’s unfortunate that some of our norms respecters have so little regard for international law.
  8. I def think Tru is a good CB.... This is about the cap and needing to rebuild this Defense. Play your 3 young CBs to see what you have and also this upcoming year draft class at CB looks good But yeah I wouldn't trade Tru unless I can get a 2nd or 3rd rounder
  9. Life long Fan of Agent 12. Take that Bean-Talk to Bean town and show those dudes what you can do. True warrior.
  10. true but still vic, takk, osi, ray edwards(yikes) the recent pass rushers that came and did good was freeney
  11. Wish I could send this to my dad, one of his best friends has been radicalized by Facebook patriot groups and he's the only one out of their decades long circle of friends that hasn't completely cut him out of their lives out of nothing but pure love for the person he "youst" to be and not wanting him to do something stupid, however a lot of this video seems to be more relevant to Millenials and Gen Z, I'm 100% sure my dad has never even heard of things like 4chan or participated on a message board (he only did Facebook for like a few weeks 10 years ago). This would be confusing to him.
  12. Yeah we shouldn't have killed Bin Laden either. Should have just asked Pakistan for permission with a nice gift basket. Ruskiephiles... It's. In. The. Original. Post. Great. You qualify as "Not-A-Ruskiephile."
  13. Yeah that’s kinda how I am I suppose. I like diff teams because of diff players. I’m more name on the jersey rather than logo on the front so basically the opposite of how I cheer for Atlanta.
  14. You’re right. Sincerely, The Giants Regardless - this team needs discipline. Soft has gotten us where we’re at.
  15. you need to study up on Falcons salary cap - the last thing we need right now is to commit to another huge contract. While we COULD do it, we shouldn't do it. I believe some of Hoop's numbers this year are a mirage and inflated due to how poor our OL is. Falcons aren't explosive and Matt cannot drive the ball downfield. Hoop's a good player but not great - this season is gonna be an anomaly in his career. He is a 60-70 catch, 600-700yd and 5-6 TD/yr kind of player - he is a better than average TE - top 5-10 TE - he's not good enough to be paid premium money for the position, IMHO. One should always be wary about paying players coming off career years.
  16. 1. Sending troops into a country without permission from the government is an invasion. I may be in favor of keeping our troops there to protect Rojava from Turkey but pretending that the SDF is legally recognized government of Syria is dumb as ****. 2. Don't know who is saying that. 3. That or end the apartheid so Palestinians can enjoy their humans rights and have equality within Israel.
  17. How much combat have you seen, chicken hawk?
  18. I think jalen struggled against NE cuz they have quick shifty eyes which all tall corners struggle against average or above average heights he was good against
  19. Is Coley on the hot seat?
  20. Can definitely see your point!
  21. He's regressed since his pec injury. Is soft. Lazy at times. Runs away from contact routinely. Not a leader. He's a part of the collective problem. Cap hit is 15 million next year. We save 5 million by cutting him. Contenders that are desperate for CB help when we're already out of contention will bite.
  22. Ruskiephiles: " Uh the US Needs to get out of Syrian Kurdistan " Also Ruskiephiles: " Uh Crimea was just expressing it's self-determination; Russia did nothing wrong " Also, Also Ruskiephiles: " Uh Israel needs to let Palestianians have their own land back and create a two state solution "
  23. HC: Kevin Stefanski, OC Vikings OC: Mike McDaniels, 9ers run game Coordinator McDaniels served underneath Gary Kubiak 2005-2008 (Broncos and Texans) McDaniels also served underneath Shanahan 2005-2008 and from 2011-present Stefanski worked with Kubiak 2019
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