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  2. One false move it won’t be nice
  3. Biddle makes me nervous
  4. Wait why is Biddle in for the lefty lol
  5. Fair, but I hope you're wrong.
  6. Dwight Yoakam is my favorite country music singer. This sounds a lot like his style
  7. Trade down and take Dex or maybe even D Bush.....
  8. Sure is nice seeing him out there. I look forward to seeing what he'll be doing and how much he'll be getting feed.
  9. Yeah pretty soon I'm gonna ask the mods to rename him g-deadseascrolls
  10. come on swan
  11. Well that lead lasted long.
  12. JD’s glove failed this inning and Acuna loafing in the outfield? WTF
  13. Well, can’t blame the bullpen for this one lol.
  14. 1) Greedy Williams or Cody Ford. 2) Cody Ford
  15. The lead was fun while it lasted I guess
  16. That was a freakin swing!
  17. Ok guys what's up? We fired the recruiter coordinator and suspended on the on campus guy.
  18. Double play ball would be super clutch here...
  19. One member of Georgia’s football recruiting office has been fired and another suspended for 30 days without pay, sources have confirmed to DawgNation. Anyone know what this is about?
  20. Man the Reds love to bunt
  21. ****, and the Phillies had this division all won in the first week too.
  22. Cody Ford 2 Andre Dillard
  23. Fo Sho.
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