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  2. I don't know how you can look at the past four or so decades of bipartisan consensus regarding things like welfare "reform," privatization of social services, capital friendly monetary policy, draconian law and order, etc. and come away thinking that the center is blameless.
  3. Regardless, Grady would probably not ask for that much to get a ring and play for a organized organization.
  4. What's in in for a failed former HC/OC? Another years salary is my best guess.
  5. It seems like ever since Vic tore his hamstring against Green Bay, he simply hasn’t been the same player. Seems like he completely lost his motor
  6. Honestly, I want TD out of the building. I really think regardless of what happens with the coach, they need to absolutely detonate the front office and start anew.
  7. I think they've forced 11, and recovered a pathetic 2. Typical Falcon bounce of the ball I guess.
  8. No love for the gane
  9. Makes me wonder how much he might've been involved in the whole not-buying-in thing. Not that I would blame him, it's a ****show. It'd wear on anybody. But with the drop off the last few weeks...still happy for him though. He deserves a shot at a ring.
  10. Unless some real changes are made, we will be sitting here in 2041 still trying to replay SB 51
  11. I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but there's some smoke here, if no fire. Quinn came out and said we're keeping our scheme. Said we're running the outside zone and the WCO passing game. Playbook and terminology remain the same. Then they announced they were hiring Koetter. Out of left field. Out of nowhere. Most of us were flummoxed. I surmised Koetter would be allowed to run his philosophy from within the terminology and playbook we had installed. I'm not really seeing that though. I'm seeing a lot of chaos. The only thing that gives me pause is this -- knowing what's up, why would Koetter EVER agree to that? If he's being forced on Quinn, what's in it for Koetter? He has to know it won't work. He would have had other opportunities. So in the end, I think it doesn't make sense. But there's more smoke there than usual for sure.
  12. All hating joke aside, those that are familiar with his story. I recall him being with Clemson in college. If am good enough to play pro ball I am giving 1000 percent for various reasons. Pride, don’t want to look shabby, be the butt of jokes and for that paper! I hear that round ball is what Vic truly desires. If that’s the case why pursue a Football career? Was he just better at it?? Vic had so much potential and people would die to be where he is. It’s a shame! What is the reason story, did he ever like Football. Despite the obvious, “he is playing it isn’t he?” I work not because I like it.
  13. Which will happen first? Trout answers you about how McGovern was a left-wing extremist HolyMoses attempts to defend the Nakba We start to die from old age
  14. Vic Campbell Kazee Tru look like they don't give a Dammm……. Free Matt and the Oline aren't living up to expectation. Sad Series of events time to light a match ----Kaboom!!!!!!
  15. A little irrelevant, but my issue with Matt Ryan is that as good as he is he doesn’t make the crucial calls when needed. Audible out of a bad play make a smart decision when it’s time to be great. Hate to say the SB bs but idc how many years you been a qb if coach called a dumb play change it and kill **** clock. I know it’s more complicated than that but I just don’t think he has that it for me.
  16. The Falcons haven't run Kyle's offense since 2016. None of his assistants remained. Who taught it to Sark? What you had was Sark's interpretation of Quinn's Interpretation of Kyle's offense. Now you have Koetter's interpretation of Sark's interpretation of Quinn's Interpretation of Kyle's offense. And we wonder why this isn't working. Why did people get excited when Quinn said he was running the defense? It was the same system. Because the guy actually calling the plays makes a huge difference.
  17. JDave, how about we fire McKay, Sabo, Webster, Collier, and Emry. Move TD to Team President role and let him manage the cap and we hire Ed Dodds to be our GM and Director of scouting and let him decide on whether to keep Quinn or not? We can do this this week and get the ball rolling.
  18. He simply has not looked good this season. When someone gets satisfied with their place in life, that’s what happens. You have to stay hungry at everything in life.
  19. It’s all just talk at this point. Like Clinton’s “she might run” stuff, none of it is serious. They don’t have to derail Sanders, though. He’s doing a fine enough job losing the primary all by himself.
  20. Assignment sound. Understanding where Cover 0 is weak and playing the alignment of the WRs and offense correctly. Cover 0 is more about sight lines than anything. If the QB can't see a quick option, he's holding the ball. Same thing happened to Matt vs PHI. It's just the Pats defense is so well coached and have a bunch of smart football players, not just athletes.
  21. Know who else once got fired by Cleveland? Bill Belichick. I agree a lot of these guys need to go (especially McKay), but writing off every NFL coach or exec because they were fired once is folly. They ALL get fired at some point
  22. Dude, you hated Shanahan when he was here. Come on.
  23. No Way! I can't stand the Patriots and Never will. I wish Sanu well (sort of). I can't wish him a ring because that would mean going for the Patriots. The Patriots are sure to make the playoffs and I will for sure want any of the other 5 AFC teams in the playoffs to make the SB over them. I will be cheering for a 1 and done playoff season for the Patriots. Any Patriots loss would also increase the chances of a little better draft pick for our Falcons. So GO EVERYONE (except the Saints) vs the Patriots!
  24. Talking about party donors and leaders wanting someone to run to derail Warren and/or Sanders. Talk about bad faith.
  25. He doesn’t have blinders on, he’s just not going to put them on blast in the media when they’re already getting killed in the media. The defense needs to stay feeling like they aren’t playing well enough and have a chip on their shoulder. Saban has done this all the time. I feel like a lot of people overlook the fact Kirby has to handle the psychology part of keeping his team in a certain mindset for competing at the highest level.
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