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  2. I don't understand why some of y'all are acting like it's impossible to improve your ability to catch? Trufant is never going to be a ball hawk suddenly catching everything thrown his way a la Ed Reed. But it seems like some of y'all are completely dismissing the possibility that he can improve his hands with practice.
  3. My question is why people think he's a NT when he's not. He should be getting snaps behind Grady at 3-T and maybe rotate to Nose in a nickel package. I do remember Quinn saying specifically that Senat was due to get more under reps this season. He's built like a box on wheels. Too small to consistently play nose AND, in terms of draft position, went a little too high versus his actual value. If we needed a guy behind GJ then Mo Hurst should have easily been the pick. Then again, maybe a full year and-a-half or so of seasoning will prove his PFF ratings were valid and he trends upward. Either way I'm glad we are drafting real footballers in general and keeping the Duke Riley's to a minimal within Quinn's roster.
  4. "Clemson’s offense has been ostensibly a spread-to-run unit, but against Notre Dame and Alabama, it was all in on spread passing. The Tigers opened the title game in four-WR sets with ageless former walk-on Hunter Renfrow moving around from one side of the formation to the other, stressing Alabama’s structures and offering coverage tells to Lawrence."
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  6. Bro, I went back and checked and Renfroe ran motion on a few plays but the majority of that game Clemson didn't run motion. Motion is not why they won that game...
  7. Did anybody else cringe when he grabbed the $150M shoulder at the 6:25 Mark lol.. Matt looked at him like whoa relax
  8. I'm not even going to post them but Trump had a late Saturday night (nearly midnight) string of tweets that are absolutely nothing but pumping the extreme anti choice position to keep his dear evangelicals from straying away from his corrupt ***.
  9. Aim low, less disappointment follows.
  10. So what was a fact exactly?
  11. Senat is just not what I am looking for, which is not to say that he is not good. Hageman and Cominsky are bigger, faster, jump higher.....just more upside. It is cool to cheer for the undersized overachiever / underdog....but I just want us to be the bullies, especially on our lines.
  12. Ender isn't a fast runner? Since when?
  13. Four letter network pic. Days ago. I Watched the game on FOX tonight. I usually watch the home telecast but I have to say that the National version was way better. The highlight shots, the National talk. Way better. The breakdown. I guess I’m tired of the young Carey. Not hating either just a fresh take on the game. I don’t know. Just different and the camera angles were top notch. All of it.
  14. Defense? Yeah. Speed? Not so much. He's not a fast runner, so he won't provide a ton a value there. But Riley really did come in and take his job.
  15. If it was as easy as practice makes better catcher then no one in the NFL would have dropping issues.
  16. true , he probably thinks he gets that with sf but im not so sure now. Like someone else say, i think he will be devalued in teo years.
  17. if he got that big contract, he would definitely be set. he is barely getting the vet minimum. 2.5 mil a year is horrible tbh . Philly has a much better shot at a ring than SF
  18. doubt it, he was the 2nd best rb in free agency. He should have taken the best deal which was probably with the eagles and the best opportunity.
  19. What's this got to do with cops, again? But cool shiny object, Bruh.
  20. This is an epic picture!! This is one I would love to have framed and on my wall!!! This is one of those pictures that 20 years from now you will look at and remember the legends!!
  21. I think it’s because UAB didn’t emphasize typing in their program.
  22. They said he spent his side throwing days working on his mechanics so let's hope that's the case. Would be nice to finally get the 2018 Folty. I haven't given up faith in him.
  23. I think it will be a part of the DCEU, but it may have very loose ties in the 1st solo film like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam did. Flashpoint could bring the mixed timelines of all the heroes together eventually.
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