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  2. No worries. We are all boneheads sometimes.
  3. Ok. Have a great day!
  4. And Rand rode on Stewart's coattails because he needed to show he's still a spending hawk after supporting a tax cut that ballooned the deficit. This is purely a show and it's at the expense of 9/11 first responders. It's not going to play well.
  5. So he didn't vote for it? My bad. I apologize for being wrong.
  6. Weigel could be a showcase too.....
  7. My glass is 3/4 full
  8. Rand Paul tries to control spending on every bill. The difference is that Jon Stewart doesnt go to congress and cry over every bill that Rand Paul tries to have spend money responsibly.
  9. Rand Paul is for lower taxes AND lower spending. Read Flip Flop's post about the tax cut.
  10. Played half of the @TB game at LG last year. Got whipped pretty bad by Vita and McCoy.
  11. If that were the case, then he wouldn't have supported a tax cut that has ballooned the deficit. All that's going on here is Rand Paul virtue signaling with a high profile bill saying, "Hey look, I still really care about spending, see?" But has no problem going along with other expansions of the deficit. It's hypocrisy of the worst kind.
  12. They could break his arm and get him back pretty early in the year.
  13. He's like the only guy in congress fighting to get the deficit under control.
  14. He forced the tax cut bill to include a provision that it be paid for in the budge. Republicans later passed a different amendment that removed the provision. Rand Paul is not the one who supports deficits. He may be the single biggest advocate for controlling deficits.
  15. That money is going to conservative causes, so it's okay.
  16. I'm opposed to most new spending. Stop thinking of the government as charity and you'll start to understand. Charity is charity, it's not the government's business.
  17. Rand Paul? No...wrong... He is opposed to deficits. Again you are lumping all Republicans together which is not correct.
  18. lol You dont kow much about Rand Paul do you?
  19. I think the criticism has more to do with him voting for massive tax cuts that ballooned the defecit. He didn't care then. If he thought tax cuts would increase revenue, he was wrong. If he was wrong he should be reevaluating his position instead of doubling down.
  20. But he's seemingly ok with deficits. Strange that.
  21. Man I Remember when you raised **** about the increase in defense spending. Or what about the billions being paid d to Farmers to offset the tariffs program? Oh it's dying heroes that you draw the line at?
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