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  2. It’s going to our 3 guys...just curious how they divide it up
  3. If he gets a signing bonus, it will go up. If anything, like you said, it's $5-6MM potentially added to his hit, but that still leaves over $10MM rolling over. Rolled over cap space is more valuable than spending it in the current year because it's paired with the cap increase that every other team gets. So as contracts continue to rise in conjunction with the rising cap, the older money has more value. Take it in terms of current contracts: Julio's contract is valuable to the team because the rising cap has lowered his contract value. The savings from Julio's contract allowed other moves to be made (i.e. overkilling on the OL). The same applies to rolled over cap space.
  4. He never said the word "Africa", a typical attempt to make it sound more racist. That guy sees a racist under every rock, he is obsessed.
  5. If he wants to play another year or two after his deal runs out why wouldn’t we sign him to a reasonable deal? Do you not know how important he’s been to the OL and team in general?
  6. You just add back in Grady’s 15.8 TAG with the 7 mill in CAP we currently have
  7. I vote trade for clowney. Houston has zero intent to resign him.
  8. Agreed. Though, imagine him with actual help on the edge O.o
  9. Of course not. Black Americans have been dealing with our own buck-dancers throughout history and now, I was just curious.
  10. Trade for clowney, let Beasley walk next year. Recoup traded pick. Dream world.
  11. Some of y'all are really bad at reading.
  12. great deal. I would like him to crank up the sack stats to at least 8 sacks/yr though. I know how valuable Grady is in all aspects of the game - TFL's, taking the double-teams, etc - but he is capable of 8-10sacks/yr and a little more havoc.
  13. Do you know how old Mack is? What in the world makes you think we'd sign him to an extension?
  14. Heck of a deal...makes me wonder where all the crazy 18-20m a year figures were coming from.
  15. You hear folks talking about "self-loathing Jews . . . ". I'm not sure if that's an actual thing or not. I hope you aren't taking a shot at me with that, btw. I am not being "racist against my own people" with the JBBPR. I'm probably expressing my bias FOR Jews. I am proud of my Jewishness. I am proud of Jews. I expect us to set a good example. It frustrates me when folks do things that reflects poorly on us. So I call them out. Plus, I'm trying to be funny. And, as Bryan Cranston (Dr. Whatley) told Jerry Seinfeld "It's our sense of humor that sustained us as a people for 3,000 years"
  16. You don’t think they will want to assume some of Debo’s contract this year while we have the CAP? Let’s say Julio drops to 10, Grady is 8, that leaves 5-6 million we could add on to Debo’s 1.8 mill
  17. Oh, not complaining, understand completely why they did those 2 moves, just saying that was another reason for not spending big on FA.
  18. If Debo gets the same overall as Grady, it would almost definitely be an extension since he has a year left. It would be 4 years, $68 million in new money, but effectively about 5 years, $70 million going forward. I figure they would probably raise his cap hit a bit for this year from the ~$1.5 million it currently is. I'd say add another $5 million this year for Debo and his contract would be very reasonable in future years.
  19. you have to secure your long-term base players - and you have to do so w/ maximum leverage. The Vic deal is much more arguable but Falcons had no choice but to do what they did w/ Grady. We weren't gonna get a good deal w/ him unless we played it all the way out. Giving Justin Houston a two year deal had some risk as it impacted the salary cap for two years as opposed to just the one year for Vic.
  20. I hope he's out there eating all the *** and otherwise living his best life
  21. No. Grady will be a new hit, around $8MMish. Julio's is already accounted for on the cap, so if anything his will go down. And Debo's isn't changing, his deal would be an extension. So after the Julio deal, that cap space is all free cap that they probably intend to roll over.
  22. Freaking steal
  23. Very good deal. If Grady has a bad day, there will be 100 threads on Falcons over paying him.
  24. I wish Billy was here, he'd get a kick out of my present disillusionment even if he skipped all the text blocks.
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