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  2. .qaqqIt's not really that complicated. They like what they saw of him in his return. Gave him a contract despite the upcoming suspension. Looking at the draft teams don't get fooled. They don't care who the Falcons draft. Their draft spot has the same value regardless. This is more about securing a spot if who they want isn't there. Same goes for the OL signings. Maybe it's a DL, maybe it's OL in the draft. Maybe it's something different.
  3. I think he's the safest DT pick in the first round and for any position .. I'll bet you is at least on their board,, And I think his fall will be a surprice because of the 3 QBs that will sneak into to top 10, that makes the boards totally different.
  4. Did you not bring up 2016? Like I said earlier, you’re not doing a good job defending him.
  5. Lol Florida doesn’t even have a 10% chance to finish ranked in the top 10. That’s hilarious. Think Clemson is very likely to drop a game in September, potentially two. It’s relatively smooth sailing for them after that though.
  6. We don't know what the vibe is on GJ's contract negotiations I don't think GJ is a problem but his Agent may be. The move to sign Hageman is a win-win move for the F O I think he will make the team and he will be a factor. It gives us more options in the draft. I don't know this to be true but I'm sure TD didn't give him a big guaranteed contract.So we get him for the low and what if he balls out and GJ doesn't want to sign next year it gives us some options.
  7. snak is still ****posting on jdave's facebook page about how Russia interfering in the election was actually Obama's fault and he let it happen because Podesta and Hillary sold Uranium 1 to Russia and Russia wanted "Hilary" (sic) not trump (sic).
  8. Exactly.
  9. I’ll tell you what is true: the issue is never the faith. The issue is always the zealotry. Overzealous Jews are just like overzealous Christians or Muslims. The reason you don’t hear about it is that Jews are only 2% of the population, and Ultra orthodox Jews are a small fraction of that. Does that answer your question?
  10. Man I been on the double dip train at DLine and DB for months. I’d be absolutely shocked if those 2 spots aren’t targeted hard in this years draft. To me it’s quite clear they prefer experience over rookies on that Oline side and they have more than proven this over the years DQ has been in charge.
  11. that is exactly right. When it's 3rd and 10, we need passrushers from the middle to the end - if we could start getting more push up the middle, it helps the entire defense.
  12. 2017 & 2018 When 1+1=3
  13. We're not taking Gary. We haven't even talked to him since the combine. I'd honestly be surprised if he's even on our board. He's going to bust...badly
  14. We have decent depth at DT, the problem is aside from Grady we only have depth level talent at the position. We need a bona fide starter to put on the D line, especially with Grady’s future uncertain davison and Senat have potential, but are wait and see and neither are big pass rush threats.
  15. Yeah, that' weird. I was about to say the Scout's jobs are done by this time in the process and they mostly are - but dayum, I believe when you get thrown a curveball or two - I would want my scouts w/ me there in the draft room.
  16. Haha. Phrasing on that last sentence.
  17. Good point. Guards are either gone or on two to three year deals. Center....well, might as well get one this year while there are some good ones. RT/Swing T..... who knows what the FO is thinking. First round? Developmental OL for depth. On the D side I feel a DE, LB and CB in no order. Please no trade ups except for Q or Bosa. If they draft nine players (Unlikely. Prolly 6-7.) There will be lots of new, inexpensive players who may help. Dam, this Hags signing is huge. He must be ready.
  18. He's pushing them out because a few weeks ago Mayock was asked by a reporter about a player visit that wasn't suppose to be leaked. So they have moles. That and they have scouts that have accepted jobs with other teams so they aren't sure who they can trust. Stop acting like this is Gruden's fault or he's stupid. You can think he's an overrated coach but he can't hold scouts hostage from going to different teams or leaking info they shouldn't be.
  19. Pretty funny that “conservatives” are in here posting crap from Sean Davis and Charlie Kirk to back up their team. Almost like conservatives generally can’t differentiate between partisan grifter pundits and actual professional journalists. The part that gets me though is these *** hats pop up in here yelling double standard and having zero interest in actually talking about anything when nearly everyone here was openly critical of Obama and only like one person actually liked Hillary.
  20. I think the only way we trade up is for Gary,, I just don't think that anybody else is worth it especially for our needs.. Some have him going at 15,, And I got to thinking ,, look at how many teams are going up for QBs,, that will probably push him down also... I sure hope so.. What a beast of a nice guy who is a bull dozzer on the field. I truly hope he's the one.
  21. I know this FO is hardly perfect, but that is some sink the Titanic ish there.
  22. It was 3 full seasons ago. Go back and recalculate.
  23. Team signs a former player and people are blowing each other? Shoulda came to this thread sooner.
  24. Things are gettin weird.
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