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  2. Lol I screamed WHAT?! When I heard that but why I'm surprised I have no idea.
  3. Well no soft zone guys. We’re playing man.
  4. I hope Koetter is taking notes right now.
  5. Well its official, Carter sucks.
  6. So what exactly happened to Neasman? Is he even active?
  7. I guess he thinks Blank will consider this "improvement" since we are still in the game?
  8. Everett has been open several times before this one.
  9. Did anyone see 35 out there wide on 81 and not think Goff was going right here?
  10. I listened to the entire piece and wondered if she mistook Quinn for McVay.
  11. Welp Goff seems to be heating up. More broken tackles.
  12. What is the target count to Everett? They have been trying to get it to him all game.
  13. His strength is run blocking. If we could establish the run and run play action than that would help him tremendously as he adjust to the NFL.
  14. I’m not seeing it like that my boy.
  15. These guys need to make a play and get some swagger back.
  16. If the Falcons coaching staff doesn't care about it, why would the officials or announcers?
  17. Falcons have 5 sacks, and like 20 almost sacks.
  18. Good pressure takk
  19. Giving up only 13 points in the first half is a win lol.
  20. He got a hit before Christmas
  21. Arch on radio saying Whitworth has been holding Takk on almost every play.
  22. Trufant caught a pass from Wentz while sitting on his butt against the Eagles I believe
  23. make sure you see we are playing behind today! And its not because of the defense this time!
  24. Bad scheme, bad preparation, bad execution, league that has passed the coaching staff by, players that take a lot of AB’s money then wet the bed - who really cares at this point? What is there to cheer about? I’ll always be a fan, and part of that is calling this *ish for what it is.
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