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  2. Quite ironic that you say this considering the entire purpose of Trump's tweet over the weekend was to make these four freshman members of Congress the face of the Democratic party for guys like you instead of the centrists who actually run the party. He wanted to give you a villain and you gladly swallowed that hook to the point that you're defending him telling american citizens to "go back where they came from". What makes you guys so dumb is not that you're being played. It's that you're projecting your own faults at the other side without an ounce of self-awareness to the point that it would belong in a sketch comedy.
  3. I read somewhere it was 10 million.
  4. I’ve seen a lot of the opposite this past offseason. As if Takk regressed, which he didn’t. While Beasley has. Picking up the $13M option for Beasley definitely picked up the pressure on him, and Quinn. And rightfully so.
  5. Yeah I used to do that but after 5-10 years of it I realized you don’t really get anything from watching past the 1st half... and that’s the 2nd-3rd preseason game. For the HOF game you’d be lucky if 3 of the guys playing the 2nd half are even if the NFL in 2 weeks.
  6. That's true. Some can give overboard like Westbrook
  7. When the computer becomes self aware and becomes a bigger diva than some of our current human umps.
  8. I think Debo & Julio had deals in place for a few weeks. Just contingent upon Grady’s deal getting finalized Julio is getting 5 years, 100 million IMO
  9. What do you think Julio's contract numbers will look like? I'm sure at least $20 mill per season.
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  11. Here's some interesting information for added context: SEC Football Records since the 2012 expansion: Alabama - 51-5 Georgia - 41-15 LSU - 36-20 Florida - 35-21 Texas A&M - 30-26 Auburn - 28-28 South Carolina - 28-28 Mississippi State - 28-28 Missouri - 27-29 Ole Miss - 23-33 Vanderbilt - 18-38 Kentucky - 17-39 Tennessee - 17-39 Arkansas - 13-43
  12. No, he and Grady are FA the same year. Debo’s CAP hit jumped from 1.8 to 11.4 million. It’s a 4 year deal starting today
  13. Whelp with all the injuries this is gonna be a defense put together with a rubber band and chewing gum. Not a single fullback avaliable on the roster. Hold on to your butts
  14. Quinn and preseason........this is the picture I get in my head. Are you with me!!!!!
  15. When people say that American politicians dont kill people, I ask of all of the world powers that have existed in history from the Akkadians to now, how may of them had no political murder?
  16. How many more do you predict Drew Brees will get?
  17. It's a fair question. I don't think he's pressing, but he's definitely struggling.
  18. Takk is exactly what you expect from early 2nd round late first round picks. A decent 7-8 sack /year guy with low ceiling. Takk would have over played his rookie contract if he can get 25-30 sacks in 4 years.. I don't think folks here feel Takk as a disappointment if you ignore the bend score gate. If anything, the hate for Vic makes people overrate Takk.. IMHO, the falcons don't have a premier pass rusher on the team and they should grab one next year.
  19. The Turner Diaries have to be in there somewhere too.
  20. We definitely need to be in on a trade for Minor. Bring him back home.
  21. I’d take Vic. Their stats aren’t much different although Vic led in sacks. Takk is very frustrating, his fans are annoying and are the same people that tend to like mediocre players.
  22. I’ve been assured by several conservative posters here that Snopes can’t be trusted because it’s run by a liberal house cat.
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