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  2. LB Foye Oluokun is going to prove to be an absolute steal for a 6th round pick in 2018. Coming out of Yale, this raw, inexperienced, but Uber athletic LB, appeared to be a project type player. Many here were complaining he was a wasted pick strictly for special Teams. He is going to be our starting weakside LB this year and after another training camp he may explode. He has the athleticism, measurables and skill set to be an elite LB. moreover, his intelligence is only way he could have played so well last year. Look at his measurables: HEIGHT: 6-foot-2 WEIGHT: 230 pounds ARM LENGTH: 33-7/8 inches 40-YARD DASH: 4.48 ( did any LB run faster at combine? This is WR speed) BENCH PRESS: 18 (pro day) VERTICAL: 37 inches (pro day- would have been 6th at combine for LBs) BROAD JUMP: 7 feet, 3 inches (pro day- would have been tied for 4th at combine) 20-YARD SHUTTLE: 4.12 seconds (showing his quickness and change of direction would have been 2nd with linebackers only behind Clemson's Dorian O'Daniel (4.07). But when we lost Deion Jones, Foye ended up leading the team in tackles over the rest of the season. You could see his explosive power on some of his tackles. He would blow ball carriers up when he had a bead on them. He also proved to be really good in coverage. 6’2” and 34” arms is elite length that DQ loves. Just look at this incredible play, a LB isn’t supposed to be able to run with Jimmy Graham 50 yards down field and do this. Alford would have choked and gotten flagged for PI, but Foye tracked the ball and made a play on it, preventing a TD.
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  4. So you a undercover racist or something?
  5. Lindstorm or Cominsky this year?
  6. I think we could win a title with players off that list. We know they’d be good ppl. So he got just 1 sack in 2 games? I thought it was 2. Regardless, Jack doesn’t rely on Grady for his production. They compliment each other. It’s not Crawford riding Garrett’s cape
  7. ****.. Swanson is barreling so many..
  8. The moves analysis fell seriously short. I hate when we get ESPN announcers...
  9. I’ll take it..
  10. Come on Acuna.. snap out of it
  11. We usually pick that ONE GUY that I don’t want.
  12. You sound a little mad to me . Go sit in a corner sis
  13. This happens every offseason maybe more this time than others. It does get tiresome seeing it over and over. Wasnt happy draft day but im excited now. Front office has been decent since quinn has been here.
  14. I don’t think I asked if you was black or not
  15. What are the chances your team picks exactly who you want anyways? Unless you are picking top 3 or something
  16. No joke.. just proves every team is capable of having a tough series
  17. Yeah, it's about time they beat them!
  18. Only thing I want right now is for the O-line and the offense as a whole to be better. Passing and rushing needs to be great. The D-line is what it is, and we didn't draft a lot in that area, but I hope Quinn can put us back into the top 10 like in 2017 .
  19. yes sir
  20. Need Acuna to heat back up... He can sure carry a team.
  21. HBP and BB. That's so Julio.
  22. One of the little things that Riley has to learn but he'll get it...
  23. Brew crew smacked the filthys today.. let’s get that game back
  24. get this out julio
  25. Ok guys, back to baseball...
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