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  2. Smitty by far. Mike Smith shouldn't have been fired, he should have been allowed to clean house and Rebuild. A lot of Smith's problems were beyond his control and other people pushing him to do things, he didn't think was right. TD should have been fired and the scouting department cleaned out. I believe Smith could have turned it around if given the chance. He was TD and Blanks scape goat. Smith was a good HC, especially before the Heart problems.
  3. Every week is a Bye week for these Falcons! Let the purge begin Now!!!
  4. How many are pierced?
  5. Man!! This is pitiful!
  6. Yep far from memorable pretty much bbdb.Pass Rush was better then than it was now having Abe there.It did enough for us to be win though.Just not enough to get us over the top.
  7. Probably getting paid being the Michelin man mascot.
  8. Before this year, I would've given Quinn a couple of 7-9 seasons. But after seeing the complete travesty of a defense this year, it's clear something is horribly wrong. If Quinn can't fix it and he can't explain it (even behind closed doors), then he's got to go.
  9. No question about that. Smitty in that situation would've run the ball three straight times, forced the Patriots to burn their timeouts, and kicked the FG to go up 11 with under three minutes to go. Oh well, woulda, coulda, shoulda...
  10. not at all its folks that go off the wall at posters like myself when we say someone is bad or not good for the organization
  11. Yeah, I lived in the Uptown Square apts on the corner right where that huge moving sculpture of a Hydrogen Atom or whatever it is. I loved living at that location. I used to got to Taco Mac all the time. I was not living in the ATL for the Katrina bowl. I was living up by NYC at that time. But, yeah, that was a bad time for ATL sports until the Hawks made it to the playoffs, but then lost to the Celtics. I went to one of those games.
  12. hindsight is 20-20 but think if we had moved back into the 1st rd of the draft to get one of the 2 best DBs still on the boards instead of a OL player with an on going heart issue! Then chunking some of these DBs would be easy!
  13. never liked quinn soft
  14. Yep. We are the cure for what ails a struggling offense, specifically quarterbacks. And also, without pressure the secondary is required to cover receivers longer than is humanly possible. Eventually they will get open.
  15. Complete under execution today.
  16. Why the heck is Dontae Freeman still there? He is easy to bring down. Do he and Ito weigh 300 lbs. combined? Aren’t they the lollipop kids in The Wizard of Oz?
  17. Got to start with DQ but that will happen at the end of the season. Victoria Beasley has to go period. That Stanford Experiment has failed. Next Trufant. THEY HAVE TO GO. Next guys you will cut at season's end. Freeman falls in this category. sanu might be a cap casualty and I would trade to get something for him. If we got in this order a 5th, 4th, 5th and a 3rd then I would be very happy.
  18. Don't get me wrong. He's a true ahole and cannot stand his antics. He at least knows how to bring the best out of his offensive players. Look at what he did today without Brees, Cook and Kamara. Give me an identity on the team and not a jumbled mess of what we have now.
  19. I would have preferred to lose to GB to close out the dome 2 weeks earlier then had 28-3 happen to us
  20. He’ll consult with Korn Ferry and hire who they recommend.
  21. I would love to hear this, need to hear from Roddy too...heads are about to roll
  22. See thats crazy! I think the report shows we have not had a sack on a QB since week 2! Now that means we are not getting any pressure on any of the teams QB which means their QB has all day to find an open WR or TE!
  23. I didn't think you took it the wrong way i thought your reply to me was pretty good.
  24. no, but i know when i see a dead team. You tell me GM.. LOL
  25. How have the backups done from the beginning of the '18 season until now? I eagerly await your response...
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