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  3. I think the article really sums up our off season, and story lines to watch. My plus minus opinions of these would be: Focusing on pass rush- (Neutral) Seeing the 37 number of sacks is shocking number wise(seems less). 22nd ranking still yuck, figured worse. I know Beasley has zero respect on here, take him for what he is, a young edge who has produced at high level, playing at a 12 million market salary. 12 million(for a young edge) gets you a bout 5-6 sacks, and is what I expect of him. No growth, any thing extra out performs his contract. If Grady had got the 3 4 more of the sacks he wiffed on his contract would not had been as friendly. Havent heard anybody mention his wiffs. I love the guy, can really see some breakout from him which nullifies Crawford probably going back to norm. Takk can be the biggest breakout. I'm hoping to hear on Twitter he shaved his head and will not grow his dreads until he gets 10 plus sacks. He seems crazy enough for this to work, and would be a media darling. Hope his crazy comes out properly this year. Secondary improvements- (Positive) (1) Neal being ahead of schedule being first and foremost. The guy is a machine and have to think this puts a chip on his shoulder with season taken away (2) Oliver as a starter. Alfred was a must release who tease with athletic gifts galore but made way to much money. His legacy should be the return TD in SB, but the respect gods stepped in and defense was gassed afterwards. Curious if Bellicheck was like "YESSS, he returned it for TD, its all coming together.. Oliver breakout along with Kazee( is it possible for him to breakout this year? 7 int mighty impressive?) Rico? Worried he might have issue, with not able to start season. Rookie depth should push starters just with upsided gifts, cant ask for more with unproven mid rounds New look offensive line -(Positive and no doubter) What a weak showing interiorly last year. Carpenter and Brown signing were solid and piled on depth with Lindstrom who probably starts over either for one spot. This subject deserves its own thread for discussion... Quin calls plays again -(Negative) Only because he is head coach. Could he have changed anything last year? Well what stopped him. Really putting himself out there. Ridley second season (Positive) Not as much as Foye and Olive second season jump importance. He was electric last year and should be a storyline.
  4. It’s the position. And I hate saying it but so few escape their second contract as good players
  5. If you think Free is overpaid, how about David Johnson @ $13M per for 3.6 YPC?
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  7. Or atleast have a long at bat to get the pitch count higher
  8. Someone needs to find that chick!!
  9. Honestly I think RB’s are such a unique case. Their number should never count against the CAP, and their rookie contract should expire after 2 years. Their bodies are simply broken sooner than other positions. It’s similar to a QB taking 150 sacks per year
  10. Seems like he struggling in AAA so hopefully he can get some walks.
  11. Those same fat people in Mississippi aren't going to get thin just because they move to California. No more than I would suddenly get fat if I moved to Mississippi. That's not how it works. Mississippi has a lot of fat people because they have a lot of poor people. It goes hand in hand. Same with opioid use.
  12. Get Dog The Bounty Hunter. Better yet, get Tommy Lee Jones.
  13. Give BMac a curve low and inside and he might golf it over the fence
  14. Nice to see them interacting with these kids!
  15. Wentz is already paid.
  16. LOL ,Rodgers is an elite QB tho ?? Who would they rank over Rodgers, ik Favre but who else ?? He has been clutch in 4th quarters. Did you forget the Dallas cowboys two years ago or no ??
  17. Do you think Lombardi's coaching today would be outdated? I mean run the ball be balanced and play solid defense. So the answer is no.
  18. Strike 1 to Brian Dozier called a ball.
  19. I saw, but all those contracts are two years old or less.
  20. Julio probably bout to get a pay raise so expect that number to go up. Pretty ridiculous that Gb is so high with no real RB contract tho.
  21. He is upset. He said trade rumors "piss me off". He also added he doesnt want to leave Texas.
  22. Dude, give credit where credit is due. Your comment is what a hack would say...don't be a hack
  23. I bet ya Markakis and BMac could beat the **** out of some folks in a bar fight
  24. And NO can’t finction without a Satellite/Joker RB. Kamara has all the leverage. Without a Bush, Sproles , Kamara the SP offense isn’t nearly as effective They should draft Swift out of UGA and let AK walk
  25. And it's where they live. I mean if they lived in California chances are they wouldn't be obese.
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