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  2. Lol teams can’t wait to play against this defense! DQ has this defense soft as charmin!!
  3. 1. Who cares what the Jags do? 2. wuuuuuuut? 3. How would the Jags trading up to take a QB screw Atlanta at all? We don't need a QB in this years draft. If anything you should hope this happens because it would mean a stud player falls a spot. 4. wuuuuuuut?
  4. Hope he and his wife do manage their money well.
  5. Isn’t the evidence staring at you all along...
  6. I almost feel like DQ is trying to get fired.
  7. lmao. i have better goal line defense in madden than a dan quinn does. all gaps accounted for especially qb sneak and pray my cbs hold up 1v1
  8. FGs in the Red Zone did hinder the Lions. The real reason they lost against the Pack has more to do with two phantom hands to the face calls and a called TD reception for GB that was down on the 1.
  9. They should ask to join Taiwan... just for fun.
  10. Didnt say it was a problem
  11. pretty much
  12. No offense, but you need to ignore him as much as anyone. You frequently respond to him or call him out as nostradumbazz (ugh) to try and show that he was wrong about things in the past. But that's the exact wrong approach. We all know what he is, so you're not proving anything to us. And he is incapable of self-reflection so calling him out does nothing for him. All it does is lead to him coming back at you and frequently leads into those page-long back and forths with other posters. Don't get me wrong, I succumb to it too sometimes, because I'm a ******* moron. But still, just ignoring entirely is the best response.
  13. Honestly, we fixed INTs from week 1&2 and that was part of the problem. The others: Just needed better first half performances out of the offense and it was great to open the game with a TD last week. That’s the first time all year. Oh, FIX THE DEFENSE! We aren’t getting the ball back...
  14. I agree. Sanu, Freeman, Trufant. Especially Freeman since Ito and our back up can do the job as well.
  15. If they didn't get reff jobbed they would be ranked higher. They also played better defenses than us. The NFL apologized today for the missed PI, 2 hands to the face, and the goal line blown call. Lions could have easily hanged 29 points on the packers.
  16. We need to think bigger, try to trade Free and Tru, even if it's for a late-round pick, we need to get rid of those contracts
  17. Hong Kong should be a independent country. Not just until 2047 but truly independent of China.
  18. I'll do my best but don't know how long I can ignore his stupidity.
  19. yeah and now they're a couple of playmakers away. Minschew is better now than Bortles ever was
  20. Reading around the NFL and pundits are saying that Sanu and Hooper could bring trade value if we were to trade them away. In a lost season, I don't see why not at least maybe deal Sanu...
  21. Green Bay does too...
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