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  2. It's D. All of the above. Lack of talent, coaching, AND effort. There are maybe 2-3 players on our defense that would be starting for a playoff caliber team. You have to also consider this: If a player doesn't have enough professional pride to give effort, because he doesn't like the coach he plays for, what does that say about the player?
  3. Yeah I watched it last night and was underwhelmed. It feel like they properly set up Kandy as the antagonist. Everyone's favorite phrase to scream about sequels is "fan service," and the flashbacks did that to an extent, but they also worked to show everything Jesse lost.
  4. Remember when folks talked about Evans like he is a straight shooter? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  5. I thought it was a good move as well. First round prospects tend to have about a 60% hit rate, so we should get at least 1 strong starter.
  6. I sit through the games like a bad movie honestly. It's better once you stop taking it seriously.
  7. 100%. Might as well go for broke and at least bring some heat and force a few mistakes!
  8. Like Kyle Shannahan? Bill Belicheck? Their schemes and game planning are at top of the list as coaching goes, and their ability to get results with less talent is phenomenal. Players matter, and finding players that fit your philosophy are important, but the scheme is the primary choice you need to make before getting players to fit that scheme.
  9. I believe that's what they call a picket fence in Jamaica.
  10. Minus the QB comparison, I think our Falcons mirror more the Bengals Franchise with the same 0-2 Superbowl Record.
  11. You have no clue how peaceful my day was yesterday not watching them lol
  12. Lindstrom and McGary picks could still pay off depending on how both of them develop. I actually don't mind the move of double dipping in the 1st round on OL or DL.
  13. If you're still defending Beasley, you don't understand football.
  14. I'd like to see Beasley as a "healthy scratch" the next few games. If he cares anything about another contract (I've heard he doesn't), that should motivate him.
  15. We almost NEVER left games early. Even pre-season. In 50+ years I can count the number of games we've left early on 2 hands. This year I left early in both home pre-season games and also the Tennessee game.
  16. Freeman missed holes yesterday. He had opportunity for so many more yards. Don't know if his vision sucks or if he just doesn't have the quickness he once did.
  17. Shoot Ill take an Arbys reuban if you cake it in horsey sauce
  18. The coaching staff wouldn't be here as long as the talent we acquired if they suck that bad. You never pass up on talented players because of a bad coaching staff.
  19. Been saying it for a while. If they can't cover anyway, turn them into a wire guided missile aimed at the QB. The players will probably like getting off their heels for a change. Because as it is right now, the scoring drive IS going to happen with this defense. You may as well get a few hits on the QB and force them to throw under pressure for a change.
  20. Unlike DQ...our opponents HC's wont take the Falcs as an easy win since we have such a potent offence in "mop up" they WILL be prepared...we should het 1 more win vs TB though
  21. This coaching staff is on borrowed time. Talent drafted this year will be around longer.
  22. You had some great points about Trufant "covering grass" a few days ago. Is the secondary deciding not to bail on their coverage a symptom of "quitting" or coaching? I'm not a Quinn fan, but it seems like several players have all of a suddenly forgotten how to play zone coverage.
  23. The next few games this season is just the beginning. There are a lot of Falcon fans that are about to learn what old timers like myself, 70, and many others have already seen. More than once. Just hold on to this: We have been very blessed as Falcon fans for the last 11 years. I'm seeing a full house clean, draft the QB of the future, a trade for JJ, and 2-3 years of Browns/Bengals style performance before we turn this around again. Get ready my friends, cause it's comin'.
  24. I honestly did not think Vic had a bad game at all...he generally did a good job when he was one on on with Murray...who is ridiculously fast......especially live and in person.
  25. A real NY deli style Reuben, not some BS artsy fartsy new day deli Reuben.
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