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  2. Can you imagine how much grief one of us would of got mocking Lindstrom at 14, followed by a trade up for McGary???? I'm still in shock this happened. Now the defense gets no love until at least the 4th round. I hope these 2 guys become studs because right now I feel very disappointed that the defense is getting nothing to improve. This draft has started out as the most bizarre I've seen for Atlanta. I guess on the bright side the O-Line cuts will free up money.
  3. 1) I know it's not the exact defens, hence why I said "Pretty Much;" the point being not the exact players, but the scheme and type of player... 2) what we have now is head and shoulders above what we had then...
  4. Crawford is overrated. Clayborn is overrated 2-4 sacks at best. Means has 3 career sacks. Hags has been gone for two years. Takk has a bum shoulder and mental issues so we'll see what he can do, he's also not a LEO. Sentat is ok and Davison is just a run stopper. Jarrett is maybe 6-7 sacks. Bealsey may turn it on for kicks and giggles we'll assume 10 sacks. So that's what? Maybe 35 sacks from all of them, same as last year.
  5. I have bad news, my friend.
  6. Well it is a pool party...
  7. I love Kent Lee Platte and his research! Go follow @mathbomb on Twitter, Well worth it!
  8. Yep we are getting our 4 rd CB come on.
  9. And this doesn’t really free up money. Cut Wes and Fusco and their salary is taken by Lindstrom & Kaleb
  10. I'm sure dq will find some mid to late round or even undrafted guys that will produce... He always does (kazee,Campbell,olukun,Poole,senat)
  11. Paying 2 5th year options at the same time will cost about 26 million, fully guaranteed. That’s a bunch
  12. Don’t get me wrong man I didn’t see this strategy being played out by the FO either.I think they made these moves to get younger on that side of the ball and free up cash for these upcoming extensions. Having Carpenter Sambrailo and Brown aren’t exhorbitant deals and are cuttable 2020,2021 it also gives much wanted depth. I see Fusco and Schweitzer as casualties here which also frees up cash for the above mentioned.
  13. I’m glad you like it
  14. DL - Babs, Freeney, Tyson, and Upshaw LB - Reynalds and Wheeler DB - Alford, Collins, Poole
  15. I have no problim but we do not have a 3rd CB are a LB if we lose any body that starts.
  16. Because they obviously prefer McGarry over him.
  17. I don't think that you're wrong. I think that Sark was scapegoated. His offenses weren't that bad. They weren't Shanahan's 2016 offense, but I am fairly certain that no one expected Sark to come in and duplicate 2016. I would hope that no one is thinking that Koetter + this draft is going to have the same kind of success as 2016. The Falcons will probably have a top 10 offense. If we can marry that with a top 15 defense, then things will be looking pretty good come December.
  18. Yeah, I just meant a top one. For instance a Wilkins and a 5T take this D to the next level. But if Quinn thinks he can get Hageman to be that 5t and Davison to show more penetration than he has (strong, pretty fast, 34 inch arms)'s going to take things like that. Quinn is going to have to have guys like Davison, Hageman, Means be more than they have before. And he's going to need Takk and Jarrett to step up, and Beasley to do something. It's a good way to see what Quinn's made of.
  19. Better be able to put up 30 a game.
  20. Thank you for getting it! I actually like the way this defense is shaping up...we DO need CB's and LB's desperately, though...
  21. And it's only the 1st round... Everybody knows DQ defense is strange forward.."go get the ball." We bout to lean in on the defense on these next rounds..I'm hoping cb, lb, and a big mean ************** in the late round... I'm telling you...we gone be real happy with our team come the fall. Side note: the best line will be on display come Sept. That's a lot of bodies and a lot of talent
  22. Really? TD has drafted alot of good players as well. We are fixing the online, the off-season is over yet; this is a process.
  23. You're right, the major injuries can be ignored and that defense was good enough to win the Superbowl!! Wait... No.. it wasn't..
  24. I'm more excited about the prospect of being a ball control offense that will keep our defense on the sideline. Also, defensively I feel like our soft scheme is a bigger problem than our personnel. NE doesn't have many household names but they run an aggressive scheme and actually blitz - a concept that seems to be foreign to us lately.
  25. Without a doubt CB and LB are this entire roster's biggest needs...
  26. Sooo...same players basically, minus Tyson Jackson and Courtney Upshaw and Jalen Collins??? Those are the three guys who'd make a difference? I think you're hating just to hate, but that's your right...
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