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  2. I mean, he DID try to leave the country because Obama was reelected but his boss wouldn’t let him.
  3. It's not that he wants to switch to something that doesn't exist. What he wants is to switch to something that already existed and failed across the developed world.
  4. Trump voice: This is going to be a great church, I'm going to build it, I have some very smart people who have seen the plans it's the best plans. I'm going to make church great again and Satan will pay for it. God is of course America first and no place else. We will bring in new people but if they don't agree with me on everything well then we're going to have to send them back where they came from. It is sad very sad but these people if they were good people would clearly agree with me, let the church of Trump say a yuuuuuuge amen and turn to two Corinthians.
  5. It’s funny how every year it’s the same thing over and over.... Thinking preseason games will be one thing then you watch them and instantly remember... oh yeah it’s preseason. Everything behind the 1st team oline is always a disaster. Bunch of guys who have never played together playing in different positions. Now try watching the preseason games when it’s not covered by the local broadcast team. That’s tough.
  6. Evans and Howard are great. Rest isn’t anything to brag about. And Fitz lol.
  7. I'm not talking about whether you like the president or not. Bigger picture than that. I'm saying that if you love communism you should move to a communist country. If you love having all drugs legal move to Amsterdam. You have choices for this kind of stuff...
  8. To say there are not longer waiting times verses the two systems is either dishonesty or lack of the facts.
  9. He had the personnel in Tampa Bay. Freeman, Fitz Martin, Sims, Barber, Quizz Evans, Jackson, Humphries, Godwin Howard, Brate, Stocker, The OL is the wildcard. They could clearly pass block. But the scheme often leaves them out to dry.
  10. there are a plethora of universal health care systems across the industrialized world, and they are better in nearly every metric than our existing system. your response to this is that we should switch to something that literally does not exist anywhere on the planet, sight unseen, rather than adopt any one of the existing choices that prioritizes access to care regardless of the ability of pay for it. why should we? for the sake of your ideological indoctrination? if we care about results, there is no reason to adopt anything other than universal health care.
  11. It includes hospitals and AMA and others in the industry.
  12. So when the next Democrat becomes president, will you be ok with people telling you to "Love it, or leave it" when you criticize that president?
  13. They have. $7 billion.
  14. MM is an experienced TE coach and DK loves to use TE. Hooper was the most improved player on the offense last year. Hopefully he will take it to next level.
  15. Lol exactly. That's the only point I'm making. Complaints about Koetter are kind of funny right now. That Bucs team was lighting teams up. No, they didn't have that great of a running game, but combine that with the constant switching of QBs and the face that they led the league in passing yards and had that many 500 yard days is impressive. No matter how you slice it. Can't blame DQ for part of the defensive woes when he hasn't been DC and not give Koetter some of the credit for the offense in Tampa as HC. (Not saying you, just in general).
  16. Sounds like someone bought into the rhetoric. That's not true at all. There are plenty of ways to have a more capitalist healthcare system where nobody has to die (at least not more than they already do...can't save everybody). The benefits of capitalism are better quality goods and services at a lower cost. Exactly what we need in healthcare.
  17. “All of God’s children are welcome...except you....and you...and you....and also you.”
  18. And it’s named “Friendship Baptist Church”.
  19. "The government shouldnt do anything to help the people whose lives were ruined on 9/11. Pardon me while I go support spending trillions of dollars invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11". Who hates America? I forgot...
  20. Kayoh do you like AY/A Value? I saw this on Twitter in late January and posted it, but you probably missed it at the time.
  21. The GOP has never had trouble with that before. The attacks on these four remind me of the lackadaisical attacks against Trump in '15-16. They expect their usual attacks to be instant takedowns but instead they've survived and only grew more prominent. Now we're at the stage where they think giving them more rope to hang themselves will do the trick.
  22. Steve hates first responders. Imagine siding with Osama Bin Laden over the Americans who sacrificed their lives on one of the worst days in our country's history. Anti-American af....
  23. Do y’all realize that if we add up all of the Trump threads, we’re somewhere at around 3.5 million views and about 400,000 posts?
  24. It's true. Just like my speech about being good consumers. If you don't like what this country stands for go somewhere that fits your ideals more. You have a choice. Use it.
  25. I just..... Can't.... America is their God and Trump is their prophet. Jehovah has been replaced there clearly
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