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  2. Is it really that outlandish? There was talk of his as a candidate last year with New York and his media buddy Mayock just got a job not long ago.. he used to work for both Philly and Baltimore as a scout.
  3. The Falcons need to clean house but I still have Morris in my radar for other teams. He is still the last Tampa coach to win 10 games and did it with a roster that resembled the Dolphins this season. I can’t help but think he would have already gotten a second chance if he were white.
  4. Ohio State may very well win, but man, people are underrating Wisconsin. Best defense in the Big 10 and the best RB in the country. Plus their QB play is much improved over recent years. They are a threat
  5. That sounds like a level of specificity that goes beyond just looking into the matter.
  6. These aren’t exactly top tier guys either.
  7. And although the refs may have taken one away yesterday, we also should mention the number of turnovers we have recovered in the last 3 (or 4) weeks?
  8. Maybe we should move some of our DL to OL. They seem to have empathy for QB's.
  9. Kazee would have to make progress not blowing plays just the same as creating turnovers; otherwise its giving up points to make some turnovers. Same thing happened when Rico went down.
  10. Lol come on man, don't make us a bigger joke than we already are
  11. While it isn’t a foregone conclusion that TD is out when/if Quinn is out but it’s a real possibility. I’m of the opinion that you wipe the entire thing and if they do, I think Daniel Jeremiah is an under the radar candidate. He was already getting some buzz around some sort of position with the Jets this offseason and with Mayock getting the Raiders gig I think DJ is “next up” regarding media members. I love his talent evaluation and philosophies regarding team building. On his podcast a week or so back he described Atlanta as a team with major talent but no identity/direction and said if there was a GM/Coaching change that it would undoubtedly be a coveted position because there are already pieces in place and a good draft pick incoming it seems. Could DJ be one of those potential candidates and how would you feel about him as potential GM of the Atlanta Falcons next year? I’d personally love a Daniel Jeremiah / Eric Beinemy pairing.. or DJ / Josh McDaniel.
  12. Time to move on. TD on down. No Saban isn’t leaving Bama.
  13. But don't our guys get credit for virtual sacks? And I don't think we have been penalized for roughing the passer? Maybe if we paid our guys more they would follow through and complete the full sack process?
  14. Takk is beasting our, it’s everyone else around him. Like Beasley. Really it’s just Beasley and Trufant. Everyone else is great. We just had an injury so we have to be careful of what we expect. We just need them to be below average. We can score 50 points a game with Koetter, Matt, and Hooper.
  15. I’d be willing to bet that process has already started behind the scenes. Timing for firing will depend a lot on how MBS looks during the next two home games. Attendance, opponents colors compared to Falcons colors in attendance, Falcons fans with paperbags...
  16. Shanahan wouldn’t fix this abomination of a defense.
  17. Great thread. People love to talk about momentum when it works but always forget about it when it doesn’t.
  18. I said last year I wanted them to lose out.Winning those games didn't do any good,just pushed them down in the draft.Being middle of the pack didn't accomplish anything!
  19. Yesterday
  20. At this point, it isn't even all on not being aggressive enough. It's on the cowards playing defense not being able to beat the guy across from him.
  21. Sorry if that hurt your feelings. But tying tanking to “giving up territory” in war was quite the stretch.
  22. I expect a career day from Goff only for him to go back to normal the very next game.
  23. Fun fact that the Chargers had two Super Bowl winning QB's that they passed over for Rivers (Eli Manning, Drew Brees).
  24. Adding insult to injury here, in the last 2 games they have only hit opposing quarterbacks ONCE.
  25. See, that’s my point Sun Tzu. Yes, a warrior will sacrifice himself for the greater good......but that’s not the same all.....with tanking. There’s nothing Warrior or honorable in doing that. So yes, theoretically higher draft picks are more valuable, but not if you did something against your character (intentionally losing) to get them. What goes around does come back around if intentionally losing. And I also disagree this is a “Straight up bottom 5 team”. They’ve certainly played like one, but we all know they should be playing a lot better than they have. Higher draft picks....unless they they were also coaches....wouldn’t have changed any of that.
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