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  2. Hey man thanks for posting this stuff every year. Do you happen to have what the scouts said about Da'Ron Payne last year? I want to make some comparisons because we were apparently very intrigued by Da'Ron Payne last year. I don't think the drafting of Senat in the third is taking that intrigue away. I think the closest comparison to Payne will be our draft pick.
  3. Now that I'm a lefty, PG and AR still treat me like Jamie Lannister even though I come to help them fight the RightWalkers
  4. he may not make it past the titans
  5. If the Falcons trade back up in the first for a RB the entire FO should be fired
  6. ill say this about Dexter Lawrence ... Ive aid this multiple times... to me he is a better prospect then vea vita.... I think he is more athletic and his arms are way longer (freakishly long) ... Over the last 3 years he has gotten more consistent pressure then Wilkins ,,,, Also he plays less snaps. To me if Lawrence can get to 330... Dude would be a lil more explosive and would wreck shop
  7. Who cares if they are a pain in the *** and talk trash. No way a competent NFL exec said that. Not believing it
  8. As of right now, I think I would trade down for Lawrence, then trade back up into the first for either a Corner, O-lineman, or even Josh Jacobs.
  9. Like Saunders description here. Think he’ll turn out well. If you knew you could get him in the third, we could go elsewhere early. But he’ll probably rise.
  10. Vick's level of play that he had under Reid was short lived though. He was a monster that season, but he reverted back closer to the Vick of old with less speed after that.
  11. I knew something was wrong with him when he called me a lefty, of all people. I guess when you're so far right, everyone has to be a lefty; basic geometry.
  12. 1. That font size my goodness 2. It's smoke season. Don't believe any of it
  13. Give me Lawrence at 14.. that is who I want.. he would really get our DL over the top... im sold on him... I would take him even if Oliver is there at 14..
  14. I was telling my wife this exact thing. She was like 9 when the series started so it was super awkward seeing her get butt nekkid.
  15. Vick was dangerous no doubt, but I wouldn't say he was an *** beater. As for forgiveness, yes what he was involved with when it came to dogs were cruel and he paid the price for it. It was never up to me to forgive him because I did cast judgement on him like many others did. I only wished for the best because I knew that it would be a long tough road for him to travel for others to forgive him and show that he had learned from what he had done. I was much more pissed off when he admitted that he didn't study his playbook or study defenses when he was in Atlanta and that he was lazy. The outcome of his legacy could've been much different.
  16. You're gonna hate me for this but Sophie Turner is my least favorite actor on the show. Followed by Emilia Clarke
  17. Absolute mental illness.
  18. Good quote...I’ve always placed some importance on this measurement for line guys, especially DE/DT.
  19. This draft feels like your best shot in a lot of cases might be to either reaaaally reach for someone who went to a major school to ensure that you get your guy, or take a risk on an arguably higher upside kid from a small school. Better options at OG than OC and especially OT but not a good draft overall if you want a guy you think will be at least solid and don't want to overdraft.
  20. The correct phrase is "well off people of no color."
  21. Braves win!! 11-5!! 11-10 for the season!
  22. Haha I know bro, appreciate the love.
  23. Braves win!! Braves win taking the series from the Indians!! On to Cincy!!
  24. Game of Thrones is over.....Im back Yall been behaving??
  25. He posts a thread parroting the same stuff over and over and then calls everyone a lying lefty that can’t understand facts. It’s like groundhogs day with this cat. What’s not to love?
  26. Wtf is ender doing???
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