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  2. I’ve been thinking don’t extend hooper the past few years, I feel like he will always be good but not great. im starting to change my mind, he always shows up... puts in the work with Matt in the off season. Maybe keep him around... just don’t make him the highest paid tight end.
  3. Maybe they don't but in this case does keeping him around buy you anything? Let's also think about Quinn and his family. He's still going to get paid either way. The other coaches on the staff will still get paid for this year. With all that being said they might as well not delay the inevitable so Quinn and his family can have closure and move on. If I thought there was a chance Quinn could turn it around I say wait but the defense has been such a disaster I don't see it happening.
  4. 28-3 will burn this fanbase up probably forever. I would have rather had a losing season that year then 28-3 28-3 said to me as a fan that no matter what the Falcons do they will never win a SB. These are NOT the best years as a fan
  5. Jamil Burroughs commits to Sparty - Michigan State bound.
  6. Only Tatf would take the one sign of life on this team and think "yea, we need to get rid of this guy."
  7. We haven’t ignored the problem but we haven’t attacked it with the ferocity I thought we would either. We scoop up Freeney, which was a big get but then we let him walk the next year when he had some football left, when Clay got healthy. Clay has a productive year in ‘17 then we let him go to the Patriots. We bring in Irvin then let him walk. We seem to be content with letting Takk and Beasley be the focal point of our pass rush, with a supplementary veteran in the mix when neither one of those guys have shown they can do that with consistency. I’m sitting here thinking about what we could have done in ‘17 if we had doubled down and had Freeney and Clay rushing with each other. We’ve never looked to stack the deck on the edge and build a true rotation.
  8. Speaking of China, the country—not known for its friendliness to American brands claiming intellectual property rights—has granted Ivanka Trump 34 trademarks since her father took office. At least three were approved the same day she dined, in her capacity as a presidential aide, with Chinese president Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in March 2017. Another batch of trademarks were granted in the days before and after President Trump publicly announced he would take steps to keep Chinese cellphone manufacturer ZTE afloat.
  9. True. But he also said he's got to improve around the bye week. They were 2-6. DQ is headed for 1-7. Only one game difference, yet his team has looked worse with more talent. I'm not saying he survives the season, just saying midseason firings don't give you the head start you think they do.
  10. Simple, he started with around a 45.5% approval rating. He’s down to about 41.5%. So 4% of the people who supported him in the beginning no longer support him. 4% of the US population is around 14 million people. And when you look at the polls asking people if they would vote for Trump again, the numbers are even worse for him. Across the board, there’s been a major shift of support away from Trump and no evidence that he has picked up voters to offset those losses.
  11. Yep no more DL's that look like they are on atkins diets
  12. Micheal Cohens cellmate hopefully.
  13. Stupid. He made all these scheme tweaks to force him to produce instead of taking the pick and cap space and he's getting fired for it. Rightfully so. We all saw this coming with Vic.
  14. Falcons will beat the Rams.
  15. True but Smitty was also still in the hunt for the division in the last game of the season.... and Blank told him before that game he was going to be fired. So you could he was fired before the end of the season. Can Quinn replicate Smitty's 5-1 division record in his last season? I doubt it. Not with this record setting defense.
  16. Hunter Biden regrets a lot. He regrets a lot only after he's been caught. He didn't do anything wrong, but he regrets doing it.
  17. Not true. Takk has been getting pressure. Several times. He doesn't finish because the QB always has somewhere else to go. Go look at that play from the AZ game where Takk gets free and is chasing Murray in a circle and Vic never even gets off of his block. That's a successful pressure on a three man rush.
  18. We could’ve had a number of veterans on a one or two year deal at only half the cost at most! Quinn is literally going down on that first draft pick.
  19. How is he losing tens of millions of voters? Has his popularity actually shifted enough to indicate that he's gonna end up with 30 or 40 million votes instead of 60? As far as I can tell his followers are loyal to a fault, whereas the Democrat that wins the nomination is going to lose millions of votes from people that refuse to vote for that sort of candidate as a Democrat.
  20. The few people who wanted Burns here were met with "He's Vic 2.0" rebuttals. Now look...
  21. Subjective. They got the guy they wanted. Keeping Smitty didn't prevent or hinder their HC search. That's my point.
  22. I have no problem with walking in the shoes of anyone that has a particular perspective. I also believe in accountability and not mincing words / facts. Most people that have an interaction with police don't want a negative experience. They are not looking to kill, attach or injure. They are not looking to go to jail or end up with a ticket. It amazes me how the system says an officer can "fear for his life" and it not have to be justified in anyway. Especially when he is initiating contact. A citizen for some reason doesn't have the same consideration for some reason. The regulations around how officers police need to change.
  23. When Art finally pulls the trigger, he should have a couple goons drive up to FB in a huge black sedan, tell Quinn “boss wants to see you”, and toss him in the back. He needs to start earning that Godfather nickname
  24. Again, none of that addresses the basic underlying fact — Trump barely won and since he took office he has turned off far more people than he has brought over to his side. It’s not just about making himself more popular, it’s about him actively losing tens of millions of voters and doing nothing to bring them back to his side. The only thing that I can see that would cause those people to vote for him is if the economy starts booming and things settle down to some semblance of normalcy when it comes to foreign policy. 2018 showed that the Democratic base is far more fired up than Republicans. Yeah, he can try to divide them but I don’t know a lot of moderate Dems who would vote for Trump against Warren or who would just stay at home. At some point, all of these elaborate grand theories have to give way to a basic underlying mathematical reality — Trump has less support now than when he won the election and nothing he’s done has brought those voters back to his side.
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