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  2. Please elaborate, give is young’ns some examples.
  3. Purely anecdotal here and maybe beside the point, but I do food deliveries as a side hustle here around the Dallas area and deliver to a wide variety of people. I’ve delivered to neighborhoods ranging from run down ghetto areas, university student housing, typical middle class neighborhoods, gated country club areas, higher end neighborhoods with multimillion dollar houses. So far, without fail, the only folks who have tipped well are in the lower class areas. I usually sigh when an order comes through for a high end neighborhood. They’ll order like $80+ worth of food from a place, I go there and wait for it, sometimes have to place the order myself and deal with various hassles of making sure it’s all correct, then carry all that food to my car and make sure it’s stable, drive 15+ miles in traffic, carry all the **** to their door and they tip me like $5... bringing my total pay for that hour or more to like $12-15, which really isn’t even worth it. A few days ago I delivered $16 worth of Chipotle to some lady in a low income apartment complex. It was raining pretty hard that day. She tipped me $20. Had a $62 order from Joe’s Crab Shack to deliver to one of the rich areas the same day. They didn’t tip me at all. I have a friend in Los Angeles that does the deliveries side hustle and he said he hates delivering to the rich neighborhoods because they never tip well ever. Said he was excited the first few times he got orders for upscale areas but he got to a point where he’d look at the delivery location and decline the order if it was the high end neighborhoods lol
  4. AND! Babs was a late convert from either FB or LB; IIRC???
  5. That’s, because of Mike Smith. Coach says what they want and the GM gets it. Not hard to understand, has been that way for years.
  6. Thanks for starting a new thread that last one was jinxed. Put it behind us.
  7. CB is definitely a need, but not a need at 14. We took Oliver in round two and let him learn for a year. I would do the same with a guy like Lonnie Johnson, Bunting, Oruwariye, Layne etc in rounds 2-3. our top 3 CBS are set for this season, barring injury, and all under contract still for 2020 as well. with where the roster depth sits now, I still think DE is the biggest need, especially considering we will have just Takk under contract after this season. Similar can be said at DT, but there is more talent there currently than DE.
  8. There are plenty Falcon regimes that drafted better trench players than the Dimi regime in a third to half the time.
  9. What you said. Real talk, bro
  10. No doubt. These teams have been the best drafted teams in franchise history. Some fans are so jaded that they will never see any different.
  11. No, they saw the seven backers Dimi brought in to switch to the 3-4 and said no way. Immediately switched back to a 4-3 and still ended up having to start Joplo and Worrilow. There's no way you can convince me Smitty told Dimi to go get Joplo, Worrilow, Starr, Shembo, Spruill, Smallwood, Stupar, Angerer and Jacques Smith. No way bro.
  12. I think it was ESPN that stated this offseason the Falcons were the 3rd most talented roster in the NFL. This was before all the free agent offseason signings
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  14. So what? If you can’t handle the heat stay out the kitchen. These are grown men. They know what they signed up for. Vic has also had some things going on too. He was hurt in 2017 and played a lot of LB. The small sh*t you worry about worries me about you bro. Makes me feel you’re kinda soft or scarry. If you talk he prepared for the criticism. Takk is from Richmond, Ca. The hood. He knows how to dish it and take it. He’s built that way. I want players to be who they are. I don’t want players to be quiet if they like to talk. Be who YOU are. F*ck fans thoughts.
  15. Yep, I only been a fan for about 30 years, but aside from the 98 team loaded with vets, the TD falcons teams, especially now, are the most talented overall roster this team has had.
  16. Yea. He has final day of the roster. So you know he has say on who he wants or likes.
  17. Not really tho, what's happened to Vic athell be honest ?? He was trusted into the spotlight and expectations by the fans,
  18. H3ll no. Not from a tweet. And he didn’t call out any names.
  19. Yeah that's my point now, takk may have a bullseye on himself this season. Alot of fans maybe looking at him when the debate of how good the d line comes up. I want him to show it, I know he can but he also talks alot and sometimes cant back it up.
  20. He can only shop for the groceries the chef wants. If the chef doesn’t give him a specific shopping list he may come back with any ol brand. Quinn has final say of his roster. Part of the conditions of being hired. These are the type players I need for my system. Go find guys with these type traits. That simple. Some coaches are involved with the grocery shopping like Quinn. Others not so much like smitty. If you can’t see a difference in drafting between coaches then your hated of TD is real and you’ll never see any different. This is still the guy that drafted Matt Ryan Julio Jones Jake Matthews Devonta Freeman Tevin Coleman Grady Jarrett Debo Jones Keanu Neal Calvin Ridley Taak McKinnkey Austin Hooper Hes drafted some really good players along with some that will no doubt be in the HOF. And the story is still being written.
  21. In a statement, Hector Balderas, New Mexico’s attorney general, said: “These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement.” Jim Benvie, a spokesman for the United Constitutional Patriots, said in a telephone interview that his group had been camped near El Paso for the past two months. Mr. Benvie contended that his group’s actions were legal, comparing the detention of the migrants to “a verbal citizen’s arrest.”
  22. That will be interesting to see. I don’t think that it means that liberals don’t believe in helping people. IMO, liberals see the government as the main vehicle for charity. This is why you will see a liberal accuse a conservative who gives much more of their personal income to charity of not caring about the poor when they don’t support a government program and conservatives attack liberals on personal al giving.
  23. Can't wait to lose 6 in a row and 8 of 10.
  24. We could put together an "O" Line like we've rarely had before! GO FALCONS!!!!
  25. His IQ will still make him solid. But not the Brees we all fear & loathe
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