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  2. Ledbetter sounds like hes been chemically castrated. I cant stand his voice. Its like listening to a super drunk chick.
  3. Gage will surprise if given the opportunity.
  4. We’re lucky to have Julio, Vic is lucky to have us. Periodt
  5. Mmmmm......
  6. I hope it's in God's plan for Falcons fans to enjoy a super bowl victory by the Atlanta Falcons in February of 2020.
  7. Quoting a dictionary definition without noting the context is almost always the wrong thing to do. Regardless, "voluntary" does not mean "can skip without repercussions". Real life is full of things that are technically "voluntary", but will adversely affect your life if don't do them.
  8. Ay that's my home town.
  9. If we're talking starting RBs then I agree with the ranking but if it's the entire depth at the position like the title suggests then I don't see how we're not #2. Carolina has nothing behind McCaffrey
  10. So we're already there June 1 isn't the day and hasn't been for years
  11. I’m front loading so we have more flexibility going foward. We all know how ugly the extension market can get if I can give myself some breathing space now that’s how I’d attack it. Defensively while McCoy would be a sexy option I want to see what the defense looks like with DQs finger prints well and truely imprinted on it.
  12. I guess it boils to the one overriding aspect ~ it's voluntary. If it really meant anything, NFL teams would make them mandatory. No exceptions to the rule. The fact they aren't means they just aren't that important, even though they can certainly be helpful if players are of a mind to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate, like Matt Ryan and Ridley, Sanu, Freeman, et al, etc., etc. In view of the above fact and resulting conclusion, I'm laying down my sword in the OTA attendance battle and will never pick it up again. To the rest of you still in the fray, god speed.
  13. Ugh. Talking about that london game
  14. I vote the latter, be advised I don't know **** about football operations.
  15. I follow a few Browns fans on twitter and saw a lot of conversations with other Browns fans about Grady. Even photoshopped Grady into a Browns uni. Im gonna guess that if they don’t sign him to an extension by the deadline, he won’t be a Falcon next season unless they tag him again which personally I’m not a fan of but if that’s what they choose then I’ll support it. The only other way I see him being a falcon is if his play falls off just a little bit and those contract demands are forced to be lowered
  16. Yeah, that's what happened.
  17. He sees to have the mental aspects down, and seems smart. A hybrid OLB and pass rusher. Interesting. Journeyman DE Durrant Miles is headed to Atlanta, where his hard work and talent make him an excellent candidate to surprise and make the team, at least on the practice squad.. if not better.
  18. Of course there was a lack of trust no doubt but that’s why you would run go primarily cover 1 like Quinn did I’m 2016 when tru got hurt. That was to protect Collins. They most definitely made strides after the bye. That’s the only time you can fix something after the season starts. Make adjustments and what not because you’ve installed the season in camp pretty much. So the bye is crucial to changes or tweaks. Cause the week of preparation there’s just no time to do that.
  19. Agreed. I can't even bring myself to click on that thread, but last year it was really only a concern about Julio not showing up for OTAs because there was a potentially messy contract dispute. I didn't think anyone actually thought that Julio needed to risk himself with OTAs, and if another great statistical season didn't prove that, nothing will. There's no concern that Julio will hold out this time around, so I have no idea why anyone would be worried about his performance otherwise. Vic on the other hand, even if you don't think it will help, he is in no position to piss off the only people who have anything (a lot) invested in him.
  20. I can see Matt Ryan being an NFL HC some day. Would it be some kind of record if Ryan won a SB with the Falcons as QB, then won another as the Falcons HC? Of course if the Falcons win a SB, he might end up as governor instead of a HC.
  21. Do you think there's a chance Grady won't return as a Falcon next season? I didn't know Browns fans knew about Grady. That's interesting.
  22. Today
  23. This is AWESOME!!!
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