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  2. I know. I just don’t prefer for it to go down that way.
  3. Well they don't come as a package. I fully expect Quinn to be gone but TD to stay. Would be shocked if TD were fired as well. I just hope we really vet the best coaching hire.
  4. About d@MN time. Figures it would be 2 seasons too late though....
  5. Why? He has no value to this team and will be gone in.2020 regardless.
  6. How is it that 99% of the board could see that Beasley should have been shipped last season but this staff couldnt? Pretty sad that us amateurs knew better. What realistically could we get for him? I doubt the 3rd we were offered last year. 5th seems more realistic.
  7. Personally I prefer someone who's been in the military to be commander in chief. If you are going to order people into harm's way you should know what its like to be in those situations.
  8. I thought you liked Warren? The way things are going she has a better chance than Tulsi or Sanders. I still have reservations about her not being straightforward about potentially unpopular issues/positions.
  9. Watson being a wannabe smear merchant aside... Why? Because she talked **** to Hillary after Hillary claimed she was a foreign agent?
  10. OAK hasn’t recovered from tanking. I don’t want any tankers left in the building.
  11. I think my top 2 are Tulsi and Sanders. If neither of them get the nod I may sit out 2020
  12. Take what you can get. Beasley will be a FA this offseason and will be gone regardless.
  13. Quinn better tighten up! There has never been a former head coach under AB that got another job in the NFL as a head coach.
  14. Hmmmm, I have no position on this yet.
  15. Nice Read!
  16. He isn’t scared to block! He brings much to the table. I would hate to see him go.
  17. He’s going to break the bank. How are we gonna pay him? He’s probably going to be the highest paid te in the league and possibly of all time due to his age and skill set. I hope we don’t trade him or let him go but how are we going to pay him?
  18. Trade Freeman, Bustley and Campbell lol
  19. Yeah, looking back on what we have rolled out since Abe is maddening... R. Edwards, C. Davis, J. Anderson, K. Biermann, V. Beasley, T. McKinnley, etc.
  20. We was offered a 3 last year if I remember correctly.... I'm not trading dude for no late round pick.... If I can't get a 3rd or 4th for vic or sanu.. I'm riding it out
  21. I agree. To me, Sanu is a wild card and the x-factor on offense. He is a great cog between JJ and Ridley. Just my two cents. He plays hard even on running plays. I have seen several running plays where his blocking actually helped the HB gain more yards.
  22. I like her calling out Hillary but everything else about it is pretty dumb. She and Hillary are both irrelevant but she says the primary is really between the two of them??? I mean... really? The "I might boycott the debates" thing was galaxy brain attention whoring. And honestly I'm pretty annoyed that she keeps harping on her service in the national guard. Being a service member/veteran can give you extremely valuable perspective, but it's incredibly annoying to me when folks politicize their service as a platform of merit in and of itself. Like when Tulsi says she is the most qualified to be commander in chief because she has been in the national guard and deployed 3 times or whatever - or when Buddha Judge opposes assault rifles because he carried one in Afghanistan. It's shallow and manipulative.
  23. I have only heard teams have inquired about Hooper...not that the Falcons are interested in trading him. IMO an elite (And complete) TE can be more important that a WR.
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