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  2. Here's the thing about TATF and tanking. First, I dont like the idea of tanking. My opinion. But the way I see it most of you TANKERS, want to get a better draft choice, but dont have faith in the front office to draft the correct people. Just saying. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. Your right. We will be passed to death because that is our biggest D flaw. We can't stop receptions period.
  4. I'm a tanker and I approve this message.
  5. Since AB is not going to make an in-season move barring total collapse. It would be interesting to see IF DQ and TD would be flexible enough to change their mindset and MO to show a some improvement who knows it might work. We are not going to the SB now anyway. Be open tollĺ like giving Grace, Neasman, Larkin, Ellison, Cominsky, Graham more playing time. Bring back TBJ and give Hageman a chance. Bring in McDonald or Illokia who have veteran experience at Safety and give them a shot. Maybe make a trade not for trade sake but one that will help. BUT DQ and TD won't even try instead DQ will continue making fancy sounding bites like we are almost there and we have no room for error. This FO is very stubborn and has blinders on.
  6. RIP Elijah, man I thought he was older that that.
  7. All news dabbles in fake newsroom time to time...some just dabble more. 24/7 news is a TV show, it's the devil. I called it when Turner started FNN
  8. True but, they cannot play the tough guy either, as eventually the tougher sanctions make their presence felt.
  9. Bern needs capitalism ato run his socialism, he knows it and I know it, but you don't know it You could tax Bern's billionaires to death and you would have enough money to run (Bern's government) for 3 months You could eliminate the Pentagon and DOD and have enough money to run the Bern's government for 4 months. Don't let them sell you a unicorn son, it's a fantasy they're pushing on the Lemmings, they know it won't work, but that is the best gimmick they have to sell you at this time.
  10. Not sure we can go wrong with Brown or Young. Either way we need to get this front 7 addressed in a big way.
  11. This guy gets it. But don’t worry, they will win you over wen they win the NC this year
  12. Like Zeke, Micheal Thomas, Bosa Brothers, Marshon Lattimore, Denzel Ward, Malik Hooker, Gareon Conley, Curtis Samuel, Cameron Haywood? Decent players like Vonn Bell, Eli Apple, Bradley Roby, Kurt Coleman, Taylor Decker? Up and coming Players like Terry McLaurin and Our very own Sheffield? Even throw backs like Malcom Jenkings, Carlos Hyde, Tedd Ginn, Donte Whitner, James Laurinitus, AJ Hawk, Will Smith, Chris Gamble?
  13. Hilarious that Trump talks to other heads of state like they are Meat Loaf or some other D-list celebrity on his reality show. Even funnier that he thinks that will be effective.
  14. Like Lattimore, Bosa, Bosa, Thomas, Sheffield, Elliott, Decker, Hyde, Hayward, Jenkins, etc? Sure there are others... I have to stop, I am nauseous from defending the team I hate most lol.
  15. Now I now it’s not the “great SEC”, but the big 10 now has 5 top 25 teams as well, including 3 in the top 10. Not to mention those top 10 teams have top 10 defenses in that nation as well. Time to move on from The notion that only SEC teams are good. Outside of the division, I agree OSU seems to play cupcakes. I despise OSU, but they have some positions that generally translate well, especially DBs. Outside of the Bosa boys, DE is historically shaky from OSU, but they get a lot of premier talent. to think there are no pass rushers outside of Chase is nuts though. There are always guys that come out and surprise. i will give my homer plug and say take a look at Gross-Matos and Toney (DEs from PSU)
  16. MNF

    You didn't refute anything. Produce data that shows the majority of Ryan's stats weren't compiled in the second half and from behind. Your obfuscation about 'in every game' and using dramatic words like 'truly horrible' don't change a thing. The numbers are there, emotion or insults won't change that. He's completed 18 passes with the lead this season. But 168 of his completions were when the Falcons were tied or trailing. Let's look closer 1st game Minnesota 1st drive three and out 2nd drive interception on third down 3rd drive punt 4th drive 4 plays punt 5th drive 7 plays punt end of half Philly 1st drive 11 plays FG 2nd drive 6 plays punt 3rd drive 3 plays punt 4th drive 9 plays missed FG 5th drive 5 plays TD M Ryan 6th drive 4 plays INT end of half. Indy 1st drive 6 plays punt 2nd drive 5 plays interception 3rd drive 9 plays FG end of half Titans 1st drive 3 plays punt 2nd drive 6 plays TD I. Smith 3rd drive 6 plays fumble M Ryan 4th drive 3 plays punt 5th drive 9 plays 33 yds turnover on downs 6h drive missed FG end of half Texans (best 1st half) 1st drive 3 plays punt 2nd drive 6 plays TD M Ryan 3rd drive 10 plays FG 4th drive 6 plays punt 5th drive 11 plays TD M Ryan end of half Cardinals 1st drive 10 plays TD 2nd drive 4 plays punt 3rd drive 3 plays punt 4th drive 11 plays FG end of half 2019 1st halves 4 passing TDs 66% completion 7 ypa 2nd halves 11 passing TDs 77% completion 8.4 ypa Leading or Tied 66% completion Trailing 74% completion What are you arguing?
  17. Pretty losses, early in the game is when you need second half Matt Ryan. Why isnt' that happening if the defense is bad all game?
  18. So why crow about the numbers? I'm placing context. Appreciate the nom de plume.
  19. Today
  20. Which Ryan would have won, had we not blown the game
  21. Is the BBC Fake news?
  22. I sort of get it, if that is #22 instead of #20 trying to stop Johnson its not a score.
  23. If any civilian is in a position to know whether this statement is ******** or not, Clarissa Ward is in that position,
  24. I can live with it except for cleaning house. Matt Ryan and Julio are Falcons 4 life as they should be. I like stability. Looking back in hindsight we probably should have kept Sark, Armstrong and Manuel. Especially Manuel.
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