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  2. livin' a lie
  3. Fo Sho.
  4. He looks like he’s ready to whoop somebody’s ***. Like always on the ready. I love that ish. Reminds me of someone.
  5. Stephenson is going to be a good one.
  6. Holy crap!! Robert Stephenson threw 8 pitches there and all sliders. WTF?
  7. Hard to get on Dansby there. He saw 5 pitches and all sliders. He never got the fastball he was epecting. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the pitcher.
  8. Eeesh that slider to strike out Dansby was nasty.
  9. Yes!! Nice job!! And if Dansby hits a decent fly ball Braves will get another run!
  10. Good hustle Acuna. That stuff matters
  11. I don't dislike him. I do dislike several of his moves though. Don't like his 7-9 season in 2018 and really don't care for his 46-50 record with two playoff berths over his last six seasons. I do hope he will rise this year and bring us all the rest we need.
  12. Dang Acuna's fast!!
  13. You're slicker than black ice.
  14. Speaking of deplatforming, exhibit #37 that tfalcon is worzone.
  15. Yeah obviously if we could get ford and Lawrence without trading up that would be excellent
  16. Just don’t start talking about yourself in the 3rd person and you’ll be golden.
  17. Great job of baserunning by Ozzie Albies to make sure he double tagged 2nd base. I can't count how many times I've seen runners get confused and forget to double tag the base.
  18. We back in this y’all! Love the hustle in this squad.
  19. Say what ya want about JD, he's intense as they
  20. Freddie goes the other way!
  21. DexLaw 2) CB or OT whatever the team feels like the lowest amount of quality/value picks..they might pick in 1st
  22. You know, I'm starting to think this FFS1970 guy doesn't like TD very much.
  23. Some call me a genius
  24. What a crazy looking double. Great base running by Ozzie!
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