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  2. He played RT his Junior season and did well against Clemson and FSU Brian Burns.
  3. I should always expect us to draft somebody that’s a total surprise.
  4. Yep Giants got Dexter at 17, should have been us. Hope we sign Shelton now we really need a 340lbs DT to complete our defense
  5. Well for one, there's gotta be somebody to trade up for.
  6. Quota met
  7. Lindstrom will be RT. He played at RT in '17.
  8. Last guard taken this high was DeCastro IIRC. Just happy I don’t have season tickets NOR have I gone to a game at the new stadium.
  9. Yes he is a. day 1 starter. I will take all bets
  10. Thank you!!! Wasted money on those two guards we signed.
  11. Exactly poker people are just trying to make sense of this!
  12. I’m sorry guys, but the Falcons got terribly unlucky when the Dolphins took our beloved Wilkins pick from us. Honestly you had to take the best G in the draft after that, and it’s funny, the off season the Falcons is having in the FA and draft is what I wanted to happen last year so badly but everyone disagreed with me.
  13. Don't you have some awkward political posts to make in the Trump thread?
  14. Most of the fans think they know better than folks who spend hours researching about players. They definitely saw what they needed, and they picked him.
  15. Can't wait to find out they accidentally turned in thier round 2 pick
  16. We got several defensive line free agents and it wasn’t like we had a ton of money to work with anyway.
  17. Just means they off load Fusco & possibly Schweitzer. Good chunk of cap off loaded there and frees up cash to get Julio and Jarrett over the line.
  18. We can have a "TD is a good GM" discussion, but saying he can find OL worth a **** is just false. Matthew's was touted as the safest OL guy in a decade. Levitre, Chester, and Mack were all someone else's good decisions. I'm sorry, but you don't get credit(as a talent scout) for taking other teams players we already know are good to great lol. The list of complete and total OL busts that TD has hitched his wagon to is loooooonnnngggg. Dude is averaging "finding" one good OL every 3 or 4 years as a GM.
  19. What position and who is he beating out?
  20. This board is like the the world headquarters for people only happy when they have something to complain about
  21. Well, I said before. It it went a certain way I’m probably going to lose interest. I laughed when the puck happened, same way I did when we signed Sark, now I’m just looking to find something positive
  22. We could have but you need a trade partner. Plus TD likes Senior offensive lineman. Ford and a Taylor is not that and the other players are but they can’t play RT.
  23. Still have 8 picks, wouldn't be surprised if the falcons move up to get another top 75 pick.
  24. Draft a first round guard????
  25. Pro Bowl undrafted G/C's don't come a dime a dozen...Sometimes you have to spend draft capital to acquire them.
  26. Totally missed this thread, thank you guys. Best birthday gift was the falcons picking Chris Lindstrom. Very thoughtful Tim!
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