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  2. its a mentality , you cant turn it on n off like the falcons try to do. I agree players are giving up what does that say about guys like Takk, Rico, Oliver etc.
  3. Yeah, If Hooper gets one, why didnt Alge? lol
  4. We need to keep Dan Quinn until the regular season is over because he is the best chance we have at getting a top 3 draft pick.
  5. Won’t be a “tough decision” for Arthur once he sees the many empty seats in his brand new stadium.
  6. It took Ryan leading one of the best offenses in NFL history to make the Super Bowl. Meanwhile people like Brady, Big Ben, and Eli can find strange ways to make the Super Bowl and play very “meh” in the game, yet still win
  7. Nah, I don’t agree. We’ve been beat through the air primarily and the run D problems have been on fits and edge play. Interior DL is just fine.
  8. ...nah, Matthews is legit not that bad. The other option is Sambrailo.
  9. lol. THe Falcons defense will make Bridgewater and Kyle Allen two of the most wanted FA Qb's in the league..Bank on it..
  10. DQ defense is being exposed by newer offenses with mobile QBs... For some reason our defensive schemes are being exposed with check downs going for 30 yards before a falcon player is even close... With DQ's schemes it always feels like we're playing one man short with how wide open players get
  11. I voted for 11-5 cause F all y’all
  12. Unresponsive players? If disloyal to the coach they will betray everyone. Get rid of the bad apples!
  13. This team honestly sucks. When is everyone going to admit that? Someone is in complete denial if the Titans game didn’t tell them all they need to know.
  14. we are trash tbh its no surprise that players call out fanbases. All across the league but definitely falcons fans
  15. lol. Build the defense around Beasley...
  16. That all is pretty crazy. Life is more random than we give it credit for, but it definitely seems like the probabilities are skewed.
  17. The rush D sucks. Bottom third of the league in yards and first downs allowed. Don't be fooled by the low ypc average. That's because five teams were salting away wins in the fourth quarter with one yard runs. When it's go time and the run game is in play, teams have been gashing us. Inside and out.
  18. Yes, I agree, attendance will play a big role in when/if Dan Quinn gets the boot! But, even with a coaching change, to expect a huge difference in wins & losses right off the bat, with new, it being done during the regular season....may be unrealistic. So really, firing Quinn now, may not affect revenue very much this year....unless there's a marked difference in how we play, after such a change. And I don't really see that happening.
  19. I'm hoping this is all a bad dream and he was actually fired three weeks... Tomorrow I'll wake up and realise that we're 5-1 and all is good.
  20. At this point, I’m not so sure Jake Fromm wouldn’t light up our defense.
  21. I’ve honestly never been that sold that Rivers is an HOF QB. I know he probably will be but I think Matt Ryan has carried his teams more than Rivers.
  22. I kinda laugh at the coach has lost the team bit. If that’s so and your watching it from afar what does it say about the players who aren’t putting in as some still are situation regardless. What the coach is saying may well not go over but you still gotta turn up and do your job week in week out. The adage applies when the going gets tough the tough get going they don’t just lie down.
  23. Not really, you have to play Carolina twice, and they have a hot QB and Mccaffrey, which make Falcons defence go nuts. We tend to forget if Carolina had made two plays they are undefeated, so they are for real. You also have to play Saints twice, who are very hot at the moment. That's likely 3 or 4 losses. Coach appears done, so I am guessing a few more games and he is gone. I look at schedule and based on play of late, Rams (Loss), Seahawks (A possible win, depends on which team appears that day), Saints (Loss), Carolina (Depends on QB, though a loss), Tampa Bay (a Loss, they got beat by Carolina good defence), Saints (Loss), Carolina (Here i give a win because Falcons have played good there), San Fran(Loss), Jacksonville (Same as Seattle, which team appear, Id say Falcons win though). Tampa Bat (Does it matter both be out of playoffs.) Based on this Id say Falcons likely to go 3 or 4 wins and 5 or 6 losses. 3 - 7 if I had a guess though. By then, Coach is gone.
  24. Dumb ^%* people on Twitter man, I swear. Regardless of who the player is and how bad they’re/the team is doing, then going after players is just dumb.
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