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  2. 1st or 2nd..........needs to be a plug and play RT
  3. Sounds divisive. Trump 2020 guaranteed.
  4. Do you have this graphic for 2017 by any chance?
  5. Yea...I dont want him at all as our first pick. 2nd round for sure.
  6. Great post. Vosean has Pro Bowl potential, but needs to be coached up on angles and tackling. Sounds like the argument against Duke, but Joseph is a much better player
  7. He is mocking us for asserting that the purists should not **** post on every non Bernie candidate for not having a 10% policy on some minor issue. Personally, I don't think it is a remotely fair comparison. It is not really much of an attack. It is an opinion many folks share; that a leftist candidate will not be viable in the General. (See Nate Silver Tweet above.)
  8. I guess I should be more specific if you are going to put words in my mouth. I want a player who can be a "fatty lane clogger", move laterally down the line against the run, command double teams so guys like Takk and Grady can make plays and collapse the pocket. It happens that there is such a player available without sacrificing picks who will do more to transform our defense and the way teams play us than just adding another good lineacker.
  9. You should have seen the "who should get paid more Julio or Brown" argument
  10. This reminds me of the Reggie Ragland, Darron Lee, Carl Lawson, Kevin dodd, and Taven Bryan crave /love fests on these boards only for everyone to be crushed and disappointed with better picks, lol. I am glad we dodged those bullets.
  11. Yes we do. We need a franchise RT right now. Should be priority number 1. BUT...there are only 3 -4 franchise RTs in this draft nd they are all going in the 1st.
  12. That would be Wilkins in Atlanta!!
  13. Beto's response seems completely well reasoned to me. Do you think it merits a "flush"? Why?
  14. Man, do we need something real to talk about. We got arguments going on about Vernon Gholston. Vernon F'ing Gholston. Man was drafted over a decade ago and we're having debates today about his college career. Draft can't get here quick enough
  15. You know hes all about them communist dictators. No freedom All about them communist dictators no freedom
  16. Kyler Murray dropping to the end of the first round or dropping out the first round all together. People may laugh, but if Arizona does not take him who takes him? People speculating Gruden will take him, but he does not fit the mold of a Gruden Qb. He is too small for the Giants GM, and the Redskins are in love with Haskins... From what I've read, most GMs think he's too small.. so if Zona dont take him at 1, I dont know where he would land
  17. Getting a lb like Bush does two things. It upgrades the lb core, considerably in my opinion. And if Deion gets hurt like last year, we have somebody that can slide into his spot and keep the defense rolling. You don't waste a first round pick on someone just to fill a role. We should be trying to get potential game changers. You can get a fatty lane clogger to keep the lbs clean in the 3rd or 4th round or free agency. That's a very specific, but easy role to fill. As far as we know that guy from the saints might already be fulfilling that.
  18. Honestly when I look at the roster.....I am not seeing where 9 picks fit in. I think we come away with 5 or 6 players.
  19. Right up in Steven As grill with that ATL banner folding it in and out like an accordian. Hope hes a proud board member
  20. Are we gonna have to add humor to the list of things that have to be explained to you?
  21. A match made in heaven
  22. Yup. But I have my bias of not liking linemen in the first that may be coloring my vision a bit. But when you watch tape....some of the guys projected in the third are just as sloppy as some of the guys projected in the first.
  23. I’m in agreement. Lots of smoke. I do not really like it now, but I liked him a lot last year at this time when I thought he’d be a sure fire top 5 pick: Rashan Gary. I think that’s where we are heading in the first.
  24. Are you saying we shouldn’t be attacking other primary candidates?
  25. Happy Birthday ! Hope you get a great draft pick tonight as a present.
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