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  2. yeah, call me ignorant, while offering me not a single counter point to the thing i said, just like any religion nut would do...
  3. I am still of the mind that most boomers should be allowed on twitter or without someone to explain to them how stupid their tweet is.
  4. He is a billionaire and can’t have his suits tailored... that **** cuff better be crispy and gracefully touch the top of his shoe. Looking like a broke Steve Harvey suit.
  5. If he gets 12 sacks he will probably get 15-18 million from somebody. Just glad it won’t be us
  6. Correct. Plus even with the tag, he’s gonna make $30M here over next two seasons. The young man will be financially set even without a long-term deal.
  7. We can all say it this once. War Eagle
  8. Yeah he was the play by play guy for football, basketball, and baseball. Been with baseball since 93 I think? With football for a good while too
  9. Yeah, McGary athleticism is off the charts, so I don’t know where OP got that nonsense from. And Miller could be our diamond-in-the-ruff if he can stay healthy.
  10. If Ward is right and Sheffield does translate, we can let go of Tru in a year or two max and save money. If that alone and the OL picks work out? This draft is one of the best in our history, given the OL needs we had a couple years running with the rest of the roster in a SB caliber form (presuming injured defenders would come back strong)... Cominsky in year 2 and Miller as Cover-3 boundary CB depth would make the draft really solid in addition. (as in, they turn into reliable depth after their rookie years) QO and Mr. Green would just sweeten the draft if their use as role players; power back option and gadget slot/back/returner, put us over the top as a team.
  11. Seriously doubt either player thinks in that universally dumb way of thinking.
  12. +1 for pointing out user
  13. Just awful. So he was radio voice? Touchdown Auuuuuuuburn! God Speed.
  14. Dang! I’ve never thought about this. Hands down the best game. One of, if not the #1, greatest plot twists in any form of media. Would love to see Revan, Malak, Bastilla portrayed on TV/film.
  15. Well you've shown how little you know about OL.
  16. Points per drive is better. It took teams time to move down field on us but part of the equation here is our offense in 2017 had good TOP and kept our Defense off the field decently enough. Of course, trouble was our red zone scoring once Levitre went down and especially the hobbled Free over Coleman vs PHI. Points per play is one metric. We couldn’t get off the field. Sure, we weren’t getting lit up like 2018 but it was hardly a D that simply got you the ball back, as in a Dominant D. 2016 has some better performance ratings in some areas compared to 2017. Points per play matters more if you can limit the number of plays a team runs on you, IMO. The other skews it in “well at least you took longer to score”... I’d rather give up more yardage and PPG than 2017 if it meant more TOs and more meaningful; drive ending sacks. This will ultimately give us more scoring for our offense at the expense of maybe 2-3 PPG as a Defense. A few defensive TDs and suddenly it’s a far better defense. I remember the run D being better overall; after we signed Rubin, but the pass rush, Turnovers and length of plays per drive our D faced was very poor. Hence our weak DVOA.
  17. Who the **** is going to pay him that kind of money?
  18. Is that Suh in his prime? We need to make Hageman the focal point of our defense.
  19. You do know that all you have to do is click on his YouTube profile and you can see the others don’t you
  20. We need a center and back up point guard. I'd love to draft a couple wing men and sign Vooch and Collison in free agency. We'd be looking at something like: Trae Young Kevin Huerter DeAndre Hunter John Collins Nikola Vucevic Darren Collinson DeAndre Bembry Sekou Doumbouya Omari Spellman Alex Len Jaylen Adams Kent Bazemore Taurean Prince Deyonte Davis Miles Plumlee
  21. I didn't see what Dan Winkler did or didn't do last night. I just know that for me it was the same old story. Braves had the lead, the bullpen pitched, the Braves lost. I don't care why or how it happened, I'm beyond sick of seeing it.
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