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  2. No one said every year, but he's absolutely someone expected to become an All-Pro. Any OG who goes in the top 20 of the draft is, unless it's just a horrifically thin year.
  3. Miami is currently at 50% According to Pro Football Reference, no team has finished a season at over 50% since they started tracking this stat in 1991. Discuss.
  4. He has been afraid since that injury...
  5. A red herring? We have 5 sacks on the season lol
  6. Yep. He thinks he can just out athletic guys and it works sometimes but the more crafty guys give him fits because of his lazy technique. The problem is he's in scheme designed for proper technique first, then athleticism. You don't play your assignment correctly, you and the rest of the defense are beat before it begins.
  7. Sounds like something Joker would do.
  8. To begin, you only reach this point because you’ve hit rock-bottom as a team and as its HC. It’s time for a new direction, even if that means an interim HC for the rest of the year. Letting Quinn go and putting someone else in charge gives fans and players a very visual, definitive turning-of-the-page no matter who that person is. A change would take the weight of the Quinn drama off the players’ back. They would probably be excited to hear somebody with a fresh voice and viewpoint. Maybe the players would loosen up and play a little better for somebody else. Can’t play much worse. Whoever is the interim HC, there will be no pressure on that guy or the players because they’re now trying to clean up the mess and regroup. No fan in their right mind would expect an instant transformation from where this team is at right now, especially on the defensive side of the ball. I’m among those who would just like to see somebody else with the Headset on the sidelines, even if they presided over another loss. Again, the attendance these next two home games will tell the tale as to Quinn’s continuing on as HC. If the place is virtually empty, you know the announcers will really play that up and stir the pot with close-ups of Lame Duck Dan still standing along the sidelines pretending he’s not a lame duck. That would be an embarrassment for Blank. Then the team will come out and get trashed by the Rams and then the Seahawks to put the icing on the fail cake. Doesn't seem like much more of an attractive scenario to finish out the year than just firing him and appointing an interim imo. Especially since there hasn't been one iota of progress made on cleaning up the defense in these last few weeks.
  9. To be fair to Tru, it's hard to run with your head jammed up your ***. Tru's problems honestly aren't physical, though I agree with you completely. Tru's problems are between his ears. And the sad thing is he knows better and he still puts that garbage on tape. Just lazy.
  10. That's what happens when you no longer have mismatch CBs. Tru and Oliver don't play the same game. Sheffield isn't scared to jam at the LOS and play physical. Same with Oliver. As a result, you saw a small improvement at CB because of at least having CBs with the same play style. That's been overlooked for a while. Tru likes to avoid contact and rely on his athleticism.
  11. After watching the game I feel like they made some progress. Second half of the game the Defense looked pretty good. It had that swarming look that has been missing. Offense also looks tough to stop when they come out in the 11 look. I feel like the deep crosses to Hooper will only work on the Cardinals though, we dont have that look enough to make people believe we are doing something else besides a mis-direction play. Devonta looks good. Our problem imo on D is the scheme relies to much on good line backer player and we are missing that energy and force player in Neal.
  12. No more freaking catchphrases! / thread
  13. So do I. I thought he played well, both man and zone.
  14. When I was younger, I couldnt understand why my dad would go outside at halftime and do yard work instead of watching the rest of a Falcons game. Now I know. I switched over to watch the cowboys lose, as that at least gave me some satisfaction.
  15. Are you really banging the table for a 76 year old guy to help build a team? That's not happening Kiwi. I doubt he's even considering that to begin with. He'd probably give us 2-4 years and look to retire completely. That's not ideal. Also, you're most likely taking a HC who's half the age of Polian. There are so many potential issues taking Polian. He's had a ton of success, but he's not been doing it for a decade now.
  16. I'm hoping Quinn has Trufant watching tape of Sheffield.
  17. Looks like Oliver may be the odd man out..
  18. It's funny watching people dream players that actually care about being paid or having a roster spot would ever tank willingly. We played rookies and backups last year. You basically are asking the Falcons to sit Ryan and Julio for 3 straight games. Yeah, the NFL would have a problem with that.
  19. Morris or Mularky take over and change the defense.
  20. Sheff will probably replace Oliver's snaps when Tru is healthy, but honestly, Oliver was so-so this past game (as opposed to putrid in the first few). So I'm willing to be a little more patient with him. In either event, Tru can bounce next season if the cap allows.
  21. We seem to be playing a lot of man on 3rd downs and strangely we are playing off man in 3rd downs.
  22. Or Mike Shanahan. Didn’t even make it two full seasons with the Raiders — got fired with an 8-12 record.
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