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  2. We've said that for the last two HC and they winded up being ridiculously horrible on defense. How's the saying go? a bird in hand is worth 10 on a tree.
  3. "Turkey now doesn't have to kill millions of people and now millions of people don't have to kill them." Trump 10/17/19
  4. I can't agree with this enough.
  5. I suspect Flowers I'll be back as the backup but it's tough to see a true #1 in the market outside of Grandal.
  6. Marty was AFL’s version of Mike Smith. A Good but not great coach whose deficiencies always were exposed in playoffs.
  7. I doubt many Republicans are going to outright defend the quid pro quo. However, I think IF they want to stick with Trump that they're going to shift to "this wasn't right, but it's not impeachable" and "impeachment will divide the country so we should put this to voters". I'm not convinced those arguments are going to work. But we'll see where public opinion stands next week.
  8. Carpenter I did not get...Brown at least seemed to put some solid games together in NY and helped Saquon and that rush game. Hope he kicks over to the other side once Lindy comes back. Ugh, watching that fumble replay pisses me off so much. How they got that wrong in real time let alone REPLAY is beyond me.
  9. Look guys. I know what you are thinking. Yes...we look like fools letting Turkey and Russia call the shots and running us over while allowing them to do all the things they want to do while we bend the knee and call them kings. This may seems like a foreign policy disaster, but it isn't. Let me remind you what a real foreign policy disaster looks like.
  10. Rex Ryan? Surely we can do better than that clown show.
  11. I pretty much agree with what you're saying! A football game is always a "fluid" situation, and it's all about making changes as the game goes along. We haven't been very good at that, this year, for whatever reason --- whether it's coaching, or player talent. We need to do a better job of evaluating both and quit doing the same things, and expecting a different result!!!
  12. Never understood the Hoopla in TAFT over the brown and carp signings, similar to Fusco the year before. Both have been fringe OL their entire careers. Carp especially is best known for his draft bust status from his Seattle days.
  13. Ahhh.... the proverbial “$hits out of the horse” statement. Smh
  14. ok but the comment you're responding to was attached to a GIF where he fumbles and you can see Robinson in the background getting wide open. If he's given time to throw because Freeman makes his block, that's likely a TD and no need to kick a FG, up to 35 points and comeback is likely halted. Doesn't guarantee anything but since this post is mainly about what ifs and possibilities
  15. You sound like the right getting caught up in Hillary's server. You're a young man, relieve this at the gym, not the AFMBs, son.
  16. Boy stop, you always posting dumb **** lol. Read the article.
  17. They suffer in zone coverage too.
  18. Get your map ready, I won last time and if you want I can tell you who is going to win this time.
  19. I’ve always contended that you are the alt. True patriot that mulvaney guy is
  20. She didn't mention Russia having gained a toe hold in the area. Or the avoidable loss of life from the past week.
  21. Our Linebackers suffer in man coverage.
  22. But but he confessed to the whole thing? Seriously, how dumb can you be or is this rhetoric just for show? Are you trying to impress most of the Lemmings who actually take you seriously?
  23. Is this the show were the guy went on a tirade in Walmart after his video about how great Beasley was doing wasn't well received?
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