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  2. Yes, not forcing a woman to carry the fetus of her rapist would be a nice thing. Too bad that idea seems to be a bridge too far for your party.
  3. Own what? Honestly, what are you saying I should own? That OTA’s are pointless? I won’t say it. They are valuable In 2011 the cut five weeks from the offseason. Five. It’s a big reason OL’s are struggling now. That’s why Belichick passionately argued for more time with players during offseason just a month ago
  4. No doubt! I hope to see them use him a little more this year to give some interesting looks!
  5. Well I never said it.
  6. He is the #3 qb on game day. So if Matt, god forbid went down and Matt, god forbid, went as down as well Mo is the emergency qb on game day. We only dress 2 qb’s on game day so having sanu is a blessing in disguise.
  7. Free Market Capitalism is the reason our prices are the way they are.
  8. Nah Omg dude...I can't with you anymore. Honestly just own it. I'd respect it much more. Or just give it a rest, I'd respect that even more. Either way i'm out.
  9. Now this is why I still have hope for this board! Sensible posts like these keep me visiting TATF
  10. You said I NEVER criticized Vic. I showed you I did, so now you’re tweeting the chains. Ok. You’ll find about 12 times where I said Vic was being foolish. Far worse than what JJ is doing. Quinn went to bat for Vic. Julio carries his own bat. But that doesn’t mean he is perfect and not able to improve
  11. Sweet water 420
  12. Not taking up for 2012.....But To be fair.....,we all have tendencies of doing that.
  13. T-Falcon: "God's will."
  14. What phrase would you prefer to describe someone being impregnated against their will then forced to carry the child to term?
  15. agreed,and if Cam pulls it up McCaffrey is still pretty much gonna open as a check down ... all because of Cam.
  16. Great posters ( which all of you are) can disagree without it turning personal.
  17. This is what happens when the board knows to read between the lines of a thread posted by a guy with an axe to grind tbh
  18. To be fair, you poach and cherry pick bits and pieces from articles to fit your narrative while leaving out the bits and pieces from the same article that go against your narrative. You did this to me personally....
  19. I know you do, which is cool my bro. i think julio’s proven the past couple off-seasons he has leverage, and is exercising it. And I say good for him.
  20. 1 post... 1 Post ....... How many Julio posts you up to by now? Also blasting Tom Brady is absolutely hilarious. Especially with you directly correlating a down year to ota absence and not the fact that he just turned a billion.
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