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  2. What started it was someone saying, "Well they never explained what caused random people to start killing all the blacks, that's part of the alternative timeline and they never really explained it. ME: "No, actually the Tulsa Massacre really happened in 1921. Google 'Black Wall Street'" THEM: "But you had people shooting little kids and dropping bombs on home from airplanes here in the US. It didn't happen like that" ME: "Actually, it did. Look it up" It got pretty quiet after they looked it up.
  3. Could be the next Jake Locker
  4. Maybe you're right. I don't know...
  5. The Cleveland Brown's are desperate. They're looking for OL help, particularly Tackles. I think we can get a first for Matthews.
  6. To be honest, he looks about the same to me. Like a Running QB that throws. No different than he looked in the SEC Championship last season. He's more polished, but then again, he's a senior.
  7. It was John Cornyn. Mistook Olaf for Trump.
  8. LOL...and is the offensive talent same/similar?
  9. Super dooshy. They'd suck his almonds in public if they thought it would make him look better.
  10. For making $12M a year and he didn't show up during off season for Dan Quinn to coach him is in-excusable. Especially knowing that this is his contract year.
  11. I think having a balanced run game would have helped with the pass pro.
  12. Well I don't know if it's Riley or he has just matured as a player, but he looks like a better qb than he did at Alabama. He was a game manager there. With that defense he didn't need to do much, just not screw up. He just looks better to me this year.
  13. I found this when looking at some Falcons football practices for 2019. Must be legit as that is what they look like Sundays.
  14. "If" they trade Vic, I wouldn't be shocked if they get a higher pick than most think, we aren't desperate and the team who gets him must want him.
  15. Man watching this series has made me really hate Soto. Dude needs to be taken down a knotch
  16. I mean, that moment Vic stood at the entrance to the tunnel during that game told me everything I needed to know about him. I was over him at that point. It didn't take the first 7 games of this season for me to realize what he is.
  17. I need details... once they knew it was real, how did they respond? You should always ask it like “before 9/11, what was the biggest terror attack on US soil?” very fun times
  18. PROBABLY. I hope! We need that DE....BAD!!! It'll be our luck though, to win just enough games to knock us out of it ---
  19. For those that like data/analytics, below is a good snapshot on why more people shouldn’t have expected Vic Beasley to have sustained success after 2016. He converted an abnormally high amount of pressures into sacks, which is not sustainable long term. This data does not include any year they missed more than half of the season due to injury or 2019. Take away: Vic is bad, JJ Watt is good. Watt had more QB hits in 15 than Beasley has his entire career.
  20. Well... TBF, Vic has all the tools to be better and choose not to be.
  21. It'd be the first thing he blows up...
  22. All pro go go dancer maybe, Bustley has less heart than a Jellyfish.
  23. I'll save you the trouble for the rest of the season... Prediction: Falcons Opponent - Win Falcons - Loss
  24. SO many questions, SO few answers! But I'll try --- 1. We're toast! 2. NO!!! 3.YES!!! 4. NO!!! 5. NO!!! 6. O.K.
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