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  2. The truth right here. Free is, was, and always will be the better back. Who's Teco sharing the backfield with, like 3 other guys? Most of whom are undrafted FA's.... Lol
  3. This. And this. That said Oliver has a long way to go. Sheffield more reps. Miller looking like that project, but so far Oliver has been clueless at times. But not the only one. Our coverage doesn’t help our pass rush. Murray threw it in 2 seconds or less on like 19 passes vs ARI.
  4. Imagine how ugly those games would have been had we been that far behind and Matt DID NOT perform as well as he has. Matt Ryan, overall, may be the difference between us and the Miami Dolphins.
  5. “...and how come no women ever come out to say I didn’t try to grab their fun bags?”
  6. I am sick of hearing the loud circus music when this team takes the field.
  7. Yeah, being the NL champion this year is like being the best singer in Milli Vanilli.
  8. Has your head been in the sand? We got a few veterans we gonna cut/restructure and perhaps even trade. Just make the right moves and *ahem* draft again.
  9. Well at least Im not alone....some would rather listen to his tweets....than care how he performs...
  10. Oliver makes crisp Houston and Qwens look good. He reminds me of Charles Dimry back in the day. Always getting abused.
  11. If I had to guess I'd say Hunter Biden? Guy makes me look like a pauper, but I don't have his made knowledge/skills and neither one of us has been to Ukraine.
  12. This is actually supposed to play right into the design of the defense. You can’t press the ball down the field if you’re throwing it that quick and you can’t get beat by checkdowns... unless you can’t tackle and aren’t sound in coverage.
  13. I was surprised they had him do what he did (trying to be non-spoiler) at the welding business. Thought they were going for the Jessie is a good guy angle and that he hated what he had to do to Gale.
  14. They should start pumping in some Billy Ray Cyrus. 40 hours of Achy Breaky Heart should right the ship. Or else.
  15. He also did it knowing Turkey was going to push in and take lives along the way. He knew because they told him that was their plan.
  16. Wfw...since you and Marla were the main ones who know all the secret deep state stuff that occurred during the corrupt “insurance policy” Obama created during the 2016 election, can you tell me why Trump thinks the server is being held by Crowdstrike in the Ukraine? Why does he think that company is in the Ukraine?
  17. you had to know that i would say something back,... anyway youre getting off topic. What is all this talent we have on defense
  18. Of course Syria is aligned with Iran, which puts them in direct opposition to the US/Israel/Saudi axis, which means we would be opposed to negotiating in good faith with them.
  19. We don't have that many serious injury issues, this team just sucks plain and simple
  20. I guess that's what the Right sees as the perfect American role model: a fat, white male holding vast political power, perceived as a rich and Christian, free to grab and rape women and not get prosecuted for it.
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