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  2. But I'm not upset. Depth is nice. AND it's not my $. The FO will find a way to pay the OL.
  3. Some of us old timers are still remembering when Reeves tried to trade one in the old days and got slapped down by the NFL LOL.
  4. There's a reason Bidens biggest appeal target on here is WhenResistanceWins
  5. Exactly, but it went to Brown/sambrilo/Carpenter. Either way our free agency is looking worse and worse.
  6. Would you have paid $20M last year for back-ups that could step in and afford Ryan the time to complete plays? Would it have been useful to be able to run the ball in short yardage situations?
  7. Good Grief, I think we need a pinned thread that says, “COMP PICKS ARE NOW TRADABLE!!!” lol. I can’t count how many people on this forum have said that they aren’t tradable over the past few months.
  8. Yep. I'll admit I wanted one of the Clemson guys at DT, but their team-mate Huggins is still on the board and was slated for a late round pick so I may still get my Clemson wish.
  9. That 20m could have gone to Justin Houston and Bruce Irvin.
  10. Biden is the ultimate Boomer bait. He'd be catnip to people like WFW if only he had that magic R.
  11. Well, CBS doesn’t love the picks, must be run by AFMB posters McGary over Ford was surprising to me I must say, but not as surprised as Howard to Houston in round 1.
  12. He’s more of a “one cut” back. He’s very versatile and could be an every down back at the next level. I think he would excel in a ZBS. At 5’10” 216lbs he forced 109 missed tackles, which is the most ever. The previous record was 89, which was held by Dalvin Cook/Kareem Hunt.
  13. This is where we differ in opinion, which is fine, I don't see either of them as quality starters. Our line wasn't anything to write home about when they were in the lineup. We needed upgraded depth. All I'm really saying is let this play out; let the draft play out; let the off season play out, let training camp cuts play out. Everyone's *****ing that the cake's flat when it's only been in the oven for 6 minutes.
  14. Most have said that we could have gotten them later, but we don't know where the Falcons had them on THEIR draft board.
  15. Taylor apparently has back and knee problems, which is why he's plummeting, and Risner is meh. Lindstrom probably won't ever be great at run blocking but he'll keep the pocket clean for Ryan, which is something he desperately needs. McGary's problem also is not a lack of athleticism since he's pretty agile for someone who relies mostly on power (hence why he's good at outside zone blocking). It's that he has lapses in footwork which causes problems in pass blocking at times. That can get cleaned up though.
  16. David Montgomery or Bennie Snell would be great late round pick ups. Both got enough juice to contribute year one easily. RB is loaded with talent this draft,
  17. Because we will either be paying $20+mm for backups or we drafted bench warmers in the first round. We needed impact players in the first, and while these guys may turn out to be great OL, were still paying $20+mm for backups. On the flip side, if we use our recently acquired FA OL, we drafted bench warmers at 14 & traded back up to draft another bench warmer at 31.
  18. I agree. We biatch year in and year out about us trotting out garbage OL and this year we actually invest yet everyone is mad? WTH?
  19. Even though they don't have any picks tonight, I bet they STILL blow it!
  20. We are still sitting in a great position no matter how you cut it up.
  21. Exactly. That game was far from doom and gloom.
  22. An interesting observation from Prisco that 'something is up with Jawaan Taylor'.
  23. Yeah, our Defense is going to have to step up. And Quinn is going to have to step up. I just thought they'd step up a lot easier with the pocket collapsing for the other QB. Quinn is going to have to be more aggressive than this defense is. That I'm actually glad about, but would just like more talent.
  24. Can't change the past, can only look forward and hope he reaches his potential as our starting RT.
  25. Our other OL looks like the kinda guy worried about making Jesus cry if he says heck.
  26. Could be that there is no guarantee we take OL early, based on how picks fell. Still think Wilkins May have been the guy had he been there. had we not signed those FA, and our guys weren’t available we would have been in much worse shape. they told the world OL was the main priority since the season ending press conference, can’t believe so many folks are surprised.
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