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  2. We did play well defensively, with that said the NFL should hang its head in regards to how that game was officiated.
  3. He has shown himself to be ineffective in 2019 with this Falcons team, and there is no way around that, and I believe will lead to his dismissal. I'm a fan of the Falcons, and I want Quinn to succeed because he is our coach, that's the extent of it. I'm not defending the 2019 version of his defense, it has been terrible, but to dismiss what he has done as a DC and Head Coach prior to 2019 is intellectually dishonest.
  4. This is the story of Dirk and Mularkey's time in Atlanta. We drag around the whole game and then finally start going up tempo.. then we come back....
  5. And that didn't work out to well so who knows if Blank lets Dimi do it this time or not to try and build something more cohesive from a guy of his choice.
  6. Since we're being positive... The offense is actually starting to come together. 30+ points in each of the past two weeks. Ryan has overcome a miserable start to the season and has been putting up MVP numbers. The defense needs to hit the reset button. We need to change up the secondary and the DL in a big way. I say move Rico to SS, and Kazee to FS. Get Sheffield on the field. Go back to running a 4-3 with Beasley out of the picture. (Beasley is DONE... For some ungodly reason, we've tried building the defense around him, and that's like complete incompetence. Beasley might be able to save his career somewhere else. We should look into trading him.
  7. Nah, Marty has always been known as good but never good enough to get over the hump. He and Dan Reeves are the most unluckiest HCs in football history. Andy Reid is Marty Jr.
  8. ummm they’re not scared of us either ?? Saints and Panthers have great defenses.
  9. ...well I hope you're right but that means an ATL team gets lucky so you're about 200:1 against the odds
  10. Why would you think he could fix it when he created the mess and hasn’t been able to fix anything on the defense from game to game?
  11. It’s unlikely falcons will do anything but it ain’t over till it is.
  12. Dimi isnt going to pick the new coach in any case. He didn't hire Quinn - when Quinn was hired Blank let him decide if TD should stay. This isn't "pro" or "anti" Dimi; it's just the role that Blank has for the GM isn't one that controls coaches. Blank stated that he likes how it is done in NE and Seattle where the coach pretty much runs the show.
  13. its over, dont listen to em. He must be hallucinating the falcons 5-0
  14. He should be fired tomorrow. Most owners would fire him before the bye week. Arthur Blank would likely fire him after week 17.
  15. So maybe the Mighty Quinn gets another "Mulligan" for this year and... They tag Beasley, his first draft pick that he kisses up to... Ughh... We need changes big time. Let's start with TD on down. A rebuild would be good for this dumpster fire now that we're sitting in the NFC South basement and doormats for every AFC team that we're only one win out of the past 13 matchups with and about to be in our own division.
  16. If I am Jason Butt, I would have had generic article ready and just change the names here and there and would publish every week about problems.
  17. That’d work. Anything different from right now is good
  18. Question for those who want to make moves quickly. If you had your choice which of these would you do? Option 1 you get to fire Quinn right now but Dimi stays on as GM and gets to pick his new HC at the end of the season or as soon as he finds one he likes during the season. Option 2 You have to ride out the season with Quinn as the HC but at the end of the season you are allowed to make a move and let both Dimi and Quinn go and choose 2 new people for GM and HC.
  19. Not pointing the finger at you personally with the emotion, there are just a lot of folks on the boards that are looking at 2019 as the history of Dan Quinn as a coach. I'm not saying Quinn wasn't in a good situation in Seattle, but to give no credit to him as DC, when dozens of players and OC's that played against him do, it's hard to ignore. When he took over the Falcons, the roster wasn't in great shape, and he was able to bring in Shannahan, while building some very good players through the draft.
  20. Imagine letting a guy in the media like Colin Cowturd shape your thinking and feed you what you believe are worthwhile opinions to regurgitate...
  21. Think a bit more maybe needed than that
  22. Blank has a new stadium to fill. He doesn't want the embarrassment of a half empty stadium or PSL owners going into revolt. Quinn's future will depend on the gameday crowds and Atlanta's interest in the product.
  23. It’s beyond some plays man. This D is historically one of the worst. I have glimmer of hope but it’s just that.
  24. Dirk has to be H.C Knapp O.C Morris D.C
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