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  2. Bailey is a good veteran coming off career year. He fits DQ's mold. Athletic and versatile. Provides great run D and has some chops to get to the QB. Best thing about this is how much of a crunch TC will be to see who will be the 4th and 5th DT. Bailey may be slotted as an DE but he is a 3-4 DE. Hageman still gets me the most excited. This dude has a ridiculous combo of size, athleticism, strength and nastiness. When he goes hard he looks like an probowler. Great depth now. Bailey, Davidson, Grady, Senat, J. Crawford and Cominsky. Each guy is a good bit different from the other so it means OL will have **** trying to prep for our rotation.
  3. Hate seeing guys go down before even making contact. I saw someone suggest Eric Berry as a replacement
  4. He is wrong. How can he bash TD for getting rid of Turner but not give him credit for Turner ever being a Falcon in the first place? Same with Matt Ryan.
  5. So guys like Aaron Donald, Warren Sapp, and John Randle aren't core players you build a defense around? And I really wish people would stop mentioning the Patriots in any way shape or form as an example for anything. The Patriots are a unique franchise that can do things differently because they've got arguably the greatest defensive mind in NFL history. Last time I checked the Falcons don't have that.
  6. Yep. All DL weve signed have that in.common. Clayborne, Davison, Hagemen, and now Bailey. Thats beef at 0-5 tech.
  7. They added Hageman Davison to beef the middle up for not too much $$$$$$ and just added Bailey to solidify the edge. We all know what we did on the other side of the ball so not only did the coaches and FO target the trenches they have managed to lock up there core players bar Julio for the next 3-5 years. Thats not the important part what they have to do to protect themselves against injury and the cap is continually plug in new talent via the draft that’s the key.
  8. Are you worried about your offensive line? I heard you guys lost a center or a couple of pieces on the line?
  9. Lol if they want them they’ll stay and accounting exercise it will be.Like I keep telling you your only taking into account what’s in front of you now not what else could transpire between now and next year. Yet Allen Bailey signs for 2 years at roughly 5 per year cmon man just give it up. We haven’t even signed Julio yet but that’s coming lol.Your embarrassing yourself give it up.If the players you think we can’t sign are wanted they’ll be signed.
  10. I think I can hear your mom yelling from down the street that your kids cuisine dinner is ready.
  11. This off season his getting even more hilarious all I’ve heard is Cap this cap that we haven’t got enough to do this we are in cap trouble lol and yet the FO commits more money to another player lol. Im telling you there’s a devoted few who have been looking to tell everyone I told you so about the above. Lol well I’m on that other side laughing my ar$e off at these devoted few not only are they wrong but quite clearly the FO not only is proving this can be done but are turning over every stone to make it happen. Good job TD and co your killing it.
  12. Finally a.replacement and upgrade to what Upshaw gave us. Yes i know Upshaw wasnt a pivotal player but he was a versatile role player.
  13. least you’re honest and transparent. I have to respect it
  14. Look I'm gunna be honest with you. I'd rather be force fed my own balls after they were boiled while still connected to my scrotum than give anyone on the Saints respect. But thanks for the links, certainly useful information.
  15. Since 2008, only six players had a RACR above 1.00 (meaning they create more than one receiving yard for every air yard thrown at him). MT is 2nd all time at 1.16 which is impressive. He is top 5 amongst all WR’s in 6 different routes. No other WR can say that
  16. Im not sure how many players we had on the D-line last year to start the season but this is a group of 10 i would love see make the team that gives us great potential upside and really good depth thats versatile. DE - Beasley, Takk, Clayborne, Cominsky, Crawford DT - Grady, Senat, Hageman, Bailey, Davison Alot of those guys can play DT and DE in certain formations and cover for injuries without losing much talent.
  17. Today
  18. Thank you so much!!
  19. Sounds like an expectations thing to me. When we drafted him, every NFL scout in the nation knew he was raw and would need time to develop. I’m sure Roddy White was a massive disappointment to you as well. Until he came on his 3rd season. Same with DE Patrick Kerney. 3rd season. Both Roddy and Kerney were 1st rounders, Hageman was a 2nd rounder.
  20. I like what we got at the grocery store
  21. Sure, as long as all those routes are drags.
  22. Oh I will!
  23. You do a disservice to MT when you say that. Dude is an elite wide receiver who runs every single route extremely well
  24. 20 mil per? That's a lot of drag routes.
  25. Highlights enjoy.
  26. Yes I was there for the 3 games in his career he was worth a ****. So to recap. Massive disappointment 2014, 2015 and most of 2016, then showed out and got himself nearly blackballed. What part of that doesn't say massive disappointment to you?
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