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  2. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is smiling right now
  3. lol, nah you nailed it bro!
  4. I'm actually not even really listening to what they are talking about right now, but generally Ari Melber has all fair points. Granted, some of his guests are looney Leftists.
  5. Remember when some were worried he'd get close to 20 per?
  6. So what you’re saying is, that wasn’t that impressive of a prediction then. Thanks a lot!!!
  7. Y’all did have 38 points at the time of the INT TD, however 21 of which came from Tevin Coleman on the ground. Y’all had nearly 200 yards rushing that game. However, I’d say the Week 17 game of that year was more of Ryan killing us than the Week 3 game was so I can concede that one. The way I see it, in the 8 games where y’all beat us with Ryan, the Falcons offense put up 31.8 ppg and the Falcons defense gave up 23.3 ppg. However, in the 13 games where we beat y’all, the Falcons offense only put up 20.5 ppg and the Falcons defense allowed 28.5 ppg. The defense only allowed 5.2 ppg more in the losses than the wins, but the offense scored 11.3 ppg less. That’s an average of a two possession difference in offensive production. You can’t blame that on the defense. In 7 of those 13 losses, the Falcons offense failed to score more than 17 points. Only once did y’all offense score more than 30 points (the Week 3 game last year). In the 8 wins where y’all averaged 31.8 ppg, y’all defense held us to under 20 points 4 times. Not to mention, 2 of those 8 wins can be contributed solely to the defense: in the 2012 Week 12 game the defense picked off Brees 5 times while holding us to 13 points, then in the 2017 Week 13 game, we picked off Ryan 3 times and held him to a 55.6 completion % and the game was saved by... a Deion Jones interception. Another thing to look at was our defense Ryan was going up against. In 2012, 2015, and 2016, our defense was ranked either dead last or second to last in points allowed. Y’all offense averaged 28.5 ppg while the defense averaged 26.5 ppg surrendered and y’all went 3-3 against us those years. One of those wins was the Brees 5 INT game mentioned above where Ryan had 165 yards and 1 TD and in the one of the losses the defense held us to 20 points but the offense couldn’t get it done. But my point isn’t the defense as a whole, it’s just Deion considering he’s put us away twice with interceptions in only 4 opportunities which is remarkable.
  8. ****in A right, Troff'ed!
  9. Doctors and Co don't want any government insurance plan. None of it is acceptable for them. I don't think Bernie's M4All is a good proposal, but Bidencare has a lot of issues. 1st, It punishes Blue states and rewards Red States. Red States didn't expand Medicaid and now get those patients covered for free, while Blue states did and have to continue to pay to get those people covered in the new system. It also doesn't unify our government health plans but creates a new one. Meaning we will still have gaps and States with Medicaid work requirements and other barriers will have a ton of uninsured people fall through the cracks. we have 50 Medicaid programs, dozens more CHIP programs, and medicare. Now you want to add another separate program. It also is only available to individual market folks, so people on ESI cannot benefit. I support M4America, which is probably around 3-4X the price of Biden's proposal, but gets us Universal healthcare and simplifies our current government plan with 1 government program that has a simple premium/cost sharing subsidy model. No gaps or Red state sabotage. And if an R president tries to tamper with it, the 50-70% of Americans on the plan will break a foot off in the ***.
  10. But, but Troff'ed!
  11. Not calling you out JD, I get your valid point.... But serious question....folks in here seem to feel Takk has been a disappointment so far as a player after just two seasons....why is that? I think he’s overall been what I expected him to be. Eventually an 8 sack per year guy decent at setting the edge against the run. Not sure it’s reasonable to expect much more than that from a bottom of 1st round pick.
  12. They aren't arguing about anything
  13. read 1, sparksnoted 2
  14. I can not impress upon you enough how badly I wanted Gravel on stage with Biden. I donated a dollar to his campaign just to help him meet the donor threshold lol
  15. Should have ended with 4, but his jersey # seems prophetic If he does he is top 7 All Time
  16. Keuchel got squeezed so badly today. It was infuriating. I don't know what I will complain about in a couple of years when we have automated balls and strikes.
  17. So the Julio extension dropping tomorrow more than likely? Give Debo his day to shine. I have to imagine the deal is done and they are just waiting to announce.
  18. Most people just don’t have a clue what ***-hole jerks the media can be with these young men.
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