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  2. He will continue to grow and develop, definitely not giving up on him as a player.
  3. Butt Hunter Biden. Is that his superhero name?
  4. Yeah there's this real trend going around the league right now with teams that base out of the 4-3. It's become a popular run-stopping front. The thinking was you'd lose some of your pass rush because you'd like your ends down over the guards, but I've seen schemes counter that by just sticking a 3rd defensive tackle on the field and have their pass rushing ends stand up and set wide in a 9-technique. The Bengals for example call it their Big Base package. Not sure what it's tagged as everywhere else.
  5. Struggles with execution in the big moments would be my # 2 behind turnovers which to me also explains the screwed stats- turnover gonna happen - fromms pick 6 was pretty bad, the Simmons ball pick was bad that crap does happen tho, got to be better executing, think that might be why lot of us fuss and we’re frustrated w play calling
  6. I honestly hope you're not calling me stupid. I love Matt Ryan. Did I say draft Jalen Hurts to immediately replace Ryan? Let him sit behind Ryan for a couple of years. I honestly think Ryan is slowing down. And if we dont' correct our O-line anytime soon, he will not be standing much longer. Or will retire early. Here's the thing. We don't have a good football team. We have a horrible football team. We are 1-5... You are what your record says you are. Additioanally, the current staff has proven it can't draft defense.
  7. Old man lol
  8. A mere 11,000 have been killed so far up to the cease fire deal. Who started it? The self descibed stable genius. But he fixed it so now he's our hero.
  9. What do you mean woke people?
  10. that's interesting. I'm glad you're around because I've never seen any other team run it, whereas you watch a ton of tape. Much appreciated my dude.
  11. JK, it's here. To be fair to him, he did walk it back after this a bit. Still funny...
  12. That time front isn't wholly unique around the league. It might be as a base, which DQ seems to trying to do here, but Houston, Seattle, Cincinnati, the Jets, Vikings, Patriots all run it. That's just off the top of my head and before I get to 3-4 base teams.
  13. Think he took it down, not seeing it on his feed. It was pretty hilarious...
  15. Please post that lol. Whether it is or isn't I'm not a fan of uninentionals videos. Just my opinion though. I'm glad others like them.
  16. Or strict adherents to the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, Article 1, Section 9, Paragraph 8.
  17. I don’t think so
  18. It starts with new leadership.
  19. Have you ever noticed that’s the one position they look for in the offseason? Earl is there now.
  20. Exactly. You have to take what does the less damage to the way your defense is playing. Quinn is terrible at adjusting, especially in game adjustments.
  21. That is kinda what I was getting at in another thread. We drafted for a certain scheme, that scheme has passed now we need to draft and get players for another direction. He is at the edge of the pack when it comes to whats next for defense and it was kinda ballsy to try and run it without the players. He will have success in whatever his next role is if he leaves ATL
  22. No it wasn’t. Liberals just made the context that way. And yes, Trump is Urban. He not from the country, so by definition he is Urban
  23. Yes, man. It's ******* absurd, is it not??
  24. Somebody asked me the other day “how’d y’all lose to that squad”.. I said “well, let’s take a look”.. pulled up the stats and said we beat them in every facet.. except turnovers.. so there’s your answer.. he so wanted to talk about how our O or D was pathetic.. and was taken aback when the stats were pulled up.. Can’t turn the ball over and not get some yourself..
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